Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Decide the order of attacks

Ten minutes later…


“…Well, can we start soon?”

I was sandwiched between the two who were still glaring at each other.

Since the conversation wasn’t progressing at all, I wanted to forcibly move things forward.

as I was about to open my mouth, Flare stepped back.

“Well, it’s getting late and it could get dangerous.”

“I have no choice. I’ll settle things with you eventually.”

“I look forward to it.”

“. . .sigh. . .”

I let out a sigh multiple times.

It seems that these two fundamentally don’t see eye to eye.

Flare, who usually has a calm personality, became heated, and Belfist’s tone changed midway.

Their argument became heated, proof that Satan’s personality was becoming more prominent.

Since they had already met, the two would continue to be involved with each other in the future.

As long as I’m present, I’ll be careful to ensure that no problems arise.

If things go wrong, it could lead to conflict between the protagonist and the demon king.

If that happens, I will surely be swallowed by the waves of fate.

“Slayer-san! Please tell me your worries.”


I hadn’t yet organized my thoughts on how to explain it.

“It’s not a thing to worry about, but there’s something I want your help with.”

“That’s fine!”

“I haven’t even told you the details yet!”

“I’ll help with anything! It’s my way of thanking you for helping me!”

She said that with a smile on her face.

She was enthusiastic.

This was already like getting her cooperation… but how do I explain it?

Would it be enough to say that I want her to help fill the gaps in the hearts of the five heroes?

It would be difficult to explain without prior knowledge.

But even if I tell her the truth, would she believe it. . .

I see Flare, her eyes sparkling, waiting for my words.

Somehow, I feel like she might believe me.

But I should say it…

“Isn’t it okay to talk about it?”

Belfist said that.

He had returned to his usual behavior, calm and collected.

She’s been very cooperative. I think it’s fine to tell her the circumstances for now.”

“. . .What if something happens?”

“In that case… leave it to me.”

He whispered quietly in my ear.

“I can at least erase her memories.”

“. . .I see.”

If that’s the case, it would be easier to just tell her everything instead of worrying about it.

I let out a sigh, more resigned than convinced.

I face Flare and tell her.

The story that I know.

The path that I have walked up until today.

Who I am, who he is, and what burden I’m carrying.

I told her an unbelievable story.

“I am the protagonist. . .and this person is. . .”

“The Demon King.”

“. . .and Slayer-san is. . .”

“Your enemy.”

She looked at each of us, confirming our roles.

It was hard to believe.

She was confused by the sudden strange story.

It’s understandable.

Let’s stop here for today. If she can come to terms with it, we can discuss the next steps.

If she can’t accept it…there’s nothing we can do.

It’s Belfist’s turn then.

“I understand!”

“. . .Huh?”

“You understand?”

“Yes! I don’t really understand it, but.”

“Which one is it. . .”

While Belfist was exasperated, I was simply astonished.

The look of confusion disappeared, and she returned to her usual bright and cheerful self.

Even after hearing such a story, her eyes… they haven’t changed.

“Do you believe me?”

“Of course! I can somehow tell that Slayer-san isn’t lying.”

“. . .It’s a ridiculous story. I wouldn’t say anything even if you laugh at me.”

“I won’t laugh.”

Flare lowered her eyes.

She slowly opened her mouth, putting her thoughts into words.

“It’s a secret that my friend told me seriously. I won’t laugh or anything.”


This is one of her qualities that makes her loved and trusted by many people.

She doesn’t doubt someone’s sincerity.

Even if it’s a ridiculous fantasy, she takes it seriously.

Her boundless kindness attracted the heroes and saved them.

I know that more than anyone else.

“That’s the kind of person you are.”

I ended up laughing.

She is the embodiment of the protagonist in that story.

But that’s why…

“You believed the story so suddenly. Are you crazier than you look?”

“I don’t want to be called crazy by a weirdo.”

“. . .”

I was convinced that these two would never get along.

No matter how far they go, they will always be the hero and the final boss.

“Sigh, thank you for believing me.”

“You’re welcome!”

“Well then, I’ll talk assuming you understand.”


She replied energetically.

I talked about the plan from now on.

Our goal is to recover a part of the Demon King’s power that resides within the heroes.

To do that, we need to fill the gaps in their hearts.

I believe that only Flare, the protagonist, can accomplish that.

“I just need to become friends with everyone and listen to their troubles to solve them, right?”

“That won’t work. If everyone starts liking you, it’s already a failure.”

“Will they really like me? Honestly, I can’t believe that… What is it about me that attracted the heroes in the story?”

“This girl…”

I could sense the irritation from Belfist, or rather Satan, next to me.

I understood what he wanted to say.

This obliviousness is also one of her characteristics.

She hardly noticed the affection directed at her from the heroes until the latter half of the story.

She was a dense protagonist who didn’t realize it until she was confessed to.

This attribute seems to apply to the girl in front of me as well.

“That’s why I don’t want you to interact with them too much. If you do, you should prioritize quickly resolving their problems rather than deepening their relationships.”

“I see… Um, what should I do then?”

“Well, basically, stay with me. It’s easier to control the situation that way.”

“I understand! I’m happy to be with Slayer-san!”

She said that with a beaming smile, holding my hand and shaking it vigorously.

Like a dog delighted to be with its owner.

Am I really this well-liked right now?

It seems like it’s going too far for just a friend’s affection…

It’s just my imagination, right?

“Who should we approach?”

Belfist asked.

“Well, I have just the right person in mind.”

Timing-wise, it’s perfect.

If it’s him, I might be able to solve the problem with my power.

That person is…

“Leone, let’s approach him.”

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