The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 15

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The gatekeeper led me through the gate to the palace.

Another gatekeeper rushed over to inform the palace of my arrival.

I was now a commoner, not a daughter of the Duchess of Niclas, and even though I had a letter from Aldrick-sama, was it right to let me through so easily? I hope the gatekeeper won’t be scolded later.

After a short walk through the large, well-kept garden, we arrived at the palace.

A magnificent palace with blue roofs and white walls.

An elderly butler was standing at the entrance of the building. He was the chief butler, and he would take us to Aldrick-sama’s room.

I thanked the gatekeeper and left him, and followed the chief butler.

After walking through the gorgeous chandelier hall, up the stairs and down the glittering corridor, there was the room.

The head butler knocked on the beautifully carved wooden door and a cool voice said, “Come in.”

Was that Aldrick-sama’s voice? When I met Aldrick-sama before, he was eight years old. I only knew Aldrick-sama’s voice before the voice change.

It was the same for me. What would Aldrick-sama think of me now that I am an adult?

My heart started pounding in my chest, thinking that Aldrick-sama was on the other side of the door.

When the butler opened the door, I saw a nostalgic face.

His hair was the color of a raven’s wet feathers, her eyes were black pearls, and her skin was as white and beautiful as porcelain.

He is much taller than the boy in my memory, with a matured face and a dignified atmosphere, but there is no mistaking him.


“Liserotte! You’re Liserotte!”

Aldrick-sama strode up to me, picked me up, and started spinning around on the spot.

“Silver hair that shimmers like the moon, eyes that shine like purple crystal, skin as white and fine as snow! I’ve missed you so much! You haven’t changed at all, Liserotte!”

“Aldrick-sama hasn’t changed either…!”

Aldrick-sama looks more fearless, brave, manly, and divine with the grace of royalty. But it’s hard to say that in his presence.

“Liserotte has become beautiful.”

Aldrick-sama’s handsome face is now tinted red.


Well, what does “beautiful” mean?

As a child, Aldrick-sama used to praise my paintings, calling them “beautiful” and “pretty.

Now I don’t have a painting… Is it what I wear that I get praised for…? Didn’t Aldrick-sama praise the royal blue dress for being beautiful?

I must thank Margaret-san for lending me the dress.

“Ahem. If you don’t mind, Aldrick-sama, there’s a group of Liserotte-sama’s friends stuck together in the hallway…”

A blue-haired young man in a military uniform in the corner of the room coughed and glanced down the corridor.

“I see. I’m sorry, Liserotte. I was so happy to see you again that I got carried away.”

Aldrick-sama finally lowered me to the floor, so I moved away from him.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry too.”

I should not touch him unnecessarily, since we were not children any more. Even though we’ve known each other since childhood… I’m now a commoner and he’s a prince.

“Let’s start over from where we met again. Welcome, Liserotte!”

“It’s been a long time since I saw Aldrick-sama. Thank you for seeing me, even though I came without warning.”

I curtsey, as befits a lady.

“And the people over there.”

“Let me introduce you to Delhi-san, a royal blacksmith, and Margaret-san, a royal seamstress. I met them at the port of the Kingdom of Hallstein, and they have helped me a lot along the way. It is thanks to them both that I have come to the continent of Blume.”

They took me on board the ship when I was penniless, fed me, bathed me, and lent me clothes to change into. A kind couple who took me to the imperial capital when I arrived on the Blume continent.

When I saw Delhi-san and Margaret-san in the hallway, they were frozen with their mouths wide open. Was there anything shocking?

“Well, you took care of Liserotte. Let me thank you.”

Delhi-san and Margaret-san were in a state of shock.

“Li-li-li-Liserotte… sama…? His Highness Aldrick and… you…?”

Margaret-san, who is finally able to move, stammers and asks. Margaret-san’s body is shaking a little. Is it cold?

“Yes, Aldrick-sama’s mother and my mother were friends, so Aldrick-sama and I were childhood friends.”

“It’s been ten years since we’ve seen each other.”

Delhi-san and Margaret-san fell over when they saw us smiling at each other.

“Li-Li-Li-Liserotte is a friend of His Highness Aldrick…! Oh, my god…!”

“Many gaffes against Liserotte-sama’s sweetheart…! On..on, we’re being rude!”

I rushed over to them, and they were both foaming at the mouth.

“Oh my God!   Maximum Recovery · Vesselung! Maximum Recovery · Vesselung!”

I immediately cast a recovery spell, but they didn’t wake up.

“What should we do…!”

“They’ll be fine. They just fainted from the mental shock. Chief butler, Take the two to the infirmary. We owe them a debt of gratitude.”

“Yes, sir.”

The chief butler called his colleagues, and Delhi-san and Margaret-san were carried away on a stretcher.

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