The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Is the store still closed?

For a while, Sophia and her noble friends stopped coming to Diana’s mountain cabin.

During the midsummer, the edible flowers temporarily stopped blooming, which also affected Diana’s business activities.

However, for Diana, such things no longer bothered her at all.


It was autumn. Diana looked up at the two-story house in front of the mountain, which had started to change color with the leaves.

The wooden cabin was dazzling with its fresh off-white paint. In the small flower bed made of bricks, she had planted cosmos seeds.

Today was the day for moving in the furniture.

Finally, they would be moving from the mountain cabin to the newly built house.

As Diana watched her brothers-in-law carry in the furniture, she made a cold well water lemonade in the mountain cabin.

Perhaps this would be the last time she cooked here.

This convenient mountain cabin where everything was within reach.

The mountain cabin where she had been brought by Leon and spent time together.

Now, she felt a bit reluctant to leave.

“Hey, Diana.”

Leon entered the cabin. Diana hurriedly wiped the corner of her eye.

“What is it?”

“Fritz brought a chicken he butchered as a housewarming gift! Can we cook it now?”

“Oh, how thoughtful. Shall we sauté it in a frying pan until it’s crispy?”

“Thomas brought wine and a fishing rod.”

“They know what tools to bring, don’t they?”

“Hans is currently putting up curtains. But, aren’t plain white curtains a bit dull?”

“If they get old, we can dye them and reuse them.”

“Oh, I see. Diana, you’re clever.”

Leon loosened the collar of his sweaty shirt and fanned himself while looking around the cabin.

“…So, this is goodbye to the cabin…”

Diana shrugged and smiled.

“Surprisingly, I didn’t live here for long.”

“I lived here for about three years. Originally, it was a cabin for my father to hunt in the mountains.”

“Oh, I see. That’s why it’s so old…”

As Diana said that, she leaned against Leon. Leon leaned in and kissed Diana as if peering into her.

“…In the new house, we’ll make new memories.”

“Yes, living in that house will surely be a long time for us.”

She seared the chicken skin in a heated frying pan, then cooked both sides to a golden brown with garlic oil.

Carrying the plate of garlic chicken and the glass jar of lemonade, Diana went outside.

A round wooden table was covered with a pure white tablecloth, and the guests who had already brought gifts were gathered.

On the white cloth, there were many bread rolls in a basket, apparently brought by George.

Laura was also there, serving portions of edible flower salad.

They arranged the dishes received from Gustav and sat around the round table as a family.

The autumn sunlight had softened a bit.

After offering a prayer to God together, they couldn’t wait any longer and started eating.

“…Is everyone here now?”

When George asked, Diana nodded.

“It seems that my sister will bring the celebratory gifts once it calms down a bit.”

“I see. So, prioritize the matters of the new household. She’s quite capable.”

“Yes, even though she may not seem like it, she understands those things to some extent.”

And then…

Laura tapped Diana’s shoulder and pointed towards the slope of the mountain.

Diana turned around and was surprised.

From afar, she could see several carriages coming towards them. Diana didn’t recall any specific promises and felt confused.

“Huh? The shop isn’t supposed to open for a little while longer…”

Leon said.

“Perhaps they just rushed here for the celebration since it’s in front of the new house.”

“Everyone is so eager. Anyway, we should meet them and exchange greetings…”

One of the carriages was from Ishtar Trading Company. Diana’s eyes widened.

“…Wait, that’s not Ilsa’s carriage!”

“All of these carriages look familiar. They belong to noble families.”

“Hmm? What does this mean?”

While she was perplexed, the carriage from Ishtar Trading Company took the lead.

Ilsa got off the carriage. As Diana stood there in a daze, her sister walked towards her with determined steps.

“Diana! Please sell me that old mountain cabin!”

Diana’s eyes widened. It was true that they had discussed such a thing before, but it was too sudden.

“Onee-sama, the move isn’t completely finished yet…”

“It’s fine. Transfer the ownership to me!”

“Why are you in such a hurry? We can talk about that later…”

As they continued their back-and-forth, carriages arrived one after another, and people started getting off as if competing with each other. Familiar nobles crowded around Diana, following in Ilsa’s footsteps.

“A new house has been built, right? Then you don’t need that cottage. Let us stay!”

“How much for that cottage? I’ll buy it at any price!”

“Just for one day. Please lend it to us for a little while.”

Pushing aside the confused Diana, Leon stepped forward.

“Alright, that’s enough. I am the owner of that cottage. Can someone please explain what’s going on?”

The noble women suddenly became meek when Leon appeared, and they each explained their reasons.

“Well… they say if you go to that cottage, your marriage will become harmonious.”

“Yes, yes. After that eccentric Sofia started going to the mountain cottage, she suddenly started getting intimate with Klaus.”

“And then she got pregnant. That mountain cottage is amazing. There must be some secret!”

Diana jumped up.

“What? Sofia-sama is pregnant?!”

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