The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 80

Chapter 80: In the deepest darkness

Today’s class ended without incident, and I decided to go with Sanna and the others to seek shade from the heat. It has been noticeably hotter lately, and even wearing short-sleeved shirts makes me sweat.

As I wiped my sweat away with my handkerchief, I looked up at the sun shining high above and squinted my eyes.

“Sanna, about what you said yesterday…”



In the midst of our trivial conversation, she suddenly raised her voice. And for some reason, she quickly stood in front of me.

“Aliseteen-sama, wouldn’t you like to go over there?”

“Why? The shade is over there…”

“I really want to go that way!”

…I see, that’s what it’s about. I feel bad for her, as she is struggling to cover my field of vision by stretching herself, but I can still see clearly.

It’s because the two of them are there, where we’re supposed to be heading.

“Thank you, Sanna. But I’m alright now.”


As worry showed in her eyes, I lightly patted her shoulder. Then I bravely approached those two.

I have sworn to myself that I will not be shaken by anything anymore.

No matter how much Princess Chai may have changed, nothing can change the fact that she helped me.

I instructed Sanna and took a step closer to the two of them. As usual, the number of Princess Chai’s guards was staggering.

“How are you doing, Your Highness Julian, Princess Chai?”

“Oh, Quatra-sama. Good day to you.”

Princess Chai seems to have already noticed my presence and smiles softly and cutely.

“It’s particularly hot today, isn’t it?”

“Are you here seeking a cooler environment as well, Quatra-sama?”

“Yes, it’s much cooler here than inside the building.”

While exchanging superficial words with Princess Chai, I glanced at Julian-sama.

As usual, he seems to be keeping his distance from Princess Chai, and has no expression on his face.”

However, something was strange. Though I couldn’t clearly put it into words, one thing was for sure—this was not the usual Julian-sama.

“Julian-sama, are you feeling alright? Your complexion doesn’t look good.”

“That’s probably because you’re here.”

What a rude smile. And her words were just unbearable.

“I don’t believe that’s true.”

As I chanted the calming spell in my head and plastered a ladylike smile on my face, Princess Chai’s triumphant expression never faded.

“Julian-sama, what’s really going on? Are you feeling unwell?”

As I peered into his face, which gave me no response, I couldn’t move a muscle at the moment I met his eyes.

“Aliseteen, have you also traveled back in time like Princess Slophone?”

His eyes were dull and dark, like an overcast sky that signals an imminent thunderstorm.

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