The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 61

The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Special class jewels

“Let’s begin the negotiation. Are you ready?” asked the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.

“Yes, I’m ready,” I replied. “I don’t have a passion for collecting jewels, but I do believe that beautiful objects should be treated as works of art by skilled craftsmen. This is a unique opportunity for our country.”

“Jewels have the power to captivate people’s hearts,” said Randy. “You might just find yourself wanting to keep it close, simply because you love it.”

Marquis Bogwarts…No,Randy-sama was paying close attention to my reactions, as he was well aware of how enchanting jewels can be.

However, I had a different perspective on jewels. I felt that they looked delicious, like candies or amber sweets, and I had an urge to put them in my mouth instead of wearing them as jewelry.

As a princess, I have been exposed to and worn many magnificent pieces of jewelry. Now, as the Crown Princess, I wear jewelry that is not only beautiful but also appropriate for my position. While wearing the jewelry as accessories may alleviate my urge to eat them, I would still be at a loss if I were to receive the raw stones and asked to decide how to process them.

Despite my knowledge and experience in evaluating beautiful objects, my unique perspective towards jewels causes me confusion. That is why I would like to consult with Hillian, someone I trust, to get his opinions on the pieces that I find particularly appealing.

“There’s no need to worry about that,” said Randy-sama. “Please, take it.”

“Okay. Bring it in,” I said.

Randy, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, confirmed the details carefully and then asked his followers who were standing behind him to bring in the five boxes that were loaded on the wagon.

All of the boxes were the same size and shape, wrapped in blue velvet with golden fittings. Just the boxes alone were worth a fortune for a commoner.

As the boxes were lined up in front of us, I noticed that each of them was the same size, but the larger boxes were likely used to avoid damaging the stones with the fittings.

A follower wearing white gloves opened each box one by one, and Randy provided commentary in between.

“The first one… It was mined 20 years ago and is called the ‘Deep Sea’ Sapphire due to its size and lack of impurities. The deep blue is almost black in indoor light, but it sparkles brilliantly due to its transparency. The cut is minimal, but with this size… it’s truly not suitable for ordinary use.”

Indeed, the stone was large and had a delicious appearance, taking up more than half of my palm if I were to hold it. Of course, I wouldn’t dare touch it with my bare hands, as it was not allowed to leave Baratonia Kingdom or the Faithnum Empire.

I was truly amazed by the sight of these precious stones, which had been waiting for this moment, lined up before me.

I don’t know what Randy thought of my gaze, but he made a curious expression and began explaining the second box.

“The second one is highly valuable due to its scarcity, but it has low hardness, and stones of this size are rare,” he said. “Furthermore, it was excavated 30 years ago and has remained in its raw form due to the difficulty of processing. However, there are many craftsmen who would like to take on the challenge. It’s a gem called phosopholite, also known as the ‘eternal spring.’”

The third gem was a blue-green stone, similar in size to a sapphire, with the appearance of a fish fin or a thick plate. Its vibrant blue color was reminiscent of new leaves, even indoors, and it was impossible not to be captivated by its refreshing sweetness, like candy.

“Next up is the third gem. It’s a classic gem that is often referred to as ‘the one’ due to its rare color and size. It was discovered five years ago and has not been surpassed in terms of value. It’s already been cut to maximize its light reflection, and it’s called ‘Spring’ due to its pink color, which is also known as a pink diamond.”

The reason for the pink color in pink diamonds is still unknown. They are also rare and difficult to come by in the Faithnum Empire. Processing pink diamonds is challenging due to their hardness, and a blade made from a mineral with impurities must be used to cut them without breaking.

This is my first time seeing this gem, and its luster is like metal. The dark peach-colored stone, cut into many facets, reminds me of spring flowers. I think the name ‘Spring’ is fitting. I can’t help but think it’s particularly sweet and nice. The next box was opened.

“The fourth gem was mined at the same time as the first ‘Deep Sea’ and is called ‘Flame’. It got its name due to its brilliant heat-like appearance. It’s not a ruby, but a stone called red spinel.”

At first, I couldn’t tell the difference between it and a ruby, but its size was the same as the first ‘Deep Sea’ and it had a blazing red color. The light it captured from the window and the shining within looked like a red water surface or a flicker of flames.

‘This stone is not just delicious, but there is something incredibly attractive about it,’ I thought as I gazed at it. I felt a little embarrassed when I realized that the color was similar to Auglia-sama. I had thought that my sensibility towards jewels was simply to see them as delicious, but my admiration for Auglia-sama’s it went beyond that.

I really liked the stone, but I knew it was meant to be traded for a work of art from the Seanapse country. When I thought about it that way, I didn’t want to choose it now. Instead, I wanted to wait until I had accomplished something great, and then keep the stone by my side.

Randy’s words were correct. I never thought I would be drawn to a jewel, even though I have a unique perspective on them. I wouldn’t choose it this time.

“Finally…In my country, this stone is considered sacred,” Randy-sama explained. “After it is mined, it is processed and kept in the temple for one year. Our country believes in the mountain god and the sun, the flame god who is said to have created the mountain. This stone, with its high size and purity, is even more sacred among the sacred stones. It’s called the ‘Imperial Topaz’ and is said to be the ‘light of the sun.’ The stone is over 100 years old and can only be traded for another sacred object.”

The stone was not red or yellow, but it was highly transparent and sometimes even looked transparent depending on the amount of light it received.

I couldn’t help but feel that the jewel was the most delicious of all. Its sharp corners and droplet shape, like a sacred stone, would surely attract many skilled craftsmen.

I wanted two of these precious gems. It’s only the value of two art pieces that is valuable to the Dragnate kingdom, and the Dragnate kingdom side should understand that as well. This would truly be a top-quality item among top-quality items, meant to secure other goods.

It was too valuable to be used simply as a honeymoon souvenir.

“Deep Sea,” “Spring,” “Eternal Early Summer” — I glanced at Hillian as he examined the gemstones with a serious expression.

I, too, studied the gemstones until he finished his examination. This was not a decision to be made lightly or quickly.

It was a situation that required careful consideration and consultation.

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