The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 92

Chapter 92: My place

On the outskirts of a night where silence returned.

In bed, Leon tightly embraced Diana.

“Enough already… let go.”


“But with this, I can finally give birth to our child without worries.”


“What’s wrong?”

“…If I were to marry Diana, no matter how many lives I had, it wouldn’t be enough.”

Diana chuckled softly at her husband’s shoulder.

“Oh, right now.”

Diana pressed her belly.

“It moved. It stayed still all day, but now I feel relieved.”

“If his/her mother is this reckless, both you and I will have a hard time.”

Diana watched Leon, who spoke to her belly, and laughed again.

They lay on their backs, looking out the window at the beautiful moon together.

“In spring, George is going to marry Laura.”

“Oh, finally… George can read now?”

“Diana’s due date is in summer, right?”

“Yes. The doctor said so.”

“But before that, Sophia will give birth.”

“It’s reassuring to have a senior mom nearby.”

“The borderlands will become lively.”

“Fufu, yes.”

After such a eventful day, they cherished the quiet night.

“…Diana, the moon goddess.”

Under the sheets, Diana held hands with Leon.

“They also call her the goddess of fertility.”

“…It makes me happy when you say things like that.”

“Well, it’s not entirely a joke. There are times when I can’t think of you any other way.”


“You’ve changed not only my life but also the country.”


While saying that, Diana prayed to the moon.

May this connected hand never be severed until the end.

“I’m glad I married you, Diana.”

“Yes, I’m glad I married you too, Leon.”


“Why are you questioning it?”

“Well, because… we were poor, and we were just sulking in a mountain cabin.”

“Not many husbands would let their wives do as they please like this.”

“Oh, I see…”

“In a good way, Leon has no pride, right?”

“That’s a good thing…?”

May we continue living together forever.

“Bringing a life into this world and protecting it is truly difficult.”

“Yeah. My mother gave birth to me and then died.”


“…Oh, sorry.”


“…I’m sorry for making you worried, Diana.”

May I be able to alleviate each of your worries.

“If I can give birth here without dying, Leon will surely be freed from the curse.”



“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to burden you with all of this…”

“It’s okay. I’m giving birth because I want to.”

“. . .”

“Don’t think too hard about it. Everything I’m doing, I’m doing because I want to.”

I hope I can do everything I can until the end.

What I want to do, surely. . .

Is to rebuild my family and my place that I couldn’t protect.

Perhaps that is what it means.

Together with my beloved person.

In this remote frontier.

“Hey, Leon.”


“When spring comes, make another flower crown for me.”

“Sure. But Diana, you should…”


“Make the syrup from wisteria flowers again. I don’t particularly like sweet things, but that one has a special taste.”


“It’ll be interesting to see what grows from Aurel-sama’s seeds in spring.”




“Are you crying?”

He held her closer.

“It’s been tough for you, in many ways.”

Because it was winter, it felt even warmer.

“Having seen Diana’s misfortunes up close… I may be presumptuous to say I understand, but I do.”

There was a strong kick from inside her belly. Leon received it against his own stomach, and they laughed together.

“From now on, I want to witness Diana’s happiness up close.”



“Will you always be there to witness it?”

“I promise.”

Diana closed her eyes, finishing her prayer.

Surely, tomorrow will be better.


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