The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Advice to Edward

My sixth birthday is approaching.

Relations between the kingdoms of Crotalion and Limestone are cordial, and there are no signs of a third Kureina war.

If there was a third Kureina War, as there was the first time, something between the two countries should have happened by now…

“Is this the effect of the stone I obtained in the Cave of Wishes?

The red stone is now illuminating my chest. Bern gave me the red stone [Dragone Sable] in the form of a pendant.

It appears Bern also wears his [Dragone Sable], which was made into a pendant in the same manner.

“It’s Mariel’s turn. What are you waiting for?”

I was in the middle of a chess game with Edward. I was thinking about my next move and looking down at the chessboard when I noticed [Dragone Sable] hanging on my neck and my mind wandered.

“I was thinking for a moment.”

“Hmm… about Bernhardt?”

“Not at all.”

Edward and I played chess together, and we began to talk in a casual tone.

“You’re on your way to the Crotalion Empire, aren’t you? Why don’t you let your representative handle the engagement party?”

I’ll be traveling to the Crotalion Empire with my parents in a week.

“I can’t do that because I’ve been invited by the Emperor of the Crotalion Empire.”

I might have hesitated if Bern had invited me, but this is an invitation from the Emperor himself. If we refuse, our bilateral relations may be jeopardized.

Besides, I’m curious to know what the Crotalion Empire is like.

“A country that was once our adversary. That would be too risky.”

“His Highness Bernhardt also came to our country with reckless abandon.”

Well, I don’t think Bern would be in danger. After all, he’s a demon with the blood of the saint.

“To think about it, I still haven’t finished the chess game with him.”

“You haven’t given up yet, have you?

“No, of course not. Ah! I didn’t mean to use you as a bet.”

Edward makes up a desperate excuse, most likely because his Majesty the King squeezed him hard.

“If you use me as bet again, I’ll blow you away.”

“…That appeals to me.”

Edoardo mutters in hushed tones.

“Huh? did you say something? Yes! Checkmate!”

“Huh! I lost again. One more game!”

So far, I’ve won three games and lost one.

“Sure. Just one more time. By the way, Isn’t Ed going to be the crown prince soon?”

“Or not. But I’m the first prince.”

He says it as if it were someone else, but Edward will be crown prince at the age of 12 in the future.

“Then you’ll be arranged to meet the ladies of a high-ranking noble.”

“I’m only seven years old.”

“You’re going to be brought together under the guise of a tea party. Prepare yourself.”

I’m sure there are many noblemen who would like their daughters to be future crown princesses.

I was betrothed to Edward at the age of six in my previous life, and the high lords must have been clicking their tongues inwardly.

“That’s vexing. I wish Mariel was my fiancée.”

“You can’t, I’m engaged to his Highness Bernhardt.”

“I should have proposed to you first.”

As he arranges the pieces, Edward’s mouth curves downward.

“Oh, yes. And because we’re cousins, I’ll offer some advice… Be careful with the Saint.”

“What Saint? There are no saints in our country.”

Not yet. But one day Eliana Rattleyer will appear.

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