Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 23

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“Enough of that!【Pulson】!”

A magical circle appeared in front of Lady Liliana, and a tuxedo-clad two-legged panther bowed reverently.


Lady Liliana jumps back and distances herself, realizing this is Nadia’s summon.

This quick movement demonstrated her ability.

However, this is only the norm among the academy’s female students.

“Ufufu…. I didn’t think you, who are so plain and unassuming, were such a master that you could summon such a beast.”

Lady Liliana says to her with a touch of cold sweat.

“Is that so? And I recently discovered that you are also an expert in ice magic, but I’m not particularly interested in you, but… you did something you should not have done.”

Nadia’s summon 【Pulson】 approaches Lady Liliana with leopard-like graceful movements the moment she says this.

“【Ice Needle】!!”

Lady Liliana extended both hands and released intermediate ice magic, causing several giant icicles to attack 【Pulson】.


“Eh? How fast?!”

【Pulson】 blew past them all and was right under Lady Liliana’s nose…

“Oh, that’s too bad…”

Pulson’s foot begins to freeze the moment Lady Liliana raises the corner of her mouth.

She appears to have used the advanced ice magic 【Frozen】 beforehand.

But still… I didn’t expect someone her age to be capable of advanced magic.

I suppose her magic ability is superior to mine.

That doesn’t mean she’s more powerful than us.

“What? H-How?!”

“Fufu…【Pulson】 isn’t the only one I summoned, you know.”

Before she knew it, a large snake over ten meters long had coiled itself around Lady Liliana’s feet and was climbing up her body.

“I nearly forgot to tell you. The fangs of that snake are poisonous.”


Venom drips from the snake’s fangs when it opens its mouth, which is larger than Lady Liliana’s head.

Her face contorts in horror as she sees this.

“You tried to poison Ivan. You can’t really complain if you’re killed by poison, can you? Ara? I suppose it’s no longer possible to have a conversation.”

Lady Liliana’s head is swallowed whole and slowly enters the snake’s body, as Nadia stares while smiling.

After the snake had swallowed everything, 【Pulson】 bowed reverently one last time and vanished from the scene alongside the snake.

“Fufu… Now I’m the same as Ivan.”

Nadia turns to face me and smiles.

When she says “the same as”, I assume she means that this is her first time killing someone.

But, I did not prevent her from killing.

To be honest, I didn’t want her to kill because she’s kind.

But Nadia and I are going to kill a lot more people.

I couldn’t save Nadia by only getting my hands dirty.



“I’m with you, Nadia.”


I and Nadia just hugged each other in this place where Lady Liliana’s blood is still present, as if we were making amends for our broken hearts.


“But still, this labyrinth is really quite large…”

Nadia and I were looking for the stairs that lead down to the next level after a brief rest, but we couldn’t find it.

But that’s all right.

When I checked every inch of this first level in my dream, the radius was 40 kilometers. In other words, it is large enough to encompass not only the imperial city itself, but also the surrounding settlements.

Furthermore, the circumference is curved, confirming that the labyrinth is cylindrical.

Seriously, whose hand built this labyrinth?

And who decided to use the “Labyrinth Prison” as punishment rather than the death penalty, as other countries do?

Even after thousands of labyrinthine attempts in my dream, I have yet to find the answer.

“Are you tired, Nadia?”

“Fufu… Naturally, I am. But we can’t take our time when we consider how much food we still have.”

I asked Nadia, who was walking next to me, and she smiled back.

So the next thing we need to consider is the food issue.

Even though we have access to Donato’s food, we only need three days to divide it between the two of us.

And we can’t eat Lady Liliana’s food because it’s tainted with poison, so the quickest way to survive is to steal food from Emilio and the other trapped people…

“? What’s the matter?”

“N-No… It’s nothing.”

Nadia, who has noticed my expresion, inquires, and I quickly turn my head away.

…I can’t let Nadia commit a robbery, even if it’s for survival, because I don’t want her to see me that way.

I suppose we could pretend to be looking for a staircase to the lower level and wait for them to attack… If that’s the case, Nadia won’t feel so bad… and she won’t be disappointed in me.

—I really don’t want Nadia to despise me.

Keeping this in mind, we continue our exploration, staying as close to the others as possible.


At the end of the corridor, I see the two former cronies hot on Emilio’s heels.

It’s Chico Marquez, the grandson of the head of the Magic Division, and Hernan Ledesma, the second son of and the Prime Minister and the Marquise of Ledesma.

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