The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Julian’s despair

——It’s impossible, all of this is just Chai Slophone’s delusional nonsense. This woman is just making up lies to trap me and Alise.

That’s what I think, but each and every word uttered by the woman in front of me, as she deliberately sheds tears, pierces through my heart.

When I recall the days I spent with Alise, which were not short by any means, I can’t deny everything for some reason. She was always troubled by something. Occasionally, she would be frightened by something like a fit or overreact to my words.

When we were children, Lili was always there for Alise, dedicating herself to supporting her. It happened many times to my knowledge, so it must have been even worse in reality. It makes sense that Alice was so open and fond of Lili.

——I…I haven’t changed at all.

——What do you know about my heart? Don’t act like you do!

——I wanted to be a good girl…

The vague memories from her childhood came and then faded away behind her eyelids. Somehow, I believed that she had always been troubled by the fact that her actions and emotions were not aligned.

She led her followers with a stern attitude and helped the students who were bullied by the high-ranking aristocrats, claiming they were her personal toys.

I loved her even for those things.

Alise may not have been perfect. However, with her charming and human-like struggles, she was so endearing.

To me, who had given up struggling against the chains of being the Fourth Prince, she was a dazzlingly beautiful existence.

“You should ask Aliseteen Quatra. Did you ever intend to kill Princess Chai due to jealousy?”

Chai Slophone, who was in tears just moments ago, now had a faint smile on her face.

To me, this woman, who was praised like a fairy or an angel, appeared to be nothing more than a demon threatening Alise.

That demon approached me and whispered.

——You loved me, didn’t you?

“You’re so unpleasant. I want to throw you in jail for disrespect and cut off your head right now.”

“Well, how scary. You seemed so calm in front of Lady Quatra, but you were hiding your true nature. Just like me, just like her.”

“Stop it. I won’t allow you to speak badly of Alise. I have no intention of listening to your false accusations anymore.”

Even when I glared at Chai Slophone with all of my hatred, she didn’t seem to care and simply held out her hand towards the sky.

“Please, feel free to confirm it as much as you want. For your beloved Alise.”

If what this woman was saying was true…

It would mean that she would never love me.

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