Rockwall Lou – V6 Chapter 10

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎


Tweney stands facing away from the statue of the goddess. There is no seal pattern on her forehead. Moreover, her hair color had changed to silver.

Next to Tweney, Bekios stands by. He is holding a massive sword horizontally, and Tweney places her hand on the hilt.

It’s a somewhat peculiar sight for a knight’s inauguration ceremony, but it’s an unavoidable circumstance due to the girl’s lack of physical strength.

Gangi, the leader of the transport team, kneels before Tweney and solemnly announces his name.

“My name is Gangi. I am one who dedicates my life to the Blood of the Goddess, Twenetie-sama.”

Twenetie is Tweney’s real name. It’s a custom among royalty to use abbreviated names, and real names are used only in special ceremonies. According to Maasa, this custom is in place to prevent the misoperation of the goddess’s power.

Bekios moves the sword and places it on Gangi’s shoulder.

Finally, it’s Tweney’s turn.

“Knight Gangi, by the “covenant” with Goddess Mail, I grant you power in the name of Twenetie.”

A slight acceleration in heartbeats, an indescribable pressure flows from within, passing through the sword into Gangi’s body. That’s the sensation received.

Once the inauguration of the five members of the transport team is over, they each start preparing for the journey.

“Crozet-san, please take care of the Star Princess’s change of clothes.”

Due to the long journey, Tweney’s dress is frayed and dirty here and there. There’s no time to mend or wash it.

“What about the clothes?”

To Crozet’s question, Maasa answers as if it’s obvious.

“You have your old clothes, right?”

“Ah, the ones I air out every year?”

“I kept them for times like this.”

“Eh, really?”

The place where Tweney was taken by Crozet seemed to be a storeroom.

“Luo-kun, you can’t come in.”

As Luo (who followed naturally) is kicked out, Crozet starts rummaging through a large box.

“My Okaa-san has always kept my childhood clothes carefully. Although we have no other children, I thought she should have sold them, but it was for this unexpected reason. Okay, turn around.”

While chatting, Crozet efficiently moves her hands, fitting various clothes on Tweney’s body.

“If you dirty or tear the clothes, you’ll get scolded a lot. A child who doesn’t cherish things is not our child, she would say. But, it’s just clothes, right? And I’m just a child, right? It’s not like I did it on purpose. Well, let’s go to the room.”

The next place they went was Crozet’s private room.

“Luo-kun, no entry.”

Out of several combinations, Crozet chose simple, easy-to-move clothes. The fabric is thick and sturdy, with large buttons. For the first time, Tweney is going to wear pants, as there were no skirts.

“Good, it fits perfectly. Is it comfortable to move in?”

“It’s fine.”

Additionally, she tidies up the hair into a loose braid.

“You have very beautiful hair.”

It took quite some time, but Luo was waiting in the corridor. Crozet, with a grin, pushes Tweney in front of Luo.

“What do you think, Luo-kun?”


“Isn’t she cute?”

Luo stares at Tweney intently.


“Y, Yes.”

“You always look nice, but your outfit today suits you very well. I wish I could have you all to myself.”

Tweney blinked involuntarily. She was  pleased, but there was something off about the phrasing and pronunciation. Crozet seemed to feel the same, as they questioned with a skeptical gaze.

“Luo-kun, where did you learn to talk like that?”

“From Mom and Dad. They said that to each other.”

“Oh, how sweet.”

Then, the three of them moved to the living room. The tea Luo served had a rich aroma unlike any they had experienced before.

“Ah, this. My favorite.”

“It’s Purple Moss tea.”

It was said to grow on the cliff faces of what was known as the Grand Canyon in their hometown village. While Green Moss was abundant, Purple Moss was rarely found.

“Eh, really?”

Crozet, who had been sipping the tea, exclaimed in surprise.

“Green Moss is that high-grade seasoning Saji-san gave us, right? And this is even more rare?”

“I have seen it in a book.”

Tweney shared the knowledge. The text mentioned it as a phantom moss, traded in volumes akin to gemstones. They wondered what sort of taste and aroma it had.

“Traded in the same volume as gemstones.”

Hearing this, Crozet began to savor the tea more delicately.

They talked together. The tale of the “Star Guardian” Crozet told, differed from the grand myth Maasa had shared, it was a warm family story. Especially the progress of the “Star Guardian” after Luo joined, was exhilarating.

Tweney felt she had made a good memory.

Meeting Luo and Crozet, and having conversations with them was nice.

Now, she has no regrets.

Before dusk, they held the final meeting at the gathering place.

Using the “wilderness” map spread out on the table, Gangi explained the route to the “Altar of Endings.” However, the route could change significantly depending on the circumstances, so it was merely a guideline.

“The Black Neck Squad is probably searching for us with bloodshot eyes. Even within these walls, we are not safe. Let’s depart tonight.”

With Theresa’s declaration, a tense atmosphere descended upon the meeting place.

“Those who will accompany on the journey of trials are Gangi, Bekios, Chara, Bon, and Totom, five in total. That’s final. It’s the cherished desire of us “Star Guardians” for over forty years. Fulfill your duties well.”


With a feeling of deep emotion, the five knights bowed their heads.

“Wait a moment please.”

Crozet raised their hand to argue.

The girl was about to embark on a perilous journey. The mental pressure was immeasurable. In a narrow carriage with unfamiliar adults, she would not feel at ease.

“Therefore, I will go too. I am also a member of the “Star Guardian” after all.”

Theresa looked towards Tweney.

Tweney was looking straight ahead.

It was their way of expressing consent.

Initially, only one caretaker was supposed to accompany them. Maasa said she would go, but Tweney refused. Showing a worried face here might make Theresa unnecessarily concerned.

Theresa sighed, about to voice the reason for not allowing it when Gangi spoke.

“You are no good.”

“Why? It was the same last time, wasn’t it?”

Although a stubborn and scary-faced father, it seems he has a cute side too, Crozet said, having recently discovered this.

“You, stay here.”

Including Crozet, everyone looked surprised towards Gangi.

In the silence, Luo raised his hand.

“I will help too!”

Tweney was tense. He wanted to help those in trouble. There was no way Luo, who was acting on this thought, would stay silent.

Theresa pleaded in a coaxing tone.

“Luo. This is a crucial mission for the “Star Guardians”. Just this time, could you leave it to us?”

“I am a “Star Guardian” too.”

“I represent the “Star Guardians”. If you belong to the organization, you must follow orders from above. Understand?”

“Then I quit “Star Guardian”.”

Theresa growled in frustration.

While it made sense to lighten the carriage by reducing passengers like in Crozet’s case, it was different with Luo, who had the strength to fend off the Black Neck Squad. If they wanted to ensure the success of the journey of trials, seeking Luo’s assistance was the best option.

Yet, the reason Tweney requested Theresa not to take Luo along was extremely personal.

She thought her resolve would crumble.

Regardless of the morality of the situation, Luo would fulfill her wishes. Even if that meant betraying this country and its people.

If a thread of hope was seen in the darkness of despair,

Would she be able to endure it?

Furthermore, if she continued to be with Luo, parting would become harder. She might end up clinging to her, begging to stay together till the end, crying out loud.

“Oh dear, what a troublesome child.”

It seemed Theresa was having a hard time persuading the stubborn child.

Donning a mask of composure and suppressing emotions, Tweney spoke.

“Luo. I am fine.”

Both the refuser and the refused are hurt. Knowing this, Tweney said it.

“I have five reliable knights with me. Luo, please protect the others here. Once the task is over, I’ll surely return.”


Firmly, Luo refused.

“That’s what Mom and Dad said. You shouldn’t leave a crying girl alone. Even if she says no, stay by her side.”

A crack appeared on the mask.

The corner of her mouth trembled slightly.

She wasn’t crying. But the moment he spoke, real tears might spill. A mix of joy and sadness rendered Tweney speechless.

In the confused silence, Luo looked around nervously.

Both the old man and the old woman were hanging their heads with troubled faces, probably warned by Theresa beforehand. They couldn’t defy the will of the “Star Princess”, the inheritor of the Blood of the Goddess they worship, after all.

“Teacher Maasa.”

Lastly, Luo seemed to have been contemplating something as he looked at Maasa.



“Please, listen!”

With a start, Maasa gazed at Luo.

Then she, seemingly having made up her mind, nodded with a soft smile.

“Theresa-sama. There’s something I want to confirm.”

“What is it?”

“Since you appointed me as the next successor of the “Star Guardian”, you’ve mentioned several times that you would like to hand over the position to me if I am willing, right away. Is your stance still the same?”

“Why bring this up all of a sudden?”

“It’s important. Please answer.”

Theresa seemed displeased as she spat out.

“Of course. I’ve been getting impatient because you’ve been dilly-dallying.”

“In that case.”

Maasa bowed and stood up.

“I’ll take over the position of representative right here, right now.”


Amidst the stunned crowd, Maasa gave an order to Luo.

“Luo-san. I permit you to accompany on the journey of trials. Please protect the “Star Princess” diligently.”

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