The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 58

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“May I speak with you, Elder Brother?”

I stood up and prepared to leave the classroom when, as if on cue, Oscar approached me with Otto.


I stare at Oscar.

It’s probably related to Princess Roxanne, but I still wish he’d stop getting involved in everything.

“No, it’s actually about the school’s student council.”

Surprisingly, it wasn’t about that.

Fumu, student council…

Originally, the student council was led by the highest ranking of the Royal Academy’s children, who served as president.

In practice, such amenities have been reduced to a shadow of their former selves, serving only as a courtesy to provide a reception room for the privileged.

If the academy has two royalties with the right to succeed to the throne, who becomes president of the student council may be one of the criteria for selecting the Crown Prince.

As expected, only those who can unite the school’s noble children can unite the country.

“What’s the matter with the student council?”

“No, Elder Brother isn’t interested, so I’m considering running for student council president…”

Oscar is correct, but hearing him say it to my face is grating.

“…Suit yourself.”

“Wahaaha! Thank you very much! Well, well, that’s that!”

Oscar laughed as he walked out of the classroom with Otto.

“Dee-sama…Are you sure?”

“Yes. It’s true that you have certain powers in the school as student body president, and it may be tempting to get a reception room that only authorized people can enter, but it’s useless for me.”

Liz inquired, and I responded with a smile.

If I hadn’t had my previous life experience, I might have considered running for student body president.

But, unlike Oscar, I now have enough experience and have been given a variety of tasks.

As a result, the school has become more accommodating to me, and I can easily rent a room for guests, as I did today for lunch.

I have no desire to be the student council president.

“…But I’m not sure I like having His Highness Oscar as student body president.”

“Hanna is as tenacious as ever.”

Hanna’s voice was solemn, and her expression remained unchanged.

It was obvious because her words were quite harsh towards those she despised.

So we left the classroom this time.


It’s been a month since Princess Roxanne studied here.

“There’s a letter for you, Your Highness.”

Hanna brought me a letter while I was having a conversation with Liz in the dormitory common room.

“… Dee-sama, who is it from?”

“Ah, it’s from Marquess Metzelder…”

Liz inquired suspiciously, and I told her who had sent the letter.

However, Liz… We’ve never been apart for a second, so what you’re imagining is impossible…

“Let’s see… apparently there’s a difficult-to-decide case, and she’d like me to come to Rhinesbrook.”

“A difficult-to-decide case?”


Anyway, the letter states that, as expected, assassins came to attack Princess Roxanne, and that each time they had been dealt with by agents and military police who had been prepared for them, but that one of the assassins was a high-ranking person.

“… It appears that the captured assassin was the eldest son of a Carolin Empire marquis.”

“A marquis’s son was an assassin?!”

Liz is understandably surprised.

It is impossible for a marquis’s eldest son, who is supposed to be the heir, to become an assassin.

“Well, the Marquess has been questioning him personally, but he doesn’t seem to be giving any answers. It’s just…”

“Isn’t it just?”

“He says he’s willing to talk if we have a one-on-one conversation.”

“How could he?!”

Liz was enraged by my explanation.

That is correct. Despite the fact that he is the son of a marquis of the great Carolin Empire, he says he is willing to speak with the first prince. This is nothing short of offensive.


“Liz. I’m planning to leave for Rhinebrook tomorrow, but I’d like you to accompany me if possible.”

“Of course. I’m always near Dee-sama.”

Liz placed her hand on her chest and nodded in response to my request.

“Of course, Hannah, you’ll accompany me, but the problem is…”

“Don’t worry. We have Yennie as a student at the school just in case. She’ll be keeping an eye on Prince Oscar and protecting Princess Roxanne on our behalf.”

“Haha, that’s Hanna.”

I nodded in agreement as I heard Hanna’s words.

Fumu… I always give you two, no three, a hard time.

I’ll use this opportunity to let them rest.

“All right, let’s leave tomorrow morning. We’ll take this opportunity to stretch our wings a bit in Rhinesbrook, since we’re only going to talk. “

“Fufu, I’m looking forward to it…”

Liz places her white hand on my hand and smiles at me.

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