The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 5

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“Oh, um… Your Highness Dietrich…”

As I was escorting Marguerite through the palace, she called my name with a blush on her cheek.

“What is it? Marguerite-dono.”

“Ah, uh…”

“Perhaps I’m moving too quickly…please accept my apologies…”

“N-no, no… That’s not it…”

It appears that I was mistaken.


“The palace’s prized garden is just ahead. Let’s go have some tea there.”


Thinking Marguerite was tired, I decided to take a break in the garden.

And there’s that fountain in the garden where she threw a gold coin and I threw a gold button when we were kids.

So I continue to escort Marguerite there.

“Huh? Elder Brother? Who is that person?“

Oscar appears and calls out to me at the wrong time.

…no perhaps he was just waiting for us.

In a previous life, he plotted and killed me.

It’s no surprise he’s been doing this since he was thirteen.

“It’s none of your concern. Come on, Marguerite-dono.

“Ah, y-yes…”

I grabbed her hand and turned to leave, wanting to get away from Oscar as soon as possible.


“Please wait…Elder Brother cannot be walking around the palace with such a stranger.”

Oscar follows us and informs me of this.

…how vexing.

“Your Highness Dietrich, His Highness Oscar is correct.”

“But…huh? How do you know about Oscar, Marguerite-dono?”

I inquired, perplexed as to why Marguerite mentioned Oscar, whom she had never met.

“B-Because His Highness Dietrich has been referred to by His Highness Oscar as “Elder Brother.”

“Ah, so that’s the case.”

Sigh, perhaps I should change the way he addresses me from now on…

Oscar is no longer my brother, but rather my adversary.

“Please accept my apologies for the delayed greeting. My name is Marguerite Friedenreich, and I am the eldest daughter of the Marquis Friedenreich family.”

“Oh, yes…my name is Oscar. And why is Marguerite in the company of the Elder Brother?”

Why, my brother, do you address Marguerite as “Marguerite” when I, the elder brother, must address her with honorifics…


“She is the woman I am engaged to…”

Marguerite hesitates for a moment, but I step between her and Oscar and tell him.

In order to get away from Oscar as soon as possible, I need to apologize to Marguerite for what I said…

“I see. So that’s how things are…”

“Now you know. We’re leaving right now.”

“Please pardon me, Your Highness Oscar.”

I walked away a little too quickly with Marguerite, who bowed reverently.

“How terrible… I apologize for what happened a short time ago.”

When Oscar was out of sight, I turned to Marguerite, bowed deeply, and apologized.

“P-Please lift your head! Why are you apologizing to me?!”

“That is… I interrupted you and announced to Oscar that you were my fiance.”

I haven’t yet confirmed Marguerite’s intentions.

And the fact that she was hesitant to tell Oscar demonstrates her dissatisfaction with the engagement.

However, I…

“T-That’s something Prince Dietrich doesn’t have to apologize for! There’s no doubt about it—Prince Dietrich and I are engaged!”

“…I see, let’s discuss it over a cup of tea.”


I take her hand once more and lead her into the garden.

But, despite her outward appearance, Marguerite appears to be depressed.

Then there was…

“This is…”

“This is one of the palace gardens.”

Margarets (daisy flowers) were abundant in the garden where we arrived.

And there’s “that” fountain in the middle.

“Come on, let’s sit.”


I sat down on a chair on the garden terrace and told the maids to make tea and pastries.

Now then…how to break the news to her about our engagement…

The silence between me and Marguerite continues.


“Your Highness Dietrich.”

Marguerite breaks the silence, straightens up, and adopts a solemn demeanor.

“Yes, Marguerite-dono?”

“…I-I am aware that His Highness is dissatisfied with this engagement. I’m also aware that I have a number of flaws…”

Marguerite says calmly, looking down.

…wait a second!?

“Why am I dissatisfied with my engagement to Marguerite-dono!”

“It’s natural to be perplexed by such unexpected and sudden news… But, if your highness permits, would you please give me the opportunity to become your fiancee?”


For the time being, I’ll put a stop to Marguerite’s desperate plea.

“…I believe Marguerite-dono is the one who does not want to marry me…”

“Eh?! Not at all!”

“First of all, listen to me—to be my fiancee, you must undergo a grueling education to become queen. You will also be shown various dark sides of the royal court that you may not want to see…”


“And…I am not qualified to be your fiancée…”

As I say this, I bite my lower lip.

Yes… I’m not qualified to stand next to Marguerite after breaking off our engagement and causing her so much trouble…

“Marguerite-dono, I’m looking for an honest answer. If you do not want to be engaged to me, I will do everything in my power to end this relationship…”


“…But if you still want to be engaged to me despite my flaws, I will do everything in my power to make you happy… I swear to you that I will serve you for the rest of my life. If you want, I’ll give you a genuine smile, despite the fact that I’ve never smiled before…”

I told her everything there was to know.

Whatever she decides, I will make Marguerite happy for the rest of her life…

I clench my fists as I wait for her response.




“Why do you say such a thing?! I want so much to be your fiancée. I want to be next to you!”

Marguerite sobbed as she bit her lower lip.

I’ve never seen her react in such a way before…no, it was the second time. When I saw her on the guillotine for the first time, she…

I have no idea why Marguerite chose to be with me.

I’m not sure why she prayed for me during my execution.


“Y-Yeah…thank you so much…”

I was so happy with her decision that I just sobbed.

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