The Abandoned Saint Became the Snack Attendant for the Childish Demon King – Chapter 48

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒𝟖: 𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐲

The two of them look down with disappointment at the remaining cores and skewers.

It’s not because they are sad that it’s all eaten.

“I want to let him have some too…”

“Ah, I’m sure he will like it.”


“He is a demon who grows fruits. He seemed interested in the snacks made with fruits by Dairy-san.”

Such a thing was also written in the letter I was shown before.

The depth of feelings towards each other is quite different between me, who only knows through letters, and the two who have directly met and talked.

They must have a close relationship to be this downcast.

“He will surely like these apple candies too.”

“If you let me know when I can meet him, I will make them again!”


“Today or tomorrow, anytime!”

“If today is fine, should I bring these?”

It’s a thank-you for sending me delicious apples.

I have prepared a bag specifically for Orphemia-san to receive. It’s the same as the one with jam cookies from yesterday.

I put them in the bag and tie it tightly with a red ribbon.

“But that’s Dairy-san’s…”

“I have eaten it before, and I can make it anytime.”

“Thank you. Then, I won’t hold back.”

“I will go deliver it right away. I will be back by dinner.”

As soon as they say that, they open the window and fly away.

It seems that they are flying without using teleportation magic.

I learned for the first time that you can travel between the Demon World and the human realm even without using teleportation magic.

Even though we were in conflict with demons, many humans don’t even have such basic knowledge. 

But since I live here, I may need to know not only magic but also about the Demon World.

Taking that step will deepen my relationship with the demons and also involve distributing snacks.

I put cookies and donuts on the kitchen wagon and roll it around.

To avoid being noticed by Demon King-sama, I put the distributed ones in a basket and cover them with a cloth.

I plan to first go to the king’s chamber, give some to Tyran-san and Demon King-sama, and then distribute the donuts.

Orphemia-san is on the second floor.

Since it’s difficult to carry the kitchen wagon, I decided to leave the apple candies in the kitchen. After finishing distributing the donuts and returning the kitchen wagon, I intend to head to the library.

“Can I eat this too?!”

In addition to several types of cookies, Demon King-sama’s eyes sparkle at the assortment of three types of donuts.

In front of the assortment of snacks, he seems to be unaware of what is left on the wagon. It’s a good thing I put extra.

“Yes, today is special.”

“Special… that sounds nice.”

“These ones with raisins are delicious.”

He seems to like both the jam cookies and the donuts. He mechanically grabs them and brings them to his mouth.

If he knows that there are the same items in the basket, he will probably ask for those too.

In times like this, it’s best to make a quick retreat.

“I will come to collect the plates later.”

“Do you have something to do?”

“I have something to do at the library after this.”

“I see. Do your best.”

“Yes. Excuse me then.”

It’s not a lie. It’s just different from what Demon King-sama thinks.

While rolling the kitchen wagon, I stroll through the hallway.

Since I don’t know where the other servants, except for Ciel-san, Meti-chan, and Gweil-san, who have a lot of interaction, are, I walk around various places in circles.

When I encounter someone, I say, “I want them distributed from the others,” and hand them multiple cups.

This is the repetition. I don’t know how many people it will reach with this method, but those who receive them are all happy.

If it receives good feedback, it might be good to distribute them regularly.

After finishing distributing everything, I return to the kitchen to return the wagon. Then, I take the apple candies and head to the library.

By the time I reach the stairs leading to the second floor, I see the figure of a certain person in the distance.

Demon King-sama, who was eating snacks in the king’s chamber just now, is coming towards me with a cup in hand.

I have served Demon King-sama and Tyran-san on plates. I only gave cups to the servants. At that moment, I had a bad feeling.

But as Demon King-sama approaches, that bad feeling grows stronger.

After all, the cup that was thought to be just one is stacked in multiple layers.

As the Demon King, he would never voluntarily collect empty cups. 

In the first place, Demon King-sama only comes out of the king’s chamber when he wants more snacks.

“It was delicious today too!”

“What’s that you have there?”

“I got it from someone.”

It should be “stole” instead of “got.”

I’m filled with the desire to look away from Demon King-sama, who has a beaming smile.

But even if I look away here, nothing will change. I have no choice but to face it.

“That is the portion I gave to the servants. I made sure to prepare Demon King-sama’s portion properly, right? It’s not right to take someone else’s portion just because it’s not enough.”

“Why are you angry?”

He really doesn’t seem to understand why he’s being scolded.

“Why… because anyone would be sad if their portion was taken away, right?”

“A strong person would offer it if a strong person wanted it. That is the fate of the weak. If you have time to be sad, then become stronger than your opponent.”

“What are you saying…”

My head hurts. But Demon King-sama is saying it seriously. He’s not making excuses just to get a donut.

This is the difference in thinking between humans and demons. Maybe I shouldn’t interfere with the demon’s rules.

But if I were to admit that, Demon King-sama, who is always hungry, would take away my snacks every time I make them for them in the future. The image of snacks as tribute would remain unchanged. It would stay the same.

What should I do? As I hold my head, Demon King-sama looks at me with sparkling eyes.

“Anyway, are there no more donuts?”

“Demon King-sama…”

“What is it?”

“Can we make a promise, you and I?”

“A promise?”

After much consideration, I decided to make a certain rule.

Demon King-sama tilts his head with a thud. There must not have been any personal promises that bind him, even if there are racial rules.

“From now on, you must not take other people’s snacks. If you do, as a consequence, I will withhold snacks for the following day or days, depending on the amount taken— that’s the promise.”

“Arrogant! I won’t accept such a promise!”

It’s a proposal that goes against the demon’s rules. Moreover, I am also in charge of Demon King-sama’s snacks. It’s only natural for him to be angry.

But I have a secret plan.

I take out the apple candy that was supposed to be given to Orphemia-san and hold it up in front of him. 

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