The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 95

Chapter 95: There is nothing more important than an ordinary day-to-day life

Despite sleeping for ten days, my body recovered surprisingly quickly. According to Sanna and the nurses, it was because Julian-sama took care of me day and night. Everyone was moved by his devoted care, and they all teared up for some reason.

And as expected, no one except me remembered Princess Chai.

I had already recovered enough to return to my dorm room with no issues, but at Julian-sama’s strong insistence, I ended up spending a few more days in the infirmary.

“Well, because I can’t enter your room in the dormitory,” he said with a grin, unapologetic.

“Here, say ahh.”

He held out a fork with a piece of apple cut into it to my lips.

“Um… I can feed myself.”

“It’s okay, don’t be shy.”

With everything that had been happening with Princess Chai recently, I had forgotten what kind of person Julian-sama was lately.

With gleaming grey eyes, he stared at me in amusement while I was confused and shaking.

“…I, I’ll do it myself.”

“Your cheeks look like apples, it’s cute.”


It’s impossible, I can’t do this.

Now, there’s no stopper in my heart. Since the matter with Princess Chai was resolved, I no longer needed to suppress my feelings for him.

“That’s right, it’s all good now…”

When Princess Chai appeared before us, I resolved myself to pull back if Julian-sama fell in love with her someday.

When he fell victim to the poison arrow, I thought I might never hear him call my name again and my heart felt as if it would burst.

Then, when I made the decision to turn back again, I resolved myself once more to the possibility that I might never see his smile again.

And now, finally.

I can proudly say that I love Julian-sama.

As I think this again, my heart swells with heat. This person in front of me is so precious to me, I can’t resist it.


I bring my lips closer, and with a crunching sound, I eat the apple.

“While it’s sweet and sour, it’s really delicious.”

I said with a smile, causing Julian-sama to drop his fork from his hand.

“Julian-sama, your fork fell.”

“… “

I thought he was frozen with his eyes wide open, but suddenly his cheeks started to turn red.

I rarely see him make this kind of expression.

“Your apple-like cheeks are cute.”

I said the exact same line, while his cheeks were still flushed and his lips pursed.

“That’s not fair, Alise.”

“I realized, Julian-sama. I know it’s not something that’s taken for granted to have you by my side.”

That’s why I decided. From now on, I will cherish this everyday life even more.


“I really like Julian-sama.”

His pursed lips now gaping open, and I watched him turn even redder than any apple. I smiled while savoring the happiness that overflowed from my heart.

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