Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: More than Just a Mob

The bell for the start of class rang.

The excuse of taking other classes was just a convenient lie.

If I participated in the same class as Flare and the heroes, our relationship would deepen.

So I ran away.

“. . .sigh.”

I never thought I would skip class on the first day.

The content isn’t that important, but if I don’t participate in class, I won’t receive the extra points necessary for promotion.

I intended to attend without skipping as much as possible.

“It’s not going well.”

I found myself alone in the school’s courtyard.

When the school is as large as this, the courtyard is as big as the grounds of a noble’s mansion.

It’s like a small forest.

I squatted in the shade of a tree where no one was around and slowly looked up at the sky.

The cloudless blue sky was peaceful. . .but it seemed to be a metaphor for a boring daily life where nothing happens, so I can’t really like it.

That being said, it’s more convenient if nothing happens.

At least until the threat of the Demon King is eliminated from this world. . .

Until the end of this story.

I feel a sudden fatigue

In this school, I can’t let my guard down and always need to be aware of my surroundings.

Right now, classes are going on, and there’s no one around.

“Maybe I’ll sleep a little. . .”

As soon as I thought that, 

I felt a chill and my eyes opened wide.

With a thud, something fell in front of me.

To put it simply. . .it seemed like a person.

“Ouch. . .don’t break, branch~.”


I touched my black hair with leaves on it.

There was a guy in front of me wearing a uniform with the pattern of a senior student, who fell on his butt.

He was a student with no distinctive features.

If you didn’t know the circumstances, he would look like an innocent ordinary person.

But I know him well.

I know him better than anyone else.

“Belfist Krone.”

“Huh? How do you know my name. . .? Who are you?”

Finally, it seemed that he had noticed my presence.

He looked at me with a bewildered expression.

My figure was reflected in his jet-black eyes.

Surprise and caution.

The two emotions were evident in my reflected expression in his eyes.

“Um. . .have we met somewhere before?”

“. . .?”

“Hey, are you listening?”

“. . .Why are you here?”

I inquired, 

looking down at him as he slowly stands up and brushes off his backside.

“Isn’t that something you should say to yourself? We’re in the middle of class, you know?”

“I’m the one asking the question.”

“. . .You have a scary face.”

He muttered under his breath and slowly rose up, brushing off the dirt and leaves from his hands and feet.

When facing each other, the height difference was quite noticeable.

My gaze was at his chest level.

He was slender but tall and had a mysterious aura about him.

I was on guard.

I sharpened my senses so that I could activate magic at any time.

He seemed to have noticed that I was hostile towards him.

He narrowed his eyes gently for a few seconds.

Then, he let out a small sigh and spoke.

“Haah, I was just slacking off. I was wandering around the courtyard and just happened to fall into your place. There’s no other reason for it.”

“. . .”

He shook his head with a sigh.

Although it was intuitive, he didn’t seem to be lying.

Maybe he really was just slacking off.

Just like me.

“Well, I answered your question. Now tell me your reason. You look like a new student. Did you get lost or something?”

“. . .No, that’s not it. I’m the same as you.”

“Wow, skipping class on the first day of school is impressive! You have a promising future ahead of you.”

“. . .”

I stared at him intently.

So far, I hadn’t seen any strange behavior from him.

I can’t let my guard down, but maybe I can lower my level of caution.

As he nods, he suddenly realizes something.

“So, why does a new student know my name? am I that famous?”

“. . .”

“Could it be. . .”

My level of caution remains the same.

If he is the same as he is in the original work, there might be a fight here. . .

“Are you a secret fan of mine?”

“. . .?”

No, maybe it’s okay not to be so cautious?

I was exasperated and lost my strength.

“That’s impossible.”

“Yeah, you’re right~. It’s not me who’s popular, it’s probably Seika and the

others. That guy is popular with the girls~. It’s annoying.”

He sighed disappointedly while shaking his head.

Talking to him made me feel relaxed.

It was different from the calm atmosphere I felt when I was with Flare.

Unconsciously, my guard began to loosen.

“I heard about you from Seika and Renoir.”

“Oh, I see. So you know Seika. Or are you a fan of his?”

“I’m not a fan. I just met him in class a little while ago.”

“I see. So he’s taking classes that lower-classmen take. He’s still a guy I can’t quite understand.”

Belfist Krone.

The protagonist’s senior is in the same grade as Seika Renoir’s friend.

He often appears around Seika, giving advice as a friend and having daily conversations with the protagonist.

Although he is not deeply involved in the main story, he appears at key points to support the protagonist and the hero.

He becomes friends with the protagonist and also builds a friendly relationship with the heroes.

Among all the characters in the story, he is the only one who has a consistently friendly relationship with Slayer.

He was initially perceived as a supporting character, adding an accent to the story and misleading the readers.

But he was more than just a supporting character.

In fact, he had a leading role.

He plays a significant role in reaching the conclusion of the story.

He was the vessel for the ultimate antagonist of the world.

The vessel of Demon King. . . Satan.

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