The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Form of a couple during wartime

The peasant couple froze at Duchess Sofia’s unexpected confession.

Diana felt a sense of déjà vu in Sofia’s words, just like Ilsa’s way of speaking. However, she contained emotions that were decisively different from Ilsa’s.

“. . .But Sofia-sama said she wants to repair her relationship with her husband, right?”

When Diana asked her that, Sofia bit her lip and looked down.

“. . .Well, it’s true that Sofia-sama still has some love for him.”

Sofia shook her head.

“Love is a bit complicated. I don’t need his love, but. . .”

She said that and let out a deep sigh.

“It seems my husband has a mistress in the evacuation area. . .I can’t tolerate him giving money and gifts to such a woman.”

Diana held her head. It was different from what she had thought.

“Well. . .Is that a problem that can be solved through farming?”

“Yes. But I thought that if we moved away from the town and focused on agriculture, we could sever his relationship with her.”


Diana slumped her shoulders. So that’s what it was.

Like Gustav, she thought he had come with a purer intention for farming. . .

And. . .

“Don’t mess with me.”

Leon muttered quietly. 

It was a small voice mixed with anger and disbelief.

Sofia looked up.

“It’s unacceptable for you to speak of our hard work in farming as if it were a punishment. Besides, if you, a noble or whatever you are, ask to borrow someone’s way of life, you need to be prepared for it. We are neither residents of your territory nor your servants. We don’t have to obey everything you say. Moreover, you, who abandoned your own territory’s residents and fled to another country, should be more humble towards the people of that country.”

Diana hurriedly reprimanded Leon.

“Leon, that’s going too far. . .”

“Is it going too far? Everyone misunderstands us as handymen or something. They all do things haphazardly. . .They should learn to be patient.”

“〝Sigh〟, Leon. . .”

Sofia turned pale upon hearing that. Diana intervened.

“Um, Sophia-sama, it’s not like everything will be resolved if you come to our place. I think it’s necessary to talk more and have a positive attitude together. It’s not too late to start farming either. Even though my husband has complaints, he doesn’t reject you, Sophia-sama.”

Leon nodded slightly in agreement.

“Yeah, that’s right. . .If that husband of yours comes to apologize, I wouldn’t mind accepting the request.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Ufufu.”

Diana smiled and nudged Leon’s back, trying to divert the situation.

“. . .What?”

“Leon, exit the scene.”


“You still have work over there. Go.”

“Alright, alright. Diana-ojousama is really dedicated to her work.”

“Come on, enough already. . .!”

Leon stood up, deliberately hugged Diana’s shoulder in front of everyone, and gave her a slightly forceful kiss on the cheek.

Diana blushed and stood frozen.

He waved to his wife and left with a smile. With his actions, he seemed to have made a small point to the troubled ladies.

Diana recalled Ilsa’s words from before.

(What should I do? I might ruin their mood with jealousy. . .)

Diana timidly turned around to face the noble ladies behind her.

And then. . .

Surprisingly, they seemed to be completely absorbed in the sweet afterglow left by Leon.

Diana cautiously observed her surroundings while taking out rose syrup from the basket.

“. . .It’s nice, isn’t it? Living without being bound by social status.”

One of the ladies murmured feverishly, leaving Diana dumbfounded.

“Hey, are you still being called ‘Ojou-sama’?”

“. . .No. That was a joke. He usually just calls me by my name.”

“Have you had a wedding ceremony?”

“Yes. It took place in the village square.”

“Did you receive a ring or something?”

“No, such customs don’t exist among the peasants. But he made me a flower crown.”

“You mean the wreath they made and put on your hat before?”

“Yes, something like that.”

“That’s nice. It sounds idyllic!”

Diana faintly sensed it.

What the ladies admire.

Nature, materials, liberation from social status.

And a slightly forceful, strong opposite sex.

“We, from the moment we were born, are always judged based on our family background and appearance. As women, we are constantly bound by our value and scores. It’s like being treated as commodities. And no matter how much effort we put into education and self-improvement, our scores are predetermined by our family’s status and appearance, so ultimately, our efforts are meaningless.”

“In that sense, the merchant families are similar, but at least there isn’t as much restriction on social status, so it’s better.”

“I envy you, Diana. I always fantasize about how wonderful it would be to live with someone you truly love. Our worth only exists through the eyes of men. We will never be liberated from their judgment until the day we die.”

From their conversation, it seemed that the circumstances had changed a bit compared to before.

Everyone was becoming more open about their true feelings.

“Still, before the war, we could distract ourselves with material possessions and money to some extent. But as the evacuation life prolonged, there was nothing to distract us anymore, right? That’s when our true selves are exposed.”

“I understand. We become completely vulnerable to each other.”

“And then the facade peels away, and we start to dislike our husbands more and more.”

“But isn’t it the same for both parties?”


Sofia didn’t join in the candid conversation and looked downcast.

Diana was curious and asked.

“What about you, Sofia-san. . .how are things?”

Sofia muttered quietly.

“I just want to live in peace. My husband was originally a quiet and content person, so I thought it was fine. But ever since his affair came to light, I’ve lost sight of not just my husband’s feelings, but also my own sense of purpose, as everyone has been saying.”

As Sofia began to touch the core of the matter, the dining room fell silent again.

“Yes, I was only seeking peace. I never needed a husband or love from the beginning.”

With a profound and honest statement, Diana stared blankly at Sofia.

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