The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Enjoy this lighthearted chat in the meantime

Today, as summer vacation was coming to an end, I decided to make some sweets with Samuel.

Noble children don’t cook, but Samuel became interested in making sweets after watching me.

We are making butter cookies. If they turn out well, I’ll serve them as a snack since Camilo is coming over to visit today.

“Samuel, let’s wash our hands first.”

“Okay, Onee-sama!”

Sam, wearing a navy apron, energetically raises both hands.

I watch his small figure stretching on the step stool and washing his hands, then wash my own hands in the same way. By the way, I tie my hair back and take off my glasses so that I don’t want to touch them with my dirty hands. I love using a red apron.

“Well then, Sam, could you mix the ingredients for me?”

“Okay! I’ll mix the ingredients!”

Ah, his parrot-like response is so cute~!

Since measuring is difficult, I do it while Sam kneads the room-temperature butter.

Yeah, he’s doing a good job of mixing. Once it turns white, we’ll add the sugar.

His sister may be foolish, but Sam was so polite and skilled that it didn’t feel like our first time baking together.

“Sam, you’re so good at this. Onee-sama is surprised.”

“Hehe! I want to make delicious cookies for Onee-sama, so I’ll do my best!”

Ah, oh no~! My vocabulary! My vocabulary is disappearing!

What a dazzling smile…!

No, calm down. If I hug him now, Sam will be covered in flour.

“Mix in the eggs…”

“Mix in the egg yolks!”

Sam is still happily mixing the egg yolks with the whisk, making a sound.

“Sift in the flour…”

“Sift in the flour!”

“Mix it well.”

“Mix it well!”

“Okay, it looks good. Let’s roll it out with a rolling pin.”

Samuel is really good at anything he does. The dough has become beautiful and uniform.

While admiring it, I placed the dough on the clean surface and rolled it out evenly.

From here, it should be particularly enjoyable for kids. It’s time for the awaited cookie cutter time!

“Wow~what should I do? Mr. Sun, Mr. Bear… Oh, Mr. Cat is cute too.”

Sam takes the molds with excitement and smiles innocently.

Ah, this is happiness. I thought I had been fond of Sam in my previous life too, but this is the first time we’re making sweets together.

“Let’s use all of our favorite molds!”

“Is that okay?! Yay! Onee-sama, I love you!”


Sam is so cute that I could die!

It was when we finished taking out all the molds and putting them in the oven.

Camilo appeared from the kitchen door, and I was surprised and greeted him with wide eyes.

“Sorry for disturbing, Leticia.”

“Camilo! You’re so early… Oh, it’s already 2 o’clock?!”

Looking at the clock, it was already five minutes before our promised time.

Oh no, I didn’t even greet him…!

“I’m sorry! I got too into making sweets.”

“Don’t worry about it. If Leticia is having fun, I’m happy too. Family time is important.”

“Camilo…thank you.”

Unable to bear the gentle, narrowed eyes, I lowered my blushing face.

Since the day we went to the zoo, Camilo seems to be getting sweeter every time we meet.

“Hi, Sam. Did you have fun baking sweets?”

“…Hello, Camilo-sama! It was fun because I made them with Onee-sama!”

“Hey, come on, call me Onii-sama, okay Sam?”

Blushing as I recalled the incident on the carriage, I had no idea that sparks had been ignited between Camilo and Sam.

Or maybe I wouldn’t have noticed even if I had been watching closely.

“…Really~? Aww, that’s embarrassing!”

(I don’t consider you my brother. Don’t get too familiar with Onee-sama, you big oaf.)

“Haha, there’s no need to be shy. I want to get closer to Sam, but I’ll have to be patient.”

(The cat’s pawing seems to be going well today too. You know it, but Leticia’s fiancé is me. Your little brother’s role ends here.)

The loving younger brother and fiancé exchanged conversation with smiles. They had become good friends without me even realizing it. I’m so happy!

While smiling at the heartwarming conversation, I decided to prepare tea.

Then Camilo approached with a smile.

“Letty, can I help you?”

(I want to show Letty that I can be useful.)

“I can’t ask our guest to help. Why don’t you go to the guest room first?”

Although Camilo’s offer was appreciated, I decided to decline with a smile.

I have to take care of the baking and cleaning, and I can’t make our guest do those things.

“Onee-sama, should I wash the bowl?”

(I’m the one who cleans up after Onee-sama.)

“That’s kind of you, Sam, but you can’t reach the sink, can you?”

He was already stretching to wash his hands earlier. His intention is commendable, but I can’t let him do something that’s beyond his capabilities.

…Oh? Did both of them seem a little dejected? Is it just my imagination?

As I tilted my head, one of the maids passing by the hallway came into the kitchen.

“Please leave it to us from here, My Lady!”

“But still…”

“We can’t keep the guests waiting. Now, now, boys, please join My Lady and have a pleasant talk.”

With those words, we were kicked out of the kitchen, with a promise that we would be brought cookies when they were done baking.

Our maids are really hardworking. Well then, let’s take advantage of their offer and have a chat among the three of us.

“Yay! I wanted to play with Camilo-sama!”

(Who’s going to leave Onee-sama alone with him? I’ll just be in the way today.)

“Okay, Sam! What should we do to play?”

(As cheeky as ever… I don’t care if you cry…)

The two of them walk together, colliding with each other as they go, and from their backs, they look like real brothers.

I smiled softly and started walking behind them.

Sometimes, boys get along better with each other. I’m kind of envious.

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