The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Have you seen my owl?

Every day, Laseid taught me something new. My magic talent has evolved as a result of him, and I’ve gotten out of the clunker zone… I think.

“Languages like Japanese complement your magic very well; now you don’t have to be called a clunker anymore.”

Clunkers are superfluous. Although it is a slap on the wrist…

It’s surprising that magic couldn’t be used properly due to magic’s reverse circulation.

Instead of [Fire Blast!] it’s [Honō no bakufū(Fire Blast)!]

TL: Basically the FL’s magic will not work properly if she chants in English (katakana), but it will work properly if she chants in Japanese (kanji).

“I believe it is time for a snack.”

I’ve recently received permission from my parents to go out solely because I play with Laseid and Ruria.

As long as I was with the ancient elemental dragon, I was easily granted permission.

Sofia makes me a basket of sandwiches and snacks for a light meal every day. Because the basket is too heavy for a five-year-old to carry, Laseid, who comes to pick me up, does…

Because the Ancient Elemental Dragon appears to be able to eat anything, Laseid and Ruria usually eat the same food as me.

When I say “anything,” I really mean “anything.”

“Here you go, Ruria.”

I pop a bite-sized sandwich into Ruria’s mouth. He puckers his mouth, which still has tiny fangs. “Kii~yui~,” Ruria squeals with delight.

“Fufufu. It’s delicious.”

“Human food tastes delicious.”

Laseid is munching on his sandwich.

“Yes, indeed.”

A white hand is extended from behind Rashid, and a woman’s voice can be heard.

Laseid looks around and sees a woman with blue-silver hair smiling and chewing on a macaroon. She’s a very beautiful woman.

“Ge! What are you doing here, Layleigh?!”

“Do you know each other?”

Laseid appears to recognize the woman.

” …It’s my better half.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you—thank you for looking after this moro(n)… No, I mean. my husband—I’m his wife, Layleigh.”

Laseid’s wife? That means she’s Ruria’s mother!

She’s in human form, but her transformation makes her an ancient elemental dragon, right?

Wait, did she almost call Laseid a moron?!

Layleigh-san greets me and sits down next to Laseid.

“Nice to meet you—my name is Mariel Rozenstone.”

As a former office worker, I almost pulled my business card from my pocket in a panic. I quickly retracted my hand.

“Mariel, it’s a pleasure to meet you—Ara? Is that my child sitting on Mariel’s lap?”

Layleigh-san notices Ruria on my lap as she picks up the second macaroon.

“Yes, I named him Ruria.”


Ruria makes cute little noises for Layleigh-san. I wonder if he misses his mother after all?

“Hey! Little boy, you’re acting differently towards me.”


With a pout, Luria turns away.

“Yes. Ruria, I’m glad you have a good name.”


Ruria refuses to leave my lap. He had only recently met his mother.

“Ruria, are you not going to your mother’s?”


Ruria sighs and shakes his head.

“Good boy. I’m glad you aren’t like your father.

While enjoying the sandwich, Layleigh-san smiles at Ruria.

“But you just met your Okaa-sama…”

“It is the rule that a child who has been released from its parents should return to the Dragon Village on his/her own—It is illegal for parents to approach their children in this manner. And yet…”

Layleigh-san fixed her gaze on Laseid.

“I-I can’t help myself! I’m the one who lost the egg.”

So Laseid lost the egg to me, and I picked it up.

But the laws of nature are so strict. I can’t believe Ruria can’t depend on his parents, even though he was only recently born.

“Ancient elemental dragons have a strong sense of direction; they would have returned naturally after hatching, and forcing Ruria to return would be cruel if she wanted to stay with Mariel.”


Ruria nods in response to Layleigh-san’s words.

“Mariel, please take care of Ruria.”


“That’s right, I must express my gratitude for the meal—by the way, Mariel, do you like fluff?”

“Yes! I love it! I love it!”

I said it twice to emphasize its significance.

Layleigh-san gave a nod and blew a whistle.

A white bird flies in after a while and perches on Layleigh’s shoulder. The sight excites me.

“It is a white owl!”

In response, the barn owl hoots. “hoo-hoo!” If you look closely, you can see it has horns. I don’t think barn owls have horns. Is it a mutation?

“They look like this, but they are spirits; they are known as “Carrier Owls.” I’m giving them to you as a gift. So…”

After a pause, Layleigh-san winks and continues,

“Please write to me on occasion—yes, for example, how Ruria spends his time…”

In a nutshell, let me know how Ruria is doing. It’s not the same approach as Laseid’s, but Layleigh-san is concerned about her child as well.

“I understand—by the way, what exactly does he eat?”

“Give one of these once a day.”

Layleigh-san takes a leather pouch from her bag and takes something out of the pouch. — It’s a jewel, similar to jade.

“It’s beautiful—is it a gemstone?”

“It’s a spirit stone.”

Spirit stone?! It’ll fetch a fortune when it’s sold. What a luxury bird… No, well, it’s a spirit bird.

“If you run out of spirit stones, write to me or tell Laseid.”

Although the Grand Duke is not poor, it appears that we do not need to purchase spirit stones here.

“May I give him a name?”

“Yes, of course—what are you going to call it?”

“From now on, your name is Blanc.”

Blanc is French for [white].

Thus, this is how I got my owl? in an unexpected way.

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