The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Spring of fifteen

As two years had passed since entering the academy, our relationship had remained unchanged as we turned fifteen.

On a quiet afternoon after finishing classes, the refreshing spring sunlight shone on my amber hair.

I absentmindedly watched Julian-sama, who was participating in a sports exchange with the male students, from the bench.

I spent my time reading the letter I had received from Lili because I had nothing else to do. By the way, I had received many letters from her since enrolling in this school, but not a single one from Okaa-sama.


“Good job, Julian-sama.”

“What are you looking at?”

“A letter from Lili.”

He had become even more refined and beautiful, while I stood beside him as a comparably beautiful young lady.

As usual, I was feared within the academy, and although I had many followers, I couldn’t make any friends with whom I could talk freely.

However, strangely enough, what had changed was that I now had a certain number of “followers” who believed in me.

Perhaps it’s because I tirelessly make “toys” at every opportunity. They look at me with eyes full of ecstasy, saying that they and others have suffered less unreasonable violence thanks to the name Quatra.

It’s like a mysterious guilt that comes from knowing the strategy of a game before starting it. And because of my original personality, I refuse any gratitude without needing it.

Julian-sama always stays by my side and adds a few words of comfort. Although he’s not exactly friendly with anyone except me, the words of the Fourth Prince seem to hold considerable weight.

The majority of people view me as arrogant and snobbish, and some even think of me as a mysterious goddess.

By the way, several students kindly inform me that “so-and-so said that Quatra-sama is arrogant and snobbish!” so I am well-aware of my bad reputation.

But what sets my current life apart from before in this world is not that “Lady Quatra is pursuing Julian-sama” but rather that “Julian-sama is pursuing Lady Quatra.”

“Lady Quatra, it’s been a while!”

Wolle Tanatora, a male student with round glasses that were slightly taller than before, came running towards me. He had just enrolled in the adjacent Royal University and seemed to come over here for everything.

By the way, the gold-framed round glasses he was wearing were a gift from me, or rather, from me and Julian-sama.

“Tanatora-san, how’s your university life?”

“It’s much easier since there’s less nobility consciousness and they judge based on ability. Plus, my favorite professor whom I admired is at the university, and it makes me so happy to be able to attend his lectures.”

“That’s good to hear.”

With a thin smile, Tanatora-san hesitated and mumbled something.

“But, you’re not there, so I…”

“Oh my, Tanatora-san. You seem to be doing well.”

Suddenly, Julian-sama appeared behind me and as usual, hugged my waist and greeted him. His expression seemed perfectly normal, but Tanatora-san had a reaction as if he jumped.

“Ah, ahaha! As always, the two of you make a very handsome couple!”

“Thank you.”

While watching the flustered Tanatora-san, I narrowed my eyes coldly.

Really, he moves around so dramatically that he’ll break his glasses soon.

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