The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Let’s be called cruel behind our backs

In the corner of the cafeteria at the Royal Academy, several men and women were whispering to each other. After carefully confirming that the person in question was not present, one of them spoke up.

“Lady Quatra seems to have done it again. She called out the Pinnik Viscount’s daughter from the second year and got her all dirty.”

“She’s really good at playing the villainess every time. In a way, I’m impressed with her acting skills.”

The girls present were outraged by the young men’s words.

“What are you talking about? You should consider the feelings of lower-ranking nobles like me! Just thinking about when the sparks will fly in my direction is terrifying.”

“That’s right! If you’re stared down by those ‘wolf eyes,’ it’s not just scary, it’s downright terrifying!”

The term ‘wolf eyes’ was a mocking reference to Aliseteen’s eye color. Although she has beautiful amber eyes, her personality is such that people often make derogatory comments comparing her to a wolf.

Her long, glossy hair was also the same beautiful amber color as her eyes. This made her even more susceptible to being called a wolf.

“Even His Highness has fallen for her tricks and lets her do as she pleases. He’s also a Prince, after all.”

“Hey, stop it! It’s not appropriate to talk about His Highness in a place like this.”


The young man tried to continue, but he was hushed by the others, who were becoming agitated.

“But lately, she’s been particularly cruel. Don’t you think His Highness will notice that his fiancée is a wicked person?”

“I hope so, but Lady Quatra is perfect except for her personality.”

Everyone pictured Aliseteen’s image floating above their heads. Her round amber eyes, long hair, small, puckered lips, and slender, long limbs made her the epitome of a beautiful young girl in the academy.

“In addition, being the Duke’s daughter, she’s spoiled and indulged by her parents and older brothers. It’s no wonder she has such a terrible personality.”

“Let’s stop talking about this. We don’t know if there’s a spy lurking around.”

“Don’t worry. Even though she’s the most beautiful girl in the academy, she’s also the most hated.”

“But there are still those who try to score points with her.”

The young ladies let out a deep sigh and gazed at their coffee cups in front of them.

“I wish karma would come and get her soon.”

In reality, one of her friends had been bullied by Aliseteen to the point of leaving the academy with a troubled heart. She regrets that she couldn’t do anything, but as a lower-ranking noble, she knows that she cannot compete with Aliseteen.

She poured all of her curses into the swirling sea of black coffee in front of her, hoping to at least get some revenge.

But Aliseteen didn’t seem to care. Today, just like any other day, she was bullying another girl she didn’t like.

As she looked down on the crying girl begging for forgiveness, even she let out a deep sigh.

How boring.

It was frustrating when people rebelled against her, but it was even more boring when they didn’t put up a fight.

She was a spoiled girl who couldn’t be touched, but she put on a great act in front of her teacher and fiancé, Julian.

However, even Julian, who couldn’t see through her true nature, had a bad reputation within the academy.

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