The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 80

The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Poleinia fashionable clothes

“Auglia-sama, Hillian, the attire suits you both perfectly.”

There seemed to be another chamber within for changing clothes, and we each changed into our costumes and applied makeup in the tiny rooms located on the left and right walls. Lady Auglia, Hillian and I convened in front of the wardrobe room.

Though resembling Western clothing, the garments were still longer in length, with a knee-length, sleeveless jacket worn over a blouse with long, billowing sleeves. The collar stood upright, and a piece of fabric was wrapped around the head, not covering the hair but instead wrapped around the forehead with a colorful pattern and a decorative metal ornament at the knot, creating a beautiful appearance.

It seems that the king does not wear a crown, as he dons this type of ornamentation, while noblemen wear such adornments, and commoners wrap plain cloth. However, there is no distinction in color, as Nigel, who assisted me with my attire, informed me.

The clothing resembles that in Sinn Fe country, but there the sleeves are wide due to the heat, and the clothes are draped diagonally in front. The north from Baratonia is known to be chilly, and I was wearing a shirt underneath, but the thick jacket was typically a type of garment with wide sleeves. However, today I am representing a noble person, so I am wearing modest decorations.

The head wrap may be eye-catching, but the attire features muted tones such as ivory and deep gray. The gleaming thread buttons lend a slight military uniform feel to the outfit, which appears sharp yet comfortable, fitting impeccably.

It appears that wearing a sword belt is permitted, and both Auglia-sama and Hillian sported short swords on either side, but Hillian was oblivious to this fact. —Good at languages, good at negotiating, able to work as a civil servant, and also a qualified priest with knowledge of martial arts. What kind of all-rounder will this person be? But, when I think about Gauche, I can’t help it.

“Hmm, I think it would be nice if you let me, a man, compliment you first, Claire. It really suits you well. It’s truly beautiful. We should make sure to keep our arms linked tightly so that nobody in this foreign land will catch your eye.”

“Me… sorry. Umm, again… Auglia-sama, do I look good?”

Instead of ribbons, belts, or corsets, I was secured with an obi-like garment to a thick dress with an opening for my head. It wasn’t as constricting as a corset, but the way it was tied made it seem cumbersome to remove, and I anticipate needing Nigel’s assistance in doing so.

Underneath the thick dress, I wore a frilly blouse, and I anticipate having to wear a smock or poncho if the weather becomes colder. Women tend to wear bold hues, with the blouse being blue and the top dress a pale purple. The golden belt ties the ensemble together, the hem is slightly shorter for ease of movement, and I sport white frilly, puffed-out skirts with flat shoes.

The cloth hanging from my waist is shimmering silver fabric, adorned with intricate embroidery, and my full-length gown is also richly embellished.

I am not wearing anything on my head, but my face is covered by a delicate veil, which is secured in place by glittering jewelry that adorns my hair.

His Highness Auglia, who was intently examining my appearance, nodded and proclaimed, “Beautiful.” He then approached me and offered his arm. Hillian seemed to be in a daze since earlier, I wondered what was wrong with him, as I turned around and heard voices calling from behind me.

“Claire-sama, has your meeting with the King ended?”

“Oh, what a stunning ensemble. The colors and attire complement you so well!”

It was Melissa and Gwenna who had arrived. As expected, the two of them were dressed in brightly colored maid outfits, with veils covering their mouths.

Their hair and eye colors were harmonized with a dark eye makeup, enhancing their beauty. Here, the maids are treated as honored guests, and Nigel is dressed modestly without any decorations.

“Both of you look absolutely lovely! Oh, I wonder if I could buy this dress from them? But we won’t have a chance to wear it in Baratonia… I’m in a dilemma. I wish there was somewhere I could capture this moment in a painting.”

I have grown fond of the attire, both for men and women, as well as the unique customs and clothing of the Poleinia Kingdom. Although I look good in it, I will stand out when I return to our country, which is a bit disappointing.

Although the standards for clothing differ in each country, I think it’s wonderful that even in non-tropical regions, they can be so colorful and vibrant. I also want to know about the history behind it. I might buy a book on it on my way home from the bookstore.

“All present and accounted for, let’s make our way to the tour guide’s location, shall we?”

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