The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 9

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My mother and I are standing in the kitchen.

An omelet with roasted vegetables, potato soup, bean stew, and seasoned lamb are on the menu because we’re having dinner with Ethan and his family tonight.

“Thanks for shopping, Alesia. Did you have a good time in the Royal Capital? Did you buy your clothes?”

“I had a good time at Royal Capital, and I got some clothes. Ethan was a good boy who was also cute!”

“I’m delighted to hear that.”

My parents are preoccupied with the new farm. The crops are flourishing as a result of the rain.

“Some locals came to see the farm today.”

I paused in my stirring and looked at my mother.

“Did they have any suspicions?”

“They didn’t. Everyone believes that rain at night is a gift from God. They were pleased when I gave them vegetables and fruits as souvenirs.”

” I see.”

“And you know, if you’re talking about the rain, since we moved here you’ve been sleeping in the wagon.”

Right. I ride the covered wagon two or three times a week to avoid the nightly rain in our area. I sleep early in the morning in a remote location, or late in the day when the wagon drives me slowly for a few hours.

Right now, the diameter of the rain I can create is estimated to be around 1,700 meters. The horse-drawn wagon should not be able to connect with the rain due to the large area of rainfall. However, my father and Nathan-ojisan lose sleep at least once a week. But they told me, “Don’t worry about it.”

I was removing the pot from the flames when I recalled requesting a favor from my mother.

“Hey Oka-san, I want to plant a hawthorn tree in the courtyard.

There was a vendor selling hawthorn candy near the library. Hawthorn candy is made by skewering bright red hawthorn berries and coating them with candy. Addicting crunchy, sweet candies with a sweet and sour hawthorn flavor. It was my favorite in a previous life. I recall eating them with nostalgia when my maid secretly bought them for me.

“Hawthorn? Okay, but why?”

“I came across hawthorn candies at a street stall. They looked delicious, but I didn’t have enough money to buy them.”

“Hawthorn candy… I used to enjoy it as a child. My mother’s family was poor, so she only bought it for me once a year during the festival, which I looked forward to.”

Then my mother suddenly looked sad.

“Alesia had grown up on the old farm until she was eight years old. She had no idea about Royal Capital’s festivals or hawthorn candy.”

“Don’t look at me like that, Oka-san. From now on, I’ll be able to enjoy the festivals and hawthorn candy!”

In this life, I had nothing but gratitude for my parents!

There was a knock at the door while we were having this conversation.

“Good evening.”

The first person to enter is Nathan-ojisan. Now it’s time for a pleasant dinner.

“Alesia-chan, I heard you bought Ethan clothes today. I will pay.”

“Ara, really?”

My mother and Oba-san are both staring at me.

When I look at Ethan, he gives me a small nod, as if to say, [don’t worry]. I see he didn’t mention the library to them. I’m sorry he had to go through all of that. But first, I’m going to tell them about it.

“I bought Ethan’s clothes and went to the library wearing the clothes we bought. So I’d like to visit the library from time to time. It is expensive, so I will work harder to pay for it—may I go?”

The four adults are taken aback. They’re probably wondering what a child who can’t read is doing in a library.

“I’d like to learn.”

“That’s all right.”

My father said it immediately. I didn’t think he’d agree to it without asking.

“I-Is it all right?”

“Yes, it’s fine. The farm is doing well, and we’re eating well. We’re saving a little money. Don’t be concerned about library fees. Alesia can learn if she wants to. But you can’t read, can you?”

I was expecting this question.

“There are books for children in the library—I’ll read and study them first. There are also a plethora of picture books. So everything is fine. Thank you for allowing me to visit the library, Oto-san!”

Oh, what a good parent I deserve.

Ethan, who had been quietly listening, stood up.

“What’s wrong? You want another slice?”

“Ethan, we’re in the middle of a meal. Sit down.”

Ojisan and Oba-san call out to him, but he remains motionless and stares at me. Ara?

“I want to go to the library too, so I can learn how to read with Alesia!”

Arara. Why are you staring at me while pleading with your parents? Your cheeks are puffy. Is it his character? Is it so frustrating that you’re the only one who can’t read? Ethan, you’re too cute!

“All right, Ethan. You’re always working hard on the farm.”

Benita-obaasan smiled and agreed.

Since the day I opened my memory box, I have been thinking about [why I was born with the memories of my previous life].

The war in my previous life took so many lives, but I didn’t go to hell, and I’m happy to start over. But what is the reason for this?

…There must be a reason.

Maybe the reason I was born with memories is to teach me to make the right decision this time. That’s what I think it means. No, I’ve decided to do so on my own terms.

This time, I don’t want to make mistakes. I don’t want to live in a way that I will come to regret. I want to live a life that will benefit others.

That’s why I’m going to the library to research magic, even if it’s only a hint. I want to do something about the unintentional rain.

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  1. Endzsi says:

    Thank you for the chapter, i am really enjoying this novel so far

  2. Hamster says:

    It’s good that the author is dealing with one of the plot holes by moving Alesia around by covered wagon several nights per week to cover multiple areas. That way, the center of the rainfall circle cannot be detected. A fixed circle is easily detected as being a circle after a few nights in a row. And it’s very easy to see that curious people immediately suspect the center of any circle is the most suspicious location.

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