The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Ambition of Darkness 〈Yserra〉

If you were born with beauty like mine, wouldn’t you want to aim for the top?

My name is Yserra Echeverria. To be honest, I’m a stunning beauty.

My silver hair is glossy, my deep green eyes have a captivating color, and my facial features are perfectly symmetrical like a goddess.

However, it’s unfortunate that I was born as a Baron family’s illegitimate child without any benefits or status.

With financial support from my father, my mother and I lived in a decent apartment. My mother was kind, but when she drank, she expressed her resentment towards my father, who was her former employer.

Even as a child, I thought to myself, “How foolish.” With her beauty, she should have tried to win him over and extract more money from him.

That’s why, while casting a sidelong glance at my mother, I secretly practiced witchcraft.

I don’t remember the exact moment when I realized I had dark magic. I knew it was a despised power in society and illegal, but I felt it would be a waste not to use something I possessed.

Thanks to the fact that I was allowed to attend school, being able to read was also a great advantage.

I begged a witch I happened to meet and practiced desperately. When I tried to use the brainwashing magic on a boy in the neighborhood, I was surprised how easily it worked.

According to my mentor, brainwashing magic requires a foundation of emotions in the person being targeted.

In other words, if I wanted to make someone my captive, they needed to have at least a little bit of affection towards me.

In short, it was a perfect ability for someone like me, a beautiful girl like this.

After that, it was fun.

I didn’t care about the possibility of facing the death penalty. As long as it didn’t get caught, it was as if I hadn’t used it at all.

I became the lover of the most handsome boy in my class and asked him for anything I wanted, and at times, I tricked rich men into buying me various things.

And then came spring when I turned 16.

My mother died due to excessive drinking, and I was taken in by the Baron Echeverria family.

I was worried about being bullied by my stepmother, but fortunately, I was able to attend an all-boarding Academy. Well, it’s just a way for them to get rid of a healthy problem child.

And so, I met the esteemed prince of our country.

On the morning of my first day transferring, when I happened to catch a glimpse of Agustin-sama from afar, I felt a desire stir within me.

Even if I’m just a Baron’s illegitimate child, I could become his lover. Being the prince’s lover must be a very pleasant position.

I immediately put my plan into action. I dropped my handkerchief in front of Agustin-sama, and the moment he picked it up, I activated the brainwashing magic.

To my surprise, Agustin-sama fell under the spell quite easily, and I was convinced that my appearance really appeals to men.

Really, all men are idiots, and I’m so cute.

And so, a few days later, Agustin-sama took me to Mt. Mores, where I was hit with a shocking event.

I ran into a plain-looking girl with pigtails and glasses on the mountain path.

Wait, was she a classmate? I feel like I’ve seen this girl somewhere before.

I stare intently at the potato-like girl and then glance at the boy standing next to her.

At that moment, a bright light burns in my mind.

An unfamiliar man. Yet he looks at me with freezing young grass-colored eyes.

Red hair, a strong build for a teenager. When he looks down on me with his tall stature, my body freezes.

Above all, the long tongs he holds stimulate the depths of my mind.

Yes, I didn’t meet him for the first time.

I, I was.

Killed by this man.

Without even a chance to plead for my life.

Not with tongs, but with the sword of a dragon knight, Camilo Cervantes…!

Memories flow into my white mind.

Brainwashing His Highness Agustin just like in this life.

Being too easy to brainwash for a crown prince, which led to my greed.

Receiving various benefits as a lover after graduation.

The more opposition there was around, the more effective the brainwashing magic became.

Killing the second prince, Elias, by staging an accident to weaken the opposition to Queen Yserra.

And so, it was all my plot to execute Princess Leticia.

Yes, as the daughter of a Baron, there was no way I could become queen through legitimate means.

First, thanks to Princess Leticia’s reckless behavior, my reputation rose just by being normal.

I watched as she became more and more infamous, sometimes pretending to be troubled.

If I spent only a small amount of money, less than what was used by the queen, everyone would say that Yserra-sama is more modest.

In the end, I fabricated false charges and reported them to His Highness… no, to King Agustin.

It seems that for Agustin-sama, the princess’s family, the Marquis Benito, was also a nuisance.

He generally hated the former king’s faction, and he was always annoyed by the Marquis, who was their leader.

Therefore, the execution of the queen was carried out immediately.

If the infamous Black Rose Princess were gone, the atmosphere would shift to accepting my relationship with him.

I was overjoyed. After all, I couldn’t even begin to describe the effort it took to get this far.

Finally crowned, I thought I could enjoy my life as a queen.

But then…

In the last moment, I felt confusion, fear, and regret.

I had done everything I could to become the queen. But without understanding the assassin’s motives, I was killed by this man.

…Calm down. Stay calm.

Don’t show any signs of distress. I still don’t understand the situation.

I have to show the most natural reaction possible!

“I think you’re my classmate…!”

I decided to talk to the girl first, assuming it was normal for women to talk to each other.

The answer I received from her was beyond my imagination.

“Good, good day to you. I’m Leticia Benito, Yserra-sama.”


Leticia Benito… that Black Rose Princess Leticia Benito?!

Is it a lie?

The first time, she was so flashy and beautiful, standing out more than anyone else, hating effort, and she was such a fool that she didn’t realize those were the things that Agustin-sama hated…!

There’s no way she’s a bookworm!!!

I was completely dumbfounded and ended up going through the rest of the conversation on autopilot.

When I realized it, the meeting was over, so while walking down the mountain path, I asked Agustin-sama what was on my mind.

“Agustin-sama, are those two really engaged to each other?”

However, there was no response from Agustin-sama.

…Are those two bothering him?

“Hey, Agustin-sama! Are you listening?”

I raised my voice in frustration. Agustin-sama finally shook his eyes and looked at me.

“Oh, sorry. What is it?”

“I asked if the two people we just met are really engaged to each other.”

“…It doesn’t matter, does it? It has nothing to do with us.”

I see. That vague way of speaking earlier, calling those two “fiancées,” wasn’t just a casual remark after all.

Dots began connecting in my head.

In my previous life, it seemed like the genius dragon knight, Camilo Cervantes, had feelings for Princess Leticia.

I think I was the only one who noticed, but I’m quick to pick up on those kinds of things.

In other words, the reason Agustin-sama and I were killed was for Princess Leticia’s revenge.

…Wait a minute. First of all, why are those two engaged?

Because if I’m the only one who has regained my memories, the relationships around me should be the same.

Has someone else regained their memories before me?


It’s obvious.

Those eyes…Camilo Cervantes has undoubtedly regained his memories.

Princess Leticia probably remembers too, given how different her appearance is.

So that man has finally fulfilled his feelings.

I see, I understand. So, I can’t use Princess Leticia anymore.

In reality, the current Princess Leticia is not engaged to His Highness Agustin, so it’s also difficult to use her.

And It’s impossible with that kind of man sticking around her.

I absolutely refuse to be killed again.

“Yserra, do you want to join the Volunteer Club?”

“The Volunteer Club? Well, I’m in the handicraft club, so it’s quite difficult for me, but I think it’s a wonderful activity.”

I give a harmless answer to His Highness Agustin’s question.

Are you worried about Princess Leticia? It seems that His Highness Agustin didn’t regain his memory, though.

He likes smart women, doesn’t he? Honestly, men are so stupid.

“…Well, let’s go to the town while we’re at it.”

“Really? Let’s go, Agustin-sama.”

As we walk arm in arm, I couldn’t help but suppress the smile on my face.

My first life was the worst, unjustly killed.

I don’t know why I went back in time, but I doubt I’ll ever have such luck again.

In my second life, I’ll use my beauty and witchcraft to aim for the top.

If Princess Leticia won’t become a fool for me, I’ll just have to use His Highness Agustin’s new fiancée. It’s that simple.

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