The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 12

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An autumn day after the summer has ended and the sun has softened.

I had crept into the back of Otosama’s carriage, the Marquis and Minister of the Interior of the Kingdom of Estline.

The reason was to request the Goddess, Dahlia-sama, to heal Okasama’s illness.


Okasama has been sick with a cough for the past six months and has spent the entire time lying in bed.

Doctors have made a lot of medicines, looked at many treatment options, and tried to help Okasama, but there hasn’t been any improvement.

“Hey… how can Okasama recover?”

As a child, I went around the house asking all the servants how to save Okasama.

But all of the servants only gave me a sad smile and no response.

Then I overheard a conversation between two of the servants.

They said that there was a fountain in the palace that could fulfill one’s wishes.

If a person with a pure heart throws a gold coin into the fountain and prays, Goddess Dahlia-sama blesses that person.

This was the only way I thought I could save Okasama.

Fortunately, because Otosama is the Minister of the Interior, he frequently visits the royal palace.

I asked the butler about Otosama’s schedule and took out a gold coin from my stash.

“I’m going to save Okasama with this…”

I clenched the gold coin with all my might, with all my wishes and determination.


“I wonder if we’ve reached our destination yet…”

I mutter to myself in the back seat of the truck.

I’m not sure if it was because I was hiding from Otosama, or because I was in this small, dark space, or both, but I was terrified.

What if they track me down?

What if I get stuck like this?

My heart is pounding and I want to cry.

But… I made the decision to save Okasama…!

My heart is filled with determination as I clutch the gold coins in my small hands.

The carriage then came to a halt.

“D-Did we arrive…?”

When I opened the carriage’s back door, I saw the largest garden I’d ever seen spread out before me.

This has to be the royal palace.

I am convinced, and I look around.

I see Otosama get out of the carriage and enter the building, which is guarded by the palace knights.

Other people were paying attention to Otosama as well.

While I still have the opportunity!!

I hide behind plants and trees as soon as I get off the back of the carriage.

The knights and attendants eventually returned to their posts, and the carriage drove away.

Let’s go find the Goddess’ Fountain!

I clench my fists and take in the view of this vast garden.

Fortunately, the palace guards and servants did not notice me because the plants and trees are as tall as I am.

And I found it.

“There it is…!”

The fountain of the goddess Dahlia-sama stood in the middle of a marigold-filled garden.

Yes! I’m sure it’s the right one!

Because there is a statue of a woman in the fountain that resembles the goddess Dahlia-sama!

I immediately toss the gold coins I’m holding into the fountain and pray with my hands together.

“Please, please cure Okasama’s illness. Please allow Okasama to recover…!”

I wondered how long I had been praying.

I prayed again and again, murmuring.

When that happened

“…What are you doing?”

Suddenly, a voice from behind me called out to me.

They found me?!

I tense up uncontrollably and turn around in fear.

There was one… There was a young boy about my age with a pretty face.

He had stunning black hair and onyx eyes.

But… I could see something lonely behind those shining eyes, as if he had given up everything.

I couldn’t take my gaze away from those eyes that seemed to enchant me, and I’m not sure why, but I told him my intention.

“… Okasama is sick in bed… If I offered a gold coin and a prayer to the palace fountain, Goddess Dahlia-sama would help her… “

I realized what I had done after saying this.

First and foremost, if this boy summoned the guards, I would be apprehended and thrown out.

But it’s pointless to think about it right now.

So I returned to the fountain and resumed my prayer.

…Perhaps this boy is mocking me.

because I am aware of it as well.

This type of prayer will not cure Okasama’s illness.

It’s just my own self-satisfaction.



“…Two will be better than one.”

The boy ripped a gold button from his clothes and threw it into the fountain.

In addition, the unidentified boy had prayed for Okasama.

I was overjoyed.

I nearly burst into tears.

I did my best to repay the boy’s kindness by praying alongside him.

The boy finished his prayers and tried to leave without saying anything.


“Sir! U-Um, please tell me your name!”

I stopped the boy and asked him his name.

“…It’s Dietrich.”

The boy turned around and walked away from the fountain, only saying his first name.


I followed the boy’s back for a long time, murmuring his name over and over.

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