The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Tanatora’s change

After explaining the situation to Tanatora-san, he kindly showed me around the flower bed.

“I’m not sure if you’ll find anything you like… after all, my area of interest is in medicinal herbs.”

Despite that introduction, the flower bed was blooming beautifully with various types of flowers during this time of year.

“Well, it’s lovely. Is this all your work, Tanatora-san?”

“It’s not just me, though. In exchange for being allowed to grow medicinal herbs freely, I’m in charge of watering the flower bed.”

Despite the cracked glasses he was wearing from earlier, Tanatora-san had a proud expression that contradicted his words. He’s one of those people who often end up with cracked glasses.

Small roses were planted in the flower bed, each in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, and peach, looking cute and lovely.

“Rose buds and petals can be dried to make tea. It improves blood circulation, making it effective for treating colds. Rose tea is recommended for women.”

“Personally, I am interested, but I did not come here to look for tea roses. Besides, roses have thorns and they are dangerous.”

Tanatora-san began explaining to me as I gazed at the roses in front of me. I gently restrained him and picked out several flowers that could make a bouquet.

“Well, this one is also adorable.”

I said as I squatted down and selected flowers. While I was selecting the flowers, a conversation was being held between the two of them that only I could hear.

“As I mentioned before, Alise is my fiancée.”

“Y-Yes, I know that very well!”

“If you understand the situation, please support her as a good friend from now on. Only as a friend.”

As I stood up and let out a sigh, Tanatora-san had tears in his big round eyes and was looking at Julian-sama next to him.

He was like an innocent child staring at a hero with adoration.

I wonder what’s going on with him, especially since he was so afraid earlier.

“Your Highness Julian! Thank you very much for your kind words!”

“…What is going on, really?”

“Don’t worry, it’s not something Alise needs to concern herself with.”

As Julian-sama smiled kindly, he somehow looked very prince-like. At the same time, the hallucination of Tanatora-san danced around on his palm.

“Thank you, you’ve been a great help.”

“It’s an honor to be of service.”

Tanatora-san smiled with a grin. His smile was truly charming, but his cracked glasses ruined the effect.

As a reward, I decided to give him something new.

“Alise, shall we go soon?”

“Yes, let’s.”

When I was picking flowers, Julian-sama had probably refrained from getting too close to me, but he now drew near again.

With a completely different expression from when we first arrived, Tanatora-san watched us with a passionate gaze.


…Why is it that I feel so uneasy about this?

“Lady Quatra, I will treat you to rose tea next time.”

“Oh, that sounds delightful.”

After I meekly spoke my mind, I covered my mouth and stole a glance at Julian-sama. I thought for sure he would activate his poker face, but instead, he just gently squinted his eyes without saying a word.

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