The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 3

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess

Chapter 3

When the bishop told the people in the church about it, the Plumes glared at me all at once and surrounded Noemi-sama with worried faces.

At first, Noemi-sama laughed and said she was fine, but as everyone comforted her, she gradually began to cry with tears in her eyes.

“Noemi-sama! Please don’t cry.”

“I’m sorry… Even though it can’t be helped, it’s just so painful…”

The Plumes glared at me with icy eyes. I wanted to disappear from this place right away. I felt like I had committed a terrible crime.

“Anna-san, what were you thinking? Didn’t you see that Prince Virgil had feelings for Noemi-sama?”

The Plumes crowded around me.

“Well, I refused him, but the bishop…”

“You don’t need excuses! Have you thought about Noemi-sama’s feelings? If you had seriously refused, the bishop wouldn’t have forced you into an engagement.”

“You can’t expect to be loved by the prince if you become his fiancée instead of Noemi-sama. Do you understand?”

“I’m sorry…” 

I apologized desperately and promised to apologize to the bishop again. However, no matter how many times I asked, the result was the same, and in the end, I was scolded for going against the orders of the royal family.

In the end, everyone looked at me with cold eyes because I couldn’t overturn the decision.

Living in the church was always like that for me.

However, there was one thing that I looked forward to every month. It was the day when I gave blessings to the knights.

In the church, we called the knights who risked their lives every day to protect the country to the hall once a month and gave them blessings so that they would not be injured in battle.

I always looked forward to that day because Roland-sama was among the knights.

“Long time no see, Anna. Please take care of me today too.”

My heart raced at the sound of his voice after a month. Among many Plumes, Roland-sama approached me first this time too. I nodded and grabbed his hand with both hands.

I prayed earnestly so that Roland-sama would not be injured on the battlefield and would recover quickly even if he was injured.

Then, light danced and swayed and was absorbed into Roland-sama.

“It’s over.”

“Thank you, Anna. When you cast a blessing spell on me, it makes me feel better.”

Roland-sama said with a smile. 

Despite being only twenty-two years old, Roland-sama serves as the vice-squad leader in the knight order. He is a beautiful young man with black hair and blue eyes, and despite his higher position, he always has a gentle attitude, making him very popular among the Plumes.

It seems that Roland-sama comes from a certain Baron family, but he joined the knight order to learn a trade since his older brother would inherit the family.

However, he complained before that he might be called back home due to his brother leaving home like eloping.

Many people want to cast protective magic on popular Roland-sama, but he always walks towards me first. That made me very happy.

“I’m leaving for an expedition from the day after tomorrow. So I might not be able to come next month or even the month after that.”

“Well, is that so?”

“I’ll miss Anna.”

Roland-sama said sadly. I felt my heart sink. I won’t be able to see Roland-sama for a while. And since it’s an expedition, there might be danger. I became anxious and took Roland-sama’s hand again.


“I’ll cast protective magic on you again. So you’ll be protected from danger.”

I closed my eyes and focused on my hand. The light danced again and was absorbed into Roland-sama.

“Thank you, Anna. You’re reassuring.”

Roland-sama said that to me, and I managed to return a smile.

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