Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Main character’s turn

“Yesterday seemed to have gone well.”

“Thanks to you we were able to recover perfectly.”

“Yes, I’m glad.”

“Hmm? You don’t seem very happy.”

“I am happy, you know.”

But that wasn’t the case.

Meigen and Leone.

It seems that their battle went as planned.

With this, the problem between the two of them has been resolved.

It’s going very smoothly, which is great.

“But you don’t seem energetic.”

“…You understand, right?”

I’m tired.

I sat down with my back against a tree trunk in the usual courtyard.

Yesterday’s fatigue had hit me all at once.

I fought inside the barrier for seven days straight.

It’s not the kind of fatigue that can be relieved with just one day of rest.

“Pull yourself together. We haven’t even reached the halfway point yet.”

“I know.”

“Hey, Bell-san! Slayer-san is tired! Don’t disturb her rest! Here, Slayer-san, ahh.”

“. . .Stop it, it’s embarrassing.”

It’s lunch break now.

I stopped Flare, who was trying to feed me the side dishes from my bento.

She started to tear up.

“Eh! I made it just for you.”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t eat it. I can eat it myself, so it’s fine.”

“But you’re tired, right? You haven’t been feeling well since this morning.”

“Don’t worry about me. The fatigue will recover eventually.”

It’s not like I’m injured or anything

It’s just fatigue.

If I rest, I’ll recover.

However, I can’t afford to rest for too long.

After finishing lunch, Belfist asks me.

“So, who’s the next target?”

“Bell-san! We’re still on break!”

“It’s okay, Flare. We should move forward.”

“Slayer-san, it’s better to rest first. . .”

She looked at me with a worried expression.

I was happy that she was concerned, but I can’t relax.

Perhaps Belfist understands that.

I locked eyes with him.

“Leone, Meigen, I filled the gap in their hearts. The impact will undoubtedly affect the other heroes.”

“That’s right. Not just those close to us. Power attracts power. They seem to have already met each other. Sooner or later, they will notice each other’s changes.”

“Yes. And. . .they will come to us. We can’t let them notice.”

Our advantage is that we know the reasons and solutions for the gaps in their hearts.

However, people’s hearts change constantly.

They will change.

Whether it’s a good change or a bad change is another matter.

If their hearts change in ways we don’t know, our advantage will disappear.

We have to settle this while everyone is still the same.

That’s why we can’t rest.

“If you want to rest, do it after everything is over.”

“. . .Please don’t collapse.”

“I’ll be careful. But, it’s not just me who has to do our best from now on.”

The next target is also decided.

To fill the gap in his heart, I can’t create the opportunity myself.

This is where she comes in.

My gaze turned to Flare.


“Yes, that’s right.”

The next target is Billy, the genius mage.

He is the only commoner among the heroes and he also carries a sad past.

Conquering him won’t be resolved through battles like before.

First, we need to create an opportunity.

For that purpose.

“I want you to invite Billy on a date.”

“A date?!”

This time, it’s your turn to do your best, Flare.


Among the new students, Billy possesses the most talent as a mage.

He’s a bit different.

He didn’t try to interact with others much in the original work.

He only spoke to the heroes and the protagonist, Flare.

And even then, it was only the bare minimum.

He was always in the library.

Having been exempted from some general and magic courses, he reads books alone in the library.

The library, where there was no one, was quiet.

The only sounds present were the flipping of pages and the gentle breeze flowing in through the window.

And then, she comes.

“Hello! Billy-kun!”

“Flare. . .”

The protagonist and the hero met alone.

It was an individual event to deepen their friendship.

Even in the original work, the library was the starting point for Flare’s friendship with Billy.

Flare, who never understood her directions, got lost and Billy was there.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you supposed to be in class now?”

“Um, I got lost… and before I knew it, I ended up here.”

“You got lost? It’s been quite a while, and you still don’t remember the way?”

“Yes. Ahahaha. . .”

It’s a little forced, but the line is perfect.

Flare was saying the same line that was in the original work.

I quietly observed their situation from outside the library window.

“This is the library, right? Don’t you have classes, Billy-kun?”

“I have been exempted from some classes.”

“I see! Um, can we talk for a bit? I’ve always wanted to talk to Billy-kun.”

“. . .Sure. I won’t make it to class anyway.”

The two of them sat next to each other.

Belfist and I watched over them.

“They seem to have a good atmosphere, don’t they?”

“It’s important that it turns out that way. After all”

Flare is going to ask Billy out on a date.

More precisely, it’s her job to take him out into the city.

As the protagonist, she has to handle that genius well.

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