The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Love is Unnecessary

On that day, Diana rejected Sophia’s offer and returned to the mountain cabin with Leon, throwing herself onto the bed.

〝I was only seeking peace. I never needed a husband or love from the beginning.〟

Those words echoed in Diana’s mind.

(. . .Is that really Sophia-sama’s true feelings?)

Diana had always felt that love was beautiful and desirable, and she thought there were quite a few people around her who sought love.

She recalled the lost look in Sophia’s eyes and felt a pang in her chest.

(She said her husband is an unselfish person, but would an unselfish person have a mistress?)

If that were true, it felt like a strong message from her supposedly unselfish husband.

(In any case, they are an intriguing couple.)

Leon placed a basket filled with rose petals on the dining table with a thud.

The fragrance of roses filled the cabin.

Diana shifted her gaze to the basket. Next, she would provide rose syrup to the noble daughters. 

(With this, one bottle and three silver coins. . .)


Her husband’s shadow fell before her, and Diana snapped back to reality.

“You look tired lately. Are you okay?”

Diana tilted her head. It was news to her that she looked tired.

“. . .Do I?”

“You can tell just by looking.”


Diana stared at her own hands intently. Leon muttered.

“You’re working too hard.”

Diana looked up at Leon standing in front of her.

In the twilight, seeing her husband standing there with a worried expression, Diana felt a slight sense of guilt.

“Money is important, but your body is not just yours, Diana.”

Diana pondered those words.

“I want children too. . .I want you to take care of your body from now on.”

“. . .”

“You can always take a break, even if the house can wait. How about resting occasionally?”

“. . .”

“You should spend some of the money you earned on yourself once in a while. Treat yourself to good food or entertainment. It feels good, you know. I don’t think you’ve done any of that since coming to this cabin.”

That’s right.

Her mind had been consumed with thoughts of the new house, and she had cut back on everything. But. . .

“But Leon, I want to work. It’s fun to earn money.”

That’s what Diana was enjoying right now.

Her life had been one where everything was given to her. Now that she was giving something, it felt exciting and new.

Leon also sat on the bed.

“I understand that it’s fun, but I’m worried.”

“Leon, don’t worry, I’ll eat more.”

“. . .That’s not what I mean, Diana. Stop and think for a moment. What’s the point of building a big house if we exhaust ourselves and die before we even get to live in it?”

“Oh, Leon, you’re being dramatic.”

“Even today, you were caught up in the extravagant stories of the noble’s daughter. All for the sake of money.”

“Well, yeah. . .but it was also helping people.”

“Now, Ojou-sama’s meddling has begun. I don’t like those nobles. If you keep acting too kind-hearted, someday you’ll be taken advantage of.”

“Well. . .”

Leon’s lips forcefully covered Diana’s lips. Diana’s eyes widened in surprise.

After releasing her lips, her husband whispered in a low voice.

“. . .Sometimes, listen to what I say too.”

Receiving a slightly angry gaze, Diana held her prickling chest.

“I’m the one who cares about you the most, Diana.”

Leon embraced Diana tightly.

“But lately, you’ve completely forgotten about me.”

Diana was stunned. It was the first time she realized it when he pointed it out.

She had been working for the sake of the house, but during that time, she hadn’t paid attention to her husband. Carrying the basket, riding horses everywhere, and returning home exhausted to sleep immediately.

Diana rested her cheek on her husband’s shoulder and pondered deeply.

“. . .I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. As long as you understand. Let’s both consider taking a break. The rose garden was washed away, and there won’t be any work for a while.”

“. . .Shall we go somewhere?”

“Yeah, let’s leave Pabst village for a change. Let’s go out to Lipps village and have a meal, eat to our heart’s content. I can’t remember the last time I felt full.”

Indeed, that was true.

They had been cutting corners so much that they hadn’t had a proper meal in a while.

The basket they used was torn and had holes in various places.

Leon’s ragged clothes were falling apart.

Without realizing it, the two of them had endured everything in their desire for a home. Leon had reached his limit first. That’s how it was.

In this world, where tensions ran high due to the war, even commoners like them needed distractions, not just the nobles.

(We have money. . .Yes, maybe I should get something new)

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