The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 2

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Since my engagement to the Crown Prince was decided by His Majesty, I have no romantic feelings for him. I don’t care if he breaks off the engagement.

But a saint’s job is different. Mira is my little sister, even if she is a half-sister. I can’t leave the palace and leave everything to 14-year-old Mira.

Without the barriers, demons will enter the country and threaten the lives of the people. If Mira overworked herself to put up the barriers and collapsed…

Then at least let me continue my work as a saint. It doesn’t need to be a supreme saint, just an ordinary saint, or even a low-ranking saint.

“Hmph! Don’t get carried away just because you have a little bit of magic power! Look at Mira’s left hand!”

The Crown Prince says something to me, and I look at my sister’s left hand.

On the ring finger of Mira’s left hand is a sparkling gold ring… no way.


“Yes! The golden Andvaranaut ring, the ring that increases magical power a hundredfold, which my father had his scholars make!”.

I knew that His Majesty the King had Andvaranaut made, but he told me that he would give it to me…

“You seem to think that Andvaranaut belongs to you! My father has always loved Mira more than you! “Mira is a good-natured and gentle girl!”, “There is no one as good as Mira!”, “She fulfills the duties of a saint at such a young age!” With these words, he praised Mira!”

Mira was well-liked by everyone because of her cheerful personality and sociability. From my father, my step-mother, the Crown Prince, and the people. His Majesty the King also liked Mira better.

“Andvaranaut is more deserving of a hardworking Mira than you!”

“Is this the wish of His Majesty the King?”

“Yes! This is the will of my father, the king! With Andvaranaut, which multiplies magical power a hundredfold, Mira can lay a protective barrier over the country! Liserotte, you are no longer needed! Now get out of my palace!”

The Crown Prince twisted his neat face and shouted at me.

“Where is His Majesty the King? I would like to greet His Majesty one last time before I leave.”

I guess with Andvaranaut, Mira will be able to establish a barrier.

But I at least want to greet His Majesty, who has been so kind to me, before I leave the palace.

“My father is away! He doesn’t even want to see you!”

His Majesty the King recognized my magical abilities and gave me the rank of Supreme Saint. He praised my drawings and allowed me to paint in between my sacred duties.

I wanted to say a few words of thanks to His Majesty before I left the castle. Even that won’t come true in his absence.

“Thank you for all you have done for me, Your Royal Highness.”

I bowed deeply.

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