The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 16

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On the table are an ornate tea set, herbal tea, and colorful macaroons.

“And that’s what happened…”

Aldrick-sama asked me and I explained how I came to the Ludendolf empire.

“That’s unforgivable! Instead of valuing and cherishing Liserotte, who had contributed so much to the defense and development of the country by keeping a barrier over the whole country for ten years, they abuse her, scorn her, neglect her, break the engagement with her, and deport her?!!”

Aldrick-sama had a blue streak on his forehead.

“So what will Liserotte do now?”

“Fortunately, I can use healing magic, and I’m thinking of putting my skills to good use.”

“Then you should work at the royal palace. I will write you a letter of introduction.”

“No, I can’t cause any trouble for Aldrick-sama…!”

“Don’t be so watery (水臭?)! We’ve been friends since we were kids, right? You can count on me! Liserotte can stay here forever if she wants!”

Aldrick-sama takes my hand.


“I couldn’t do anything for you even though you’ve been having a hard time for ten years. I wanted to be by your side and support your mother when she died, but I couldn’t do anything! I want to help you! From now on, you can talk to me about anything!”

No one had ever said such kind words to me when I was in Hallstein Palace.

His Majesty the King praised my paintings from time to time, but basically I was alone. His Majesty the King didn’t like it when I got involved with other people.

Aldrick-sama’s words are very touching.

“May I take your word for it?”

“Yes, you can! You can count on me!”

Aldrick-sama smiled. Aldrick-sama’s face comes closer… and I close my eyes in panic.

“Ahem, Ahem! Aren’t you two a little close?”

A cough from Aldrick-sama’s servant brings me back to myself. The man clearing his throat is the young man with sky-blue hair who has been in the room since we entered.

When I opened my eyes, Aldrick-sama’s face was so close to mine that the tips of our noses were touching.

I can’t shake the feeling of distance from my childhood.

The prince of a country is no longer a child, so I have to pay attention to the distance.

“Kyle is here?”

Aldrick-sama called Kyle, the young man with the sky-blue hair.

So the young man in uniform’s name is Kyle-sama.

“Of course, I would not leave the Crown Prince alone with a young woman to whom you are not engaged. I know his highness is happy to see the woman you’ve had a crush on for years, but please don’t skip all the steps and run wild.



Kyle-sama called Aldrick-sama “the Crown Prince.”

But, Aldrick-sama was supposed to be the fourth prince….

“K-Kyle, what are you talking about?! Liserotte, it’s not, it’s not… I admired Liserotte because…”



“Aldrick-sama, you’ve been crowned. Congratulations. I apologize for the delay in congratulating you.”

I did not know that Aldrick-sama had become crown prince because I lived a secluded life in the royal palace. At that time, I had very little information about the outside world.

Just being the fourth prince is a big difference in status from me, a commoner, but being the crown prince is even bigger. Aldrick-sama has become even more distant from me. I have to be careful not to get too familiar with him!

“Well… Is that what’s worrying you?”


Aldrick-sama puts his hand on his forehead, stunned.

“In front of Liserotte-sama, the Crown Prince is intimidated. Liserotte-sama is a tough cookie. What should we do, Your Highness?”

Kyle-sama puts his hand over his mouth and chuckles.

Did I say something funny?

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