The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Leisure is a powerful but tasteless medicine

When Diana sat down on the white iron bench, the women surrounded her as if interrogating her.

The maid thoughtfully brought a platter of cheese and seafood canapés that paired well with white wine. Hungry Diana devoured them in one bite, managing to satisfy her hunger.

“Hey, why did you marry a farmer? Isn’t it really difficult?”

A noblewoman asked. Diana shook her head.

“It’s not that difficult. My husband treats me very well.”

“Oh, really? But you have to do everything yourself, right?”

“Yes, but everything is new to me, so I enjoy the novelty of it all and never get bored.”

“Well, we’re already tired of this country life.”

Diana looked at the troubled noblewomen with a pensive expression.

“Tired, you say. . .?”

“Well, there’s no entertainment here.”

“Oh, there is entertainment. Milking cows, cooking, making cheese. . .”

The noblewomen burst into laughter. Diana looked puzzled.

“What’s so funny. . .?”

“We don’t want to deal with such troubles. We don’t want to tire ourselves.”

Diana twisted her head.

“But I’m sure it would be fun if you tried. You’re all just prejudiced.”

“Is that so? As a farmer’s wife, you have to work all the time, right?”

Diana suddenly thought.

If she had been in the same situation as them in the past, she would probably be saying the same things.

The only difference between the past and the present was the presence of Leon.

Diana finally figured out the cause and confidently answered.

“If I think of that work as a life with the person I love, it doesn’t feel burdensome at all.”

The place fell silent.

Diana was taken aback.

The noblewomen all had gloomy expressions. It seemed like she had said something offensive. Just when Diana thought she was in trouble, someone came to her rescue.

“Hey, Diana. What was that bottle with lilies earlier? I want to see it.”

It was Ilsa. Her sister sincerely thanked her and hurriedly took out the bottle from her pocket.

“Oh, this. It’s a tincture made from lilies.”

Tension dissipated from a corner of the garden, and the women started buzzing with excitement.

“Oh, how lovely. Did you make it yourself?”

“Yes, I made it from the lilies that grow in the back mountains. You can dissolve it in water and use it as room fragrance, or mix it with bath salts for a refreshing scent. It will have an even better fragrance in two weeks, but even in this first week, it smells nice, so I brought it along for promotion.”

“Let me smell it.”

When Diana opened the bottle, a gentle fragrance of early summer spread around.

“Oh, it smells so good.”

“We make it by reservation.”

“There are no perfumes sold in the countryside, so it’s just right. How much is it?”

“One bottle is three silver coins.”

“Oh, that’s affordable. I’ll take one.”

“Me too.”

Diana finally showed a beaming smile.

“Thank you!”

“Will you come back to this inn in three weeks?”

“I will gladly come.”

“Well then, see you.”

The women stood up and walked towards Leon, trying to ask him something. As Diana absentmindedly watched them, Ilsa sat down next to her and nudged her sister’s belly with her elbow.

“What is it, Onee-sama?”

“You were about to earn unnecessary resentment. I understand the excitement of being newly married, but be a little more careful.”

“. . .Resentment?”

“Well, you’re dense. Those girls are all newly married too.”


“That’s why. They’re saying they’re in the same situation as me and Gustav.”

Diana’s spine froze belatedly.

“Well, never mind. Look over there.”

Diana turned her gaze to where Ilsa was pointing.

Daniel was holding a glass of wine and engrossed in conversation with Gustav.

“Daniel. . .he’s so wonderful, isn’t he?”

“. . .Onee-sama?”

Diana grabbed her sister’s shoulder.

“. . .What?”

“Stop looking at Daniel like that. Gustav may not say it in front of you, but he’s really bothered. He’s worried that your attention might shift to Daniel.”

Ilsa widened her eyes.

“Gustav is being overly dramatic. I’m just enjoying the view.”

“So, that’s what hurts Gustav. He truly loves Onee-sama from the bottom of his heart. It’s not right to indulge in such 〝eye candy〟too much, so please restrain yourself.”

At that moment, Ilsa suddenly bowed her head meekly. Diana furrowed her brows.

“. . .Onee-sama?”

“I, too, want to love someone if I can.”

In Diana’s eyes, the scenery around her sister, adorned with food and flowers, suddenly faded away.

“How wonderful it would be to love Gustav. But I’ve never loved a man before, and I don’t know how to be loved by a man. Yes, I’ve never known.”

Diana paled as if her collar had been grabbed and swallowed hard.

“That’s why I can only admire his appearance. That’s why I can only receive something by being bought.”

Diana felt her sister’s anguish and rubbed her eyes.

“I envy Gustav. I envy the husband who can make the woman he loves his wife. Sometimes, I even envy Gustav. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“. . .Onee-sama. Have you ever expressed those feelings to Onii-sama?”

“Of course not. It would only make the other person even more sad if I said it.”

“Is that so?”

“. . .Diana?”

“If I were Gustav, I would want you to talk about it now. To reveal your innermost thoughts and make your partner feel even a little bit relieved.”

Ilsa stood up in frustration.

“. . .No matter what I think, it’s my own business, right?”

In the distance, Leon received a noblewoman’s hat and began a demonstration of decorating it with flowers. Ilsa stood up and walked forward, conveying something to Gustav before disappearing into the inn. Gustav also hurriedly followed her and disappeared into the inn.

Diana suddenly felt scared. She hoped that nothing would change drastically because she had intervened.

Daniel, who had been left alone, found Diana and approached her.

“. . .It seems that the two of them will return to the inn and leave me behind.”

“I see. . .What about the two of them?”

“Ilsa-sama is feeling unwell, it seems. Ah, by the way, I have another consultation. . .”

Diana widened her eyes.

“Huh? Already?”

“Why hesitate? Can’t you create more creative flower dishes? They were more popular than expected. This is a chance to connect with the next client.”

Diana switched gears and crossed her arms.

“Yes. . .There’s something I’ve always wanted to try. . .”

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