The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I don’t mind. In fact, I’m overjoyed, but my teary-eyed father continues to persist and try to convince me.

“Do you understand, Delina? That person has dull gray eyes and hair. He’s even called the ‘Colorless Margrave’.”

“I think that sparkle is silver. And besides, I like his appearance.”

“?! W-Well, even if you don’t mind his appearance, he has very little magical power. He’s even been described as ‘abandoned by the gods’. Are you saying that doesn’t bother you?”

“Indeed, his magical power seems to be lacking, but that’s precisely why there is significance in me marrying into the Margrave family. We can complement each other’s shortcomings and build a good marital relationship.”

“Complement each other, or rather, won’t all the burden fall on you?”

“No, I don’t think so. Despite his low magical power, Margrave-sama possesses remarkable sword skills. He actually protects a harsh territory not only bordering a neighboring country but also plagued by numerous vicious monsters. During the recent monster outbreak, it was thanks to him protecting us that I was able to use large-scale magic that required long incantations with peace of mind.”

“. . .He’s also ten years older than you. . .”

“It’s not a difference of a hundred years, so it’s not a significant issue. Besides, if I recall correctly, there is an eight-year age difference between you and Okaa-sama, right?”

“. . .That Margrave territory is just too far away.”

“Well, even if that’s the case, it’s still within the same country, isn’t it? If your intention was to send me to a neighboring country for studying abroad, then it would actually be closer, wouldn’t it?”

As I calmly countered, my father’s tone gradually dropped.

I wish he would give up already.

To my silent father, I pressed on.

“Moreover, I don’t think being engaged to Margrave-sama is a punishment for me. Well, if we consider it a step down from being the crown prince’s fiancée to becoming a margravine. . .However, as a result of interacting with Rudy-sama while overcoming the recent monster outbreak, I have developed a very favorable opinion of him.”

Upon hearing my words, everyone looked at me with incredulous eyes.

Due to the weakened state of the guardian dragon, powerful monsters appeared in large numbers, and even us inexperienced academy students, including Delina-chan, were forced into battle. And Rudy-sama played a significant role on the front lines.

So, it’s not entirely impossible to say that I fell for him. . .

Why? Is it because of his silver hair and eyes? But regardless of how ugly he may be, he was incredibly cool.

With his remarkable achievements, and even though Rudy-sama has an incredibly handsome appearance from my perspective, even if he didn’t, I would have surely fallen for him. 

I had a few conversations with him, and he was a responsible and kind-hearted person. I secretly admired him.

So, I raised my head confidently and sincerely expressed my true feelings from the bottom of my heart.

“I wish to be saved by Rudy-sama from the possibility of being exiled from the country. Regardless of what society or the temple may think, that is how I feel. I hope that Otou-sama and everyone here feels the same way.”

Upon hearing my words, my father lowered his head, the king gently patted his shoulder as if comforting him, and His Highness and Delina-chan exchanged some kind of eye contact.

“I apologize for letting you say all that. I don’t know how to express my gratitude for your dedication to fulfilling the responsibilities that should rightfully belong to the royal family. . .”

“Ah, I will become truly great in the temple and surely be able to repay Emma-sama’s kindness. . .!”

His Highness and Delina-chan seemed to still have some misunderstandings.

“No, I mean it. I really mean it. It’s not that I’m enduring it and behaving admirably to avoid causing trouble for everyone. I am genuinely, wholeheartedly happy about this engagement!”

I desperately pleaded, but His Highness and Delina-chan just nodded with expressions that seemed to hold back tears. They definitely didn’t understand.

“. . .Well, anyway, in that case, go ahead and bestow your favor upon them.”

My father muttered quietly.

Well, it’s true that it might be convenient in the future to owe a favor to these two who are destined to become the leaders of this country. . .

“A-Anyway! I am happy to marry Rudy-sama! Right after graduating from the academy in one month!”

I declared so as a decision.

My father, who turned pale, shouted at me in a flustered manner.

“T-There’s no way it can be one month later! We should have a one-year engagement period!”


“W-Well, because there are various preparations. . .”

“Even if the wedding ceremony that requires some preparations is scheduled for later, I can still go there and register our marriage, right? Breaking the deadline set by the other party without any reason would be quite disrespectful, don’t you think?”

As I stared at my father without intending to yield an inch, someone suddenly sighed.

“. . .A three-month disciplinary action.”

Those words were uttered in a casual manner by His Majesty, the king.

“. . .?”

I tilted my head in confusion, and His Majesty sighed again before delivering the difficult news.

“Duke Baytree’s daughter Emmanuella, I was considering how to respond to the letter from the temple. Indeed, as Miss Emmanuella said, the marriage with Margrave Santorina is not a punishment. If we were to treat it as a punishment, it would be a severe insult to the Margrave.”

Yes, that’s right.

Confirming my agreement, His Majesty continued.

“Therefore, your punishment will be a three-month disciplinary action starting today. During these three months, you should refrain from socializing, attending public events, going to school, and of course, marrying into the Margrave’s territory. . .Give your father, who suddenly had to send his daughter far away, at least this much time to prepare mentally.”

“Your Majesty. . .!”

My father said that with a look of gratitude, and I sighed, thinking that it couldn’t be helped.

Well, it’s true that it would be unbalanced to only receive rewards.

Honestly, I’m also relieved that I don’t have to attend the graduation ceremony, which would likely be a needle bed, or face the curious gazes of high society. It would be better to spend some time with my family before getting married.

“. . .Understood. I will comply with Your Majesty’s decision.”

As I reluctantly said that, His Majesty smiled softly.

Most of the matters have been settled.

In that relaxed atmosphere, for some reason, His Majesty, who seemed even more serious, spoke up.

“I apologize. Miss Emmanuella, I have caused you nothing but trouble.”

“N-No, it’s not like that. . .”

“Even though you have a fiancé, my foolish son engaged in a relationship with someone else without respecting you. It was an inexcusable act without any room for excuses. Once again, I apologize.”

I became flustered as His Majesty lowered his head.

“No, I think it’s a good thing that the goddess’ beloved daughter’s heart is connected with His Highness.”

Yes, really.

But if this were an otome game, there would naturally be other routes.

Depending on the partner’s family, there could have been a high possibility of the country being divided into factions supporting the reincarnation of the founding king and the current king.

Above all, if His Highness wasn’t chosen by Delina-chan, then I wouldn’t have been able to marry Rudy-sama.

“. . .I am in awe of your thoughtfulness. For you, as well as for Fortunato, I swear to do everything I can.”

I don’t know if they are unaware of my cunning true intentions or if they are simply turning a blind eye to them.

The presumed villainess seems to have overcome the condemnation event and obtained a sense of indebtedness and gratitude from the ideal fiancé, His Majesty the King, the Crown Prince, and the beloved child of the goddess, a lineup that is too luxurious.

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