Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Guilt

I faced Belfist.

“What should I do?”

“Well, there are various methods, but. . .”

Belfist touched his chin and looks up diagonally, thinking.

After organizing his thoughts, he returned his gaze to me and smiled.

“Yeah, I think this method is the most fitting.”

Belfist grabbed my shoulders with both hands and pulled me towards him, making me flinch.

Our faces were close, and our chests were almost touching.

Our heartbeats were so close that we could almost hear them.

I looked up at him due to the height difference, and he looked down at me.

At this point, I also understood what he intended to do.

“Hey, Bel-san! What are you planning to do?”

“As you can see, it’s a contract. It’s perfect, isn’t it?”

“But. . .there are other methods――”

“It’s okay, Flare. I don’t mind this.”

“Slayer-san. . .”

Flare looked at me with a worried expression.

She might think I’m forcing myself.

I was certainly a little surprised.

For me, who has little experience, this act has a significant meaning.

But I. . .

“I think it’s perfect for me too.”

If I make a contract, I will become his wife.

Then it’s just right.

There can’t be a more fitting act to make our vows.

“That’s right.”

As Flare watched over us, Belfist’s face slowly approached mine.

It was a little embarrassing to be watched.

Although I was somewhat anxious, Belfist’s hands pulled me towards him with a gentle and slow toucht hat didn’t feel forceful.

I realized that he was leaving me room to free myself.

Moved by that small kindness, I closed my eyes.

And then. . .we kissed.

An act that lovers do to confirm each other’s feelings.

I had only seen it in stories before.

I had come across that kind of description many times.

But you only understand it once you experience it.

Kissing is soft. . .and warm.

Feeling the other person’s presence strongly, I savored this moment.

Even though the area of contact was small, I was filled with an irresistible feeling.

Something flowed into me from him.

Along with warmth, a wave of powerful force like a torrent.

And deep inside, something cold and dark was sleeping.

I understood.

This must be his soul.

Our lips parted.

Feeling a little regretful.

“Is it over?”

“Yeah, the contract is complete.”

“I see. . .”

“What’s the matter? Did you want it to continue a bit longer?”

Belfist wore a mischievous smile.

I feel my cheeks flush, knowing that he has seen through me to some extent.

I deny it, trying not to let him see.

“Too bad. I’m not that innocent.”

“Is that so? That’s a shame…”

His expression, as if he could see through me…was a bit irritating, but I couldn’t say anything.

Claiming not to be innocent was a blatant lie.

I can still feel the warmth lingering on my lips, and my heartbeat was faster than usual.

“Slayer-san, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Are you really, really okay?”

“No need to worry.”

There was nothing wrong with my body.

Even after the contract was over, there didn’t seem to be any particular physical restrictions.

With this, I will become his wife, and he has decided to guarantee my safety for life.

I confirmed it with Belfist.

“What about your power?”

“. . .Unfortunately, it’s still unrecovered.”

“I see.”

As expected, it seemed that the gap in my heart was not caused by my unease.

“In that case, the contract is invalid!”

“Too bad. Once a contract is made, it cannot be broken unless one of us dies.”

“Then please, Bel-san!”

“You’re a persistent woman…”

Flare pouted in anger.

Certainly, it may seem futile, but at least one possibility has been eliminated.

If he wasn’t the cause of the gap in my heart, then. . .

“What is it exactly. . .”

“What on earth. . .”

I don’t understand.

Even if I think about it quickly, I can’t come up with anything.

Seeing me troubled, Belfist speaks up.

“Well, why don’t you find out for yourself? See it with your own eyes.”

“I am thinking about it.”

“No, that’s not it. Don’t just think about it, confirm it with your own eyes. Your true feelings. . .you can do it now.”

As he says that, Belfist pointed his finger.

He touched my forehead lightly.

In an instant, my consciousness began to fade.

“Huh. . .”



My vision suddenly turned completely dark.

Before I knew it, I was standing alone in a completely white, empty space.

“Where is this. . .?”

“Welcome to the spiritual world.”

“Bel. . .”

When I turn around, he was standing there.

Pathetic as it may be, I felt a bit relieved.

“What did you do?”

“Our souls are connected. That’s why we can peek into each other’s minds like this. This is your spiritual world. . .inside your heart.”

“My heart. . .”

I looked around.

There was nothing.

Beyond plainness, it was blindingly white.

“Don’t worry. It’s going to start now.”


“Take a good look. You’re already seeing it.”

At his signal, images began to flow in my previously pure white field of vision.

Countless different scenes spread in all directions.

“This is. . .”

My memories.

My own… memories from the time I was reincarnated as a Slayer until today.

I was looking at them from an objective point of view.

Along with the memories, the emotions and thoughts of each moment also came flowing back.

Even though it was about myself, it felt strange to look at them again like this.

“A lot has happened.”

In terms of time, it was short.

But each day was vivid and filled with intense changes.

I could see myself living as a Slayer.

There were also figures of people who changed by being involved with me.

“Ah, I see.”

I finally understood.

What I was troubled by.

The reason for a  gap in my heart. . .

It was guilt.

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