Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 28

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It had been a long time since Nell had been to the orphanage.

Her snack was stolen by a boy her age.

Snacks are extremely valuable in an orphanage where there isn’t much to eat.

As a result, Nell was quietly enraged that she had been robbed.

“Hey, you want to mess with me?”

The boy said this when Nell stood up.


Age: 7

Skill: None

Talent: None


For as long as Nell can remember, whenever she sees someone, she gets information about them.

She later discovered that this is known as a unique skill.

The boy is agitated.

She was able to relax once she realized this.

So Nell calmly punches the boy in the face.

The boy let go of the snack.

Then Nell gobbles up the snack she picked up.

The boy is crying by her side.

That didn’t bother her at all.

The director was later upset with her, but it didn’t matter.

She just says she is sorry and pretends she had nothing to do with it.

When she looked at the director, the word [fatigue] popped into her head, and she thought to herself,

(I don’t want to be like this.)

Nell could also see herself.


Age: 7

Skill: Appraisal/modification

Talent: Scouting


It appears that when she looks at people, the [Appraisal/Modified] skill allows her to see information about them.

Nell had no idea what the “modified” character was or how it differed from the standard [appraisal] skill at the time.

She also appears to have a talent for scouting.

So Nell made various efforts to hone her scouting skills.

Every day, she practiced running, sword fighting, throwing stones, and even sword dodging with the help of other orphanage children.

And so forth until she was nine years old.


Age: 9

Skill: Appraisal/modification, stone throwing, agility (minor).

Talent: Scouting


She was able to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

So she reasoned that once she was out of the orphanage, she could make a living as an adventurer.

Then there was one day.

A man posing as an appraiser arrived at the orphanage.

“Wow, for a 9-year-old, you have a lot of skills.”

“Thank you.”

Nell expressed her gratitude bluntly.

Even without his appraisal, she knew her own skills.

Several days later.

Garga, an adventurer, visited the orphanage.

He had come to the orphanage after hearing about Nell.

“Hey, you must be the kid with many skills. How would you like to become a member of my clan?”

This man, according to the details, is the leader of a clan called [Gray-Brigade-Clan].

( How should I proceed?)  Nell was perplexed.

Because there wasn’t much food at the orphanage, she had no qualms about becoming an adventurer, even if her plans were a little hurried.

However, when she employs her ability on Garga.


Age: 37

Profession: Great Swordsman

Skill: (concealed)


Because of the [concealment] status, she had no idea what skills Garga possessed.

However, she could detect the malice in the status.

She was at a loss of what to do.

But, after some deliberation, she decided to join.

(I was going to be an adventurer anyway. If so, joining the clan would be more advantageous for me in the future, but…

The only thing that worried me was Garga’s malicious intent, but I could overcome that hurdle.)

She knew as soon as she stepped into the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] that her life was being taken for granted.


The training was physically demanding.

Despite the fact that she had only been an adventurer for a short time, she was forced to fight dangerous demons.

But, for Nell, these difficulties were surmountable if she worked hard enough.

She felt herself growing stronger with each victory.

As a result, life in [Gray-Brigade-Clan] was satisfying for Nell.

But that was not the case for the other children at the orphanage that had also been recruited, and the number of those who died was uncountable.

“Hey, get up!”

Suddenly, she heard a grown up’s loud voice.

They were in the midst of sword training at the training hall.

“Who do you think that feeds you?! Don’t you want to be stronger? Now get up!”

Someone must have fallen down during training.

When someone falls down, the person in charge yells at them.

It’s a common occurrence.

“Sir! Please! Please give him some time to rest!”

She turned around to see a girl reaching out her hands to protect the fallen child.

Her silver hair is translucent.

(Her name, I believe, is Ninya.)

“Ninya! You’re the most incompetent and useless person I’ve ever seen! Despite this, you continue to oppose me?!”

Ninya was beaten for saying so.

For the past two years, Ninya has been a member of the [Gray Brigade Clan].

At the time, [Gray-Brigade-Clan] had only recently been formed, and Ninya was considered an old member.

As a result, Ninya frequently assumed the role of orphanage leader, and it was a common sight to see Ninya defending other children, as she does now.

Ninya was the most diligent worker of all.

She was more skilled with a sword, a bow and arrow, and reading and writing than anyone else.

But she never acquired any skills.

Without skills, no matter how much she improved her sword skills, she couldn’t fight demons properly.

(With no talent; no matter how hard you try, it is useless.)

Nell concurred.

A child without talent cannot acquire skills no matter how hard he/she tries.

But it seems that talent cannot be understood by ordinary appraisal skills.

Nell’s [appraisal/modified] possessed a unique ability.

But she hasn’t told anyone yet.

“Hey, Nell, I need you to do something for me.”

One day, she got a call from Garga, the clan leader.

“Yes, sir?”

Nell had grown up to be an excellent adventurer by this point, and the other clan members were no longer picking on her because she was an orphan.

“You have an appraisal skill, don’t you?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Give Ninya special training so that she can at least be useful.”

She saw Ninya crouching next to Garga.

“OK, but what is the grace period?”

“A month.”

“What if she doesn’t succeed?”

“Ninya will be expelled.”

Expulsion is such a nice-sounding word.

(When you really just want to get rid of her.)

“All right, I’ll take care of it.”

Then Nell began training Ninya.

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