The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Mountain cottage and Ilsa

Will there be enough sleeping space for three people in this small mountain cabin?

As soon as they arrived at the cabin, Leon responded to Diana’s question. 

“I’ll sleep in the cowshed tonight.”

Diana and Ilsa exchanged surprised glances at this unexpected offer.

“By the way, we only have potatoes and flour for food at the moment. Is that okay?”

When asked, Ilsa looked startled and glanced around the cabin.

“Potatoes? Flour?”

“Yeah, we also have milk. You can squeeze it directly from the cow.”


“But we already had the eggs for breakfast. . .”

Scratching his head, Leon left the cabin. Ilsa’s face grew paler as she said, 

“. . .Diana, is that true?”

Diana nodded with a wry smile. 

“Well. . .how pitiful. You have to live such a poor life. . .”

“Don’t pity me so much. I’m happy living with Leon.”

“. . .You’re so desperate not to worry your sister, aren’t you?”

Ilsa’s bad habit of rushing ahead without listening to others began to show again. Diana sighed and continued, 

“Listen, we’ll be fine if we come up with some ideas. We can make penne from the flour or pancakes by combining it with eggs.”

“Ideas. . .?”

“Yes. It seems like Onee-sama has never been one for creative thinking. This is a good opportunity. Since we’ve come all the way to the mountain cabin, let’s make something.”

Ilsa slumped down. Diana stood in the kitchen, put the flour in a bowl, and started kneading it with water.

“Alright, the dough is ready. If we roll it out thinly and boil it, it will become decent macaroni.”

Ilsa reluctantly took it and started spreading the dough thinly like making clay for lasagna.

Seeing her surprisingly skillful work, Diana felt relieved and entrusted the task to her sister, heading towards the cowshed.

Leon was milking the cows.

“Hey, Leon.”

“. . .What?”

“What happened between Onee-sama and Gustav?”

Leon finished milking and turned around, holding a bucket of milk.

“It seems they had a fight.”

Diana opened her mouth in surprise.

“A fight?”

“I don’t know the details of their conversation. But from what I saw, Ilsa-sama was the one shouting.”

Diana put her hand on her chin and thought.

“I see, a fight. . .”

“Oh well, today was supposed to be with Diana. . .”

“Wait. This might be an opportunity.”


“For Onii-sama and Onee-sama’s relationship.”

Diana shrugged and laughed.

“Onee-sama, it seems she’s finally able to say what she wants to Gustav face-to-face. It’s a big progress compared to before.”

“Hmm, so they couldn’t express their thoughts to each other before?”

“Yes, my sister said she had been holding back everything. Gustav was also troubled because he couldn’t understand his wife.”

“Come to think of it, that’s true.”

“The marriage that was only bound by a contract might finally start moving.”

“But whether it will turn out well or not is another matter.”

“That’s the point.”

Just as Diana groaned, something happened.

“. . .Diana, look at that.”

Leon pointed in a certain direction.

“It’s Gustav’s carriage!”

Following Ilsa, Gustav had arrived. Diana got excited and jumped up and down in place.

“Oh, this is a very interesting development!”

“Gustav-sama came to pick up his wife, didn’t he?”

The two of them left the cowshed. Gustav got out of the carriage with a somewhat solemn expression.

“Diana, Leon. . .”

Gustav said, quietly contemplating something. He didn’t seem as flustered as expected.

“Onii-sama, did you come to pick up your wife?”

Gustav answered the question with a somewhat awkward tone. 

“No, I’m hesitating.”

Diana widened her eyes.

“If I bring her back, it won’t mean anything. It will just be a repetition of the same thing.”

Mixed with the sadness of the twilight, the three of them simultaneously slumped their shoulders.

“Ilsa said this. You lack passion. You’ve become overweight and don’t care about your appearance. You say you love your wife, but there are no actions to accompany those words.”

As her brother-in-law spoke, something flashed in Diana’s mind.

“That’s right. Onii-sama, why don’t you try living in this cabin?”

Gustav and Leon turned pale at the same time.

“Diana, what are you saying. . .”

“Diana, don’t go into the cabin anymore!”

Their voices synchronized, creating a slightly awkward atmosphere.

Diana smiled at the two of them.

“No need to worry. Leon, let’s go to the hot spring inn. We’ll exchange residences with Onee-sama and her husband.”

Leon furrowed his brow even deeper.

“Are you suggesting we leave behind the cattle and the fields?”

“Oh, don’t worry. There’s nothing I can do that Onii-sama can’t. Leon, please explain.”

“Hold on. . .Let’s hear Gustav-sama’s opinion first.”

Leon said, urging Gustav to reject the proposal. However. . .

“Hmm, Diana. It seems you have something in mind?”

Surprisingly, Gustav seemed quite enthusiastic. Leon was taken aback.

“Passion and action can only arise from adversity.”

Diana said with a smile that never faded.

“That’s why we, who have been provided with everything, naturally lack such emotions. Please try living the life of a farmer once. You might discover something.”

Gustav nodded. Leon was troubled.

“Coming from someone who lives the life of a farmer, it must be true.”

“Hey, hey, Gustav-sama. . .”

“Alright, let’s give it a try. Please lend us the cabin for about three days.”

“That’s fine. We’ll be back here in three days.”

“Ah. . .”

“Now, Leon. Before Onee-sama notices, teach everything to Onii-sama. I’m sure he can do it if he tries.”

Leon reluctantly guided his brother-in-law, explaining the location of the well, watering spots, and the method of milking. After conveying everything, Gustav left instructions with the coachman.

“I’ve prepared a new room for you. Take it easy without working for a change.”

Taking advantage of Gustav’s kindness, Diana and Leon departed for the hot spring inn without saying goodbye to Ilsa, riding in a carriage.

Inside the carriage, Leon muttered.

“. . .I’m worried.”

“It’ll be fine. Everyone underestimates Gustav too much. If you had said you wanted to try this lifestyle, I’m sure everyone would have denied it, saying it’s impossible.”

“Hmm. . .well, Diana’s ideas have been successful so far, without a doubt.”

“It’s only three days, so I don’t think the couple will starve.”

“Sigh, I’m worried. . .”

Leon kept looking out of the carriage window at the hills.

Finally alone with Leon, Diana felt relieved and leaned comfortably against his shoulder.

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