The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 98

Chapter 98: In the cool breeze, two


Since the day Princess Chai and I decided to travel back in time again, I had sent many, many letters, but it wasn’t until half a year had passed that I received a response.

And it was only one sentence.

“When you’re in trouble, tell me.”

The letter came with a special face powder made from the valuable embryonic portion of a rare flower that could only be obtained from Slophone. It was the kind of special powder that only royalty and some nobles could use.

It was the same gift that she had given me before.


As I touched the small box containing the powder with my finger, I thought of her. This wasn’t enough to understand anything. Someday, I’ll have to go meet her.

After carefully putting away the letter and the face powder, I flipped my amber-colored long hair.

Before I knew it, summer was already coming to an end. A gentle breeze brushed my cheek and the sun shone on the sparkling scenery.


Even among them, he shines brightest. Silver hair and eyes of the same color. They are soft and gentle, directed toward me with a kind voice.


“Have you already submitted it to the teacher?”

“Yes, just now.”

Next to me, sitting in the shade of a tree, is the usual Julian-sama.

“I never thought you would run for student council president.”

“Speaking of which, you ran for vice president too, Julian-sama.”

“I only followed you.”

I submitted my candidacy for the student council president, and he submitted his for vice president. In this academy, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that those with higher status get what they want.

However, the teachers seemed a little confused that Julian-sama was running for vice president.

“When you’re president, you can help people without saying ‘toy’, because you can help them with dignity.”

“Alise seems to have changed a bit. Become more honest.”

I am different now from my past self. But I also feel different from myself just a few months ago.

“That’s right, I decided to become stronger. It’s a daily pursuit.”

“I love both versions of Alise.”

“I also love you, Julian-sama.”

In an instant, Julian-sama coughed and choked.

“…it’s like you’re too honest and my heart can’t take it.”

“Fufu, how adorable.”

“…are you doing this on purpose?”

With his lips pursed, Julian-sama’s beautiful fingers lightly poked my cheek.

“It’s idyllic (peaceful).”


“If Julian-sama is by my side, I feel like I can do anything.”

He smiled and blushed shyly as he reached out to play with my hair in the wind.

“I love any version of Alise.”


“But I’m also making an effort to change. To become a strong man who can support you by my side.”

He lifted a strand of my amber hair and kissed it.

“And I want to have you all to myself soon.”

“I’m already yours, body and soul.”

“…oh, come on!”

Watching him struggle with something and seeing him so desperate, I laughed while shaking my body.

Surely, various things will happen in our lives from now on. And at each occurrence, we will make choices.

We will struggle and suffer, holding onto important feelings with both hands.

One step at a time, we will walk towards the path of happiness.

~The End~

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