The Old Warrior Is Busy Taking Care of His Possessed Sister, Who Has Been Inhabited by the Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Great to see you again, big brother,” Stella deeply bowed as she returned home after three long years.

“W-What’s the matter, Stella?” I asked, sensing something was off.

Gone were the days when she called me “Nii-chan.” Lately, she would simply say “Just a sec” or “Hey” whenever she needed my attention.

I stared at her with unease as she looked confused for a moment, then,

“Oh, I see…I should say ‘I’m home’ now that I’m back. I’m home, big brother,” she smiled.

Stella, my younger sister with a pretty face and magical abilities, had a notorious reputation as a tomboy in the region she grew up in. She was the type of girl who could make even the biggest boys cry and turn them into her subordinates.

The way my sister treats me is simply unbearable. It’s as if the mere thought of me being her older brother fills her with disgust. Even when she comes home for her bi-annual vacation, she doesn’t bother to greet me and just locks herself up in her room. If we happen to cross paths in the house, she shoots me a hateful glare, but the moment I turn away, she scurries back to her room.

However, this sister is a different story. She beams at me with such affection, making me feel valued. Her rosy complexion only adds to her allure, and I find myself getting more and more flustered in her presence.

“That’s what I’ve been telling you since yesterday. Inside is Raldine-sama, the Duke’s daughter…”

Belle interrupts, suddenly appearing and leaning against my shoulder.

“My sister, Stella, and Lady Geraldine have switched bodies?”

Last night, Belle appeared out of nowhere and narrated a story that was hard to believe, so I chuckled skeptically.

After all, the use of possession magic has been outlawed and locked away for many years, so it’s challenging to accept that someone could have utilized it.

The seal created by the Holy City’s most esteemed sorcerer is believed to be nearly impenetrable, and possession magic, if accidentally released, is considered to be as powerful as the gods themselves.

Even the most accomplished students in the Magic Academy’s prestigious program would struggle to unravel such advanced magic.

Yet, as I witness Stella’s transformation, I can’t help but question the myths.

No, no, no, I shake my head.

For a moment, I’m almost convinced that the seal has been breached, and the impossible has become possible.

But I quickly shake my head and remind myself that it’s probably just one of Stella’s pranks. She’ll likely tease me later for taking it seriously and getting worked up. I won’t fall for it.

“Ah, welcome back…”

I say only that as I attempt to open the front door and leave.

“Ah, um, where are you going?”

Stella asks, flustered.

“Anywhere is fine. No need to specify…”

I carelessly utter those words and turn my back, shutting the door without a second glance.

“Oh, come on, old man. You’re the worst. You’ve made such a terrible first impression. Have you given up on your dream of becoming an official? Or is it just bullying from the upper class? It’s just a kid, old man, a kid…”

As I stride outside and down the street, Belle buzzes around me, babbling incessantly.

“Shut your trap. I don’t have time for your nonsense…”

I approach the slaughterhouse outside the fortified town and knock on the door to the office.

The door remains firmly shut, so I glance up at the window where an elderly woman peeks out. I bow my head respectfully to her.

“Pardon me, I was sent by the Adventurer’s Guild…”

“Ah, a day laborer. As usual, please head over to the reception desk…”

The elderly woman points towards the factory and adds,

“Young folks these days detest this type of work, so it’s a relief when someone comes…”

“Well, it’s a relief for me too…”

I bow to the elderly woman once more and make my way towards the factory. Belle follows, buzzing her wings.

“Same old, same old, old man. Instead of working as a day laborer in a place like this, I’d prefer to be Raldine-sama’s brother… whoa!! What is this, heaven?! A paradise pure land?!”

Finally, Belle, who had been teasing and mocking my job, became excited, and her eyes lit up when we entered the slaughterhouse and saw the animal carcasses.

“My Lord of the Flies’s blood is pumping! I’ll be back in a jiffy…”

“What?! Lord of the Flies, what are you talking about?”

“Oh, my full name is Belzebub. You can call me Belle for short…”

“What?! Why does a Belzebub serving as my sister’s familiar?”

“It’s embarrassing. I want you to keep this between us, but your sister is not an ordinary girl…”

Belle scratched her head, stuck out her tongue.

“Cheer up, old man…”

And with that, she flapped her wings and flew away somewhere.

“Don’t get caught in a fly trap…”

Although I might have previously said something similar, I now realize that it doesn’t matter if Belle is caught in a fly trap or swatted with a flyswatter. At the end of the day, Belle or Bellezebub is just my sister’s magical creature. And the idea of my sister swapping bodies with the Duke’s daughter is nothing but pure delusion.

Perhaps she’s struggling at the academy and using fantasy to escape from reality.

In this town, my sister was regarded as a prodigy that only surfaces once every ten years, but there might have been numerous individuals like her at the Magic Academy in the Holy City. Such anecdotes are prevalent to hear.

Even if she’s possessed by the Duke’s daughter and the magical creature she commands is called Bellezebub, my sister is already an extraordinary girl just the way she is.

However, my sister couldn’t care less about my opinion of her since she despises me.

With these thoughts running through my mind, I followed the factory manager’s directions and commenced disassembling the meat.

After a grueling day at work, I headed to the old lady’s place to collect my earnings. She handed me the due amount, but not before deducting the discounted cost of the beef I bought earlier as an employee.

“Here’s your payment.”

“Thank you very much.”

Although I received the money and bowed my head deeply, I couldn’t hide my disappointment and returned home with a heavy heart.

The elderly lady expressed her gratitude for my assistance whenever she needs it, as she is currently short-staffed. Nonetheless, obtaining a steady job still seems to be a challenge.

Well, there’s no point in brooding. I’ll just be grateful that I could purchase fresh beef inexpensively today. Sure, it’s just scraps that couldn’t be sold, but they’ll taste the same once I stew them.

To my astonishment, when I got home, my sister Stella was sitting in the same spot where she had been in the morning, weeping quietly. Moreover, as soon as I stepped inside the house,

“Big brother!”

She hugged me.


I was caught off guard since I couldn’t remember the last time I had physical contact with my sister.

“I was lonely all by myself…”

My sister dabs at her tears and speaks in a cooing tone, which makes me even more concerned. To begin with, I haven’t seen this young lady cry since she was a baby.

“Well, you can do whatever you want as usual. Go and see your old friends…”

I halt my words midway. The Magic Academy that she excelled in, carrying the envy and hopes of everyone. If my little sister’s transformation isn’t a prank, but the consequence of losing all her confidence due to failing, she may find it challenging to reconnect with her old friends. As her elder brother, it’s my responsibility to accept her as she is.

“I’m sorry I left you alone. I had some urgent matters to attend to…”

I explain as I pick up the meat I recently purchased and proceed to the kitchen. However, my sister seems to require my attention and calls out to me from behind.

“Um, big brother…”

She fidgets and blushes deeply.

“U-u-um, where’s the, uh, the powder room? I totally forgot since it’s been ages.”

“Powder room…? You mean the bathroom? It’s just around the corner. Is this house that complicated? Stop joking around. I’m busy cooking dinner.”

“I-I’m sorry!”

She fidgets and dashes off towards the end of the hallway, disappearing into the room.

“What’s with her? Did excessive studying drive her insane?”

“I’ve been trying to tell you, that’s not the real master, it’s Raldine-sama. Please believe me now…”

Belle pops out of nowhere, appearing even more radiant and satisfied than before.

“Old man, maybe you should consider working at the slaughterhouse until you get a recommendation from Raldine-sama. When are we going next?”

“I have no idea. I’m the one who wants to know…”

With a sigh, I started preparing dinner.

My sister, who returned with a refreshed face from the bathroom, curiously observed my work while wandering around me.

It’s a strange feeling. My sister doesn’t typically come close to me voluntarily. It’s understandable, of course. For a younger sister attending an elite academy with both talent and beauty that everyone envies, being seen with a muscle-headed old man who is no different from the average person would be an unbearable humiliation.

What’s going on? Has the long period of rebellion finally come to an end?

Or has she lost her confidence after being reminded of the saying “a frog in a well” among the elites at the academy?

“Oh, this is beef stew…”

After placing the dish on the table in the living room, my sister’s face lit up.

“Stella used to say that it was delicious, with a unique flavor from a remote region…”

“What?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Ah, no, um. Well, it’s just that it brings back memories. Stella, I mean, I love it. Every time I take a break and come home, Big Brother goes out of his way to order fresh meat and prepare it for me. I’ve been eagerly anticipating big brother’s stew for days now…”


As I listen to my sister gush about how delicious and satisfying the stew is, I can’t help but feel puzzled.

I knew beef stew was one of her favorites from what she had previously told me, so I made it for her. However, she always gobbles it down silently and then leaves the table without a word, retreating to her room.

Despite that, I don’t understand why Stella has started playing this game, but I don’t mind receiving compliments.

“Let’s eat right away…”

My sister says with a cheerful expression and opens her mouth wide, momentarily freezing her movements.

What is she doing? I tilt my head in confusion.

Impatiently, the sister interjects in a syrupy voice.

“Big brother, if you don’t hurry up, the stew will become cold…”

“Lady Geraldine is a noblewoman of unparalleled status, so you see, she has her meals served by the servants at her estate.”

Belle, who was perched on my shoulder, and I exclaimed, “What?!”

That’s preposterous. Even if it’s the Duke’s household, it’s definitely not like that. Despite my thoughts, I scoop up some stew with a spoon and offer it to my sister, hoping that this small gesture would ease her pained heart.

With every mouthful, she murmurs “delicious, delicious,” in a melodic tone, which sends shivers down my spine.

However, after consuming a quarter of the stew, my younger sister starts to gasp for air and eventually falls silent.

And then…

“My stomach is already full, and I feel like I’m going to burst. What should I do? Big Brother made this stew for me…”

She bursts into tears.

“What’s the matter?!”

I am at a loss for words.

Despite living with rugged men who are accustomed to life on the frontier, I have never encountered a glutton who surpasses my sister. She apparently labels me as a jobless NEET behind my back, but the one who is truly wasting the family’s grain is none other than my sister.

Not only does she possess an insatiable appetite, but she also has an unmatched love for food. I suspect the moment she started resenting me was when she was just a kid, I took the breadcrumbs from her cheek, which she had intended to save for later.

My spine chilled.

Unpleasant sweat dripped from my forehead.

(T-This isn’t my sister…?! W-Who is this person?!)

“That’s why I’ve been telling you all along…”

Belle looks at me with disappointment.

So, is this person the real, unrivaled daughter of the Duke’s family?!

“Ha haaa!!”

I collapsed to the floor.

“I-I-I’m sorry for all the impoliteness, I apologize!”

“Old man, it’s natural, it’s natural right? Your real sister wouldn’t speak like that…”

Belle whispers in my ear.

“Y-Yes, that’s right. I’m sorry, my dear sister…”

The Duke’s daughter, who was wearing my sister’s guise. I forced a smile, attempting to conceal my discomfort.

“Well, big brother, there’s no need to apologize. It’s my fault for having a weak stomach. I’m sorry, but I’m a bit exhausted and would like to retire to my room. Do you know where my room is? I haven’t been home in a while, and I’m not familiar with the place…”

“It’s this way, no, this way, my dear sister…”

I stood up hastily and opened the door to my sister’s room. Since our home is small, it’s located right next to the living room.

Until now, I’ve been taking Belle’s tale with a grain of salt, but the notion of joining the Holy City is becoming increasingly realistic. As the Duke’s daughter spends her vacation here, I can’t help but hope that she’ll remember my name when it’s time for her to depart.

The young lady glanced around the room with curiosity and asked me, who was standing outside the door,

“Big Brother, where can I change?”

“It’s in the closet over there, no, hold on…”

“Could you bring it to me, please?”


I hesitated for a moment. It had been years since I had set foot in this room. Of course, that was only natural. There was no reason for a man my age to have any business in a young girl’s room.

But the person I was dealing with was the Duke’s daughter. She probably led a life where everything was kept in order.

Reluctantly, I entered my sister’s room and opened the closet. I couldn’t even imagine what kind of punishment I would receive if my sister found out. I quickly retrieved the nightgown and placed it on the bed.

“Well then, goodnight…”

“Wait, big brother…”

As I was about to leave the room, the young lady stopped me.

“What is it? Is there something else, dear sister…”

“Please help me change…”


“Raldine-sama is a person of noble status, so in the mansion, the servants are supposed to assist with changing…”

Belle explained, giving me a knowing look.

“No way! I can’t do that!”

I exclaimed involuntarily.

The Duke’s daughter flinched and began crying again.

“Hey, don’t cry!”

“Hey, old man! The numerous impolite remarks towards Lady Raldine since earlier, and only distancing yourself from the path to becoming an official. If my master finds out, you’ll be punished…”

Belle scolds me sternly while hovering around my face.

What am I supposed to do?

I’m the one who feels like crying!

To become an official, I need to make the Duke’s daughter notice me.

But even if I succeed in becoming an official in the Holy City, if my sister ever finds out that I removed her clothes and saw her bare skin, she’ll tear me apart on the spot, and it will all be for nothing.

But, no, I have to do it.

Damn it, there’s no other way.

Forgive me, sister.

I clear my throat and speak up.

“Dear sister, please listen carefully…”

“Yes, big brother…”

“You may have forgotten from your long life at the academy, you’ve always been independent and used to change your clothes on your own…”

I feel guilty for lying to my sister’s best friend, but I can’t change my mind now.

“Y-Yes, that’s right. I completely forgot. Well, I’ll change my clothes on my own…”

The Duke’s daughter hurriedly began unbuttoning her shirt with an unsteady hand.

“Wait, close the door!”

I promptly shut the door to my younger sister’s room and breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“How long will the Duke’s daughter’s ‘vacation’ last?” I asked Belle.

“She’ll be here for about a month until the new semester of my master, who enrolled in Madou University, begins,” Belle replied, while savoring the meat in the stew.

A month…

“It’s surprisingly long,” I groaned.

“But that means more job opportunities, right? Cheer up, old man. This stew is delicious. Can I have more?”

Belle rushed to the pot, flapping her wings and grabbing more meat.

“Hey, don’t dive into the pot!” I shouted, chasing after Belle as she flew into the kitchen.

“Here,” I scooped some stew onto a teaspoon for Belle.

“Thank you, old man. My master always talked about your stew, so I wanted to try it at least once…”

Belle spoke as she put her mouth on the spoon.

“Stella? I, I see…”

The words of Lady Geraldine, not my younger sister, reverberated in my mind. Was my younger sister yearning for my stew?

Perhaps it was simply because she was hungry, but it didn’t seem like she despised me completely. When I contemplate it in that light, I feel a sense of shame and embarrassment for some reason.

“If you enjoy it, please have some more. I cooked a large pot because I thought my younger sister would eat it…”

I informed Belle.

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The Old Warrior Is Busy Taking Care of His Possessed Sister, Who Has Been Inhabited by the Duke’s Daughter. But Make No Mistake, He Is Only Doing This as Part of His Job Search and Is in No Way a Siscon!

The Old Warrior Is Busy Taking Care of His Possessed Sister, Who Has Been Inhabited by the Duke’s Daughter. But Make No Mistake, He Is Only Doing This as Part of His Job Search and Is in No Way a Siscon!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
Richard, a middle aged warrior has returned to his hometown after being discharged from his duties as a frontier guard. He is currently searching for employment. He has started living with his younger sister, Stella, who graduated from the prestigious Magic Academy. However, something seems amiss with her. Despite her intelligence and refined appearance, Stella, who grew up in a humble background, used to harbor a dislike for her older brother, Richard. But now, she has become unusually docile and clingy. It turns out that Stella's body is being possessed by Lady Geraldine, the Duke's daughter, who is taking a short "vacation" before her wedding?! Richard sees an opportunity to make a positive impression on Lady Geraldine and potentially secure a position in the Holy City. With this goal in mind, he sets about caring for both Lady Geraldine and her sister's familiar, Belle.


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