Retrograde Hero – The Unskilled Boy Protects His Childhood Friend, The Female Hero, This Time – Chapter 6

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨'𝐬 𝐀𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐥

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨’𝐬 𝐀𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐥

“Ah, say ‘aah.'”

“Stop it. I can eat on my own now.”

Taking the spoon and bowl away from Stella, who had been indulging in this embarrassing ‘say aah’ play at Mom’s instigation for the past few days, I finally wolf down my breakfast using my newly recovered arms.

Mom, who had been watching, looked disappointed.

Ha, too bad.

Those humiliating moments are over now.

Several days have passed since the demon invasion, and during that time, I was forced to live a life of complete bedrest.

Even though Stella had awakened the powers of a hero, she could only use basic Healing Magic that she learned from Mom, so she couldn’t completely heal my injuries immediately.

It took a long time to recover my lost left arm and my shattered right arm.

Normally, you can’t heal missing limbs with basic Healing Magic.

However, Stella forcefully carried out the treatment with the immense magical power she gained when she awakened.

Mom’s eyes were wide open as she saw my left arm gradually growing back.

Nevertheless, it’s also true that both of my arms were unusable for several days until I fully recovered.

And Mom took advantage of that to scheme something unpleasant.

That was the embarrassing ‘say aah’ play.

Moreover, making Stella do it is the height of heresy.

Rather than suffer such humiliation, I tried to eat with my right arm, ignoring the intense pain, but was immediately vetoed because the pain showed on my face.

My right arm was wrapped and sealed in bandages, so I had no choice but to obediently accept Stella’s ‘say aah,’ which marked the beginning of this hellish time.

At first, Stella had an annoying smirk, but as she continued, it seemed her embarrassment overcame her, and in the end, she was teased by Mom and handed me the spoon with a completely red face.

I had no choice but to accept it with an equally red face.

It was hell.

It was basically torture.

What hurt the most was the pathetic realization that I felt a little happiness in this situation.

But today, that time of torture ends.

Although I’m still being made to lie down just to be safe, my arms have recovered.

My injuries are fully healed.

I, no, we are free!

Thinking that, when I looked at Stella, who had also overcome this hellish time with me, for some reason she looked a little disappointed as she looked at the spoon.

Stop it.

While we were engaged in this embarrassing yet somewhat joyful farce, the time came.

“They’ve really come, Stella! The village chief and the others are dealing with it in the square right now!”

“. . . . . .Alright. I’m coming, Dad.”

Uncle, who had come rushing in, was panting as he informed Stella, who then stood up.

I had already told Uncle and our family that this situation would probably arise in a few days.

They were skeptical because the basis was my dream, but after the demon attack happened just like my dream and I was on the brink of death, and Stella demonstrated incredible powers, they started to believe me a little.

But I guess they would still be shocked if it actually happened as I said.

For her part, Stella is not surprised at all.

On the contrary, she looks completely prepared, even dignified.

A face truly worthy of the name of a hero.

Seeing that face, I let out an inward sigh as I get up from the bed and reach out my hand to Stella.

“So, shall we go?”


Stella firmly grasps the hand I extended, and we start walking together.

Uncle and our family follow us.

However, they maintain a bit of distance for some reason.

If it’s not my imagination, everyone seems to have warm eyes, as if they are watching something heartwarming.

“Stella, you’re really going, aren’t you?”


To divert my attention from the warm gaze pouring down from behind, I strike up a conversation with Stella.

“Seriously, it’s unbelievable. Voluntarily going into a battle where you could die.

You should have run away before they arrived.”

Without thinking, the words just slip out of my mouth.

That’s right, this person chose to become a hero of her own will.

She could have run away since she knew what was coming, but instead, she chose to fight her fate.

I’ve also decided to fight, but honestly, I would have preferred if she had run away.

That’s why words like these keep coming out.

And Stella’s response to it is always the same.

“I’ve told you many times, that’s not an option.

If I don’t fight, humanity might be wiped out, right?

Then, Dad, Uncle, the village aunties, everyone in the village, and even you might die.

I don’t want that.”

“Maybe someone else could handle it.”

“Probably not. I sort of knew it when I awakened to this power. Right now, I’m the only one who can fight the Demon King.”

“. . . . . .Fine. If you say so.”

It’s admirable, really.

Choosing to fight in the end, be it in dreams or reality, is the same.

Perhaps this is the only person capable of being the hero after all.

Just as I was thinking that, I felt a tightening grip on Stella’s hand that was linked with mine.

“Also, I won’t die. After all, you’ll protect me, right?”

“Of course.”

It goes without saying.

In fact, the reason this person isn’t scared, unlike in my dreams, is because of me.

So, I have to be even more fired up.

As we were having this conversation, we head towards the central square of the village, where visitors have arrived.

When we got there, many people were present.

Most were villagers who had gathered out of curiosity, but the people talking to the village chief were different.

Wearing impressive armor and equipped with weapons that clearly meant business, these individuals were a sight to behold.

Just like I had seen in my dreams, these were the knights of this country.

And though I hadn’t realized it in my dream, I could see it now.

These folks, being dispatched to welcome the hero, were undoubtedly quite formidable each in their own right.

While their numbers were less than ten, each of them exuded a power equal to or greater than the demon I had fought recently.

Perhaps, they were all elite heroes with divine protection.

Especially, the old knight who seemed to lead the knights was outstanding with his splendid armor.

However, even from the perspective of such individuals, the hero felt exceptionally extraordinary. The moment they laid eyes on Stella, everyone except the old knight seemed taken aback.

“So, you have arrived. We have been waiting for you, Hero-sama.”

The old knight kneels and bows his head to Stella.

The other knights also adopt the same pose, but some seem dissatisfied.

They probably don’t like bowing their heads to me, who is standing next to Stella.

I’ve heard that those with divine protection often possess some strange elitist attitude.

“We have come for a specific reason that may surprise you, but I would like to explain. . . . . .”

“I know. You’ve come to fetch me because I’ve awakened to the power of the hero, right?”

“. . . . . .You are already aware. My apologies for assuming otherwise.”

The old knight seems somewhat astonished.

“So, what exactly do I have to do?”

“First, you will come with us to the capital.

There you will train until both your body and spirit are deemed worthy by the Holy Sword, then you will be formally introduced to the world.

After that, you will embark on a journey to defeat the Demon King.”

“I see.”

I find the whole thing quite presumptuous.

They plan to drag her into life-threatening situations without giving her any choice.

Listening to this, I strongly feel that a hero is both a savior and a sacrifice.

I understand it’s necessary for humanity, but I can’t accept it.

“I understand, but I have one condition.”

“Please, state your terms.”

“It’s simple. Take him with me.”

Stella pulls me forward by the hand.

The old knight looks at me with a serious expression.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Allan. I’m her childhood friend.”

“H, How dare you?! To refer to Hero-sama in such a disrespectful way. . . . . .”

“Doug, restrain yourself. We are in the presence of Hero-sama.”

“My apologies!”

One of the knights yelled at me, but an old knight immediately silenced him with an imposing aura.

I felt chills, even though the pressure wasn’t directed at me.

I knew it, this guy is. . . . . .

“. . . . . .I understand, but that might be a bit difficult.

Only [Holy Warriors] can accompany the hero.

Even those with ordinary divine protection are not qualified.

Do you know why?

Because they lack the strength. The Demon King and high-ranking demons possess an entirely different level of power.

Even heroes with divine protection would only become a hindrance when fighting against them.

Especially that boy. . . . . .”

“Allan is strong!”

Stella immediately retorted, but the knights didn’t seem impressed. Probably because they consider it child’s play.

Well, that figures.

Apparently, those who have divine protection can sense it in others.

It’s as if they can feel a specific aura emitted by divine protection, something like that.

In fact, that’s the only way to identify someone who has divine protection.

The reason the knights were taken aback earlier was probably that they felt an overwhelming aura of Hero’s Divine Protection from Stella.

People with divine protection can identify if someone else has it.

So, they’ve realized that I don’t have divine protection.

It’s impossible for someone without divine protection to defeat someone with it.

That’s the common sense of this world.

That’s why, no matter how much Stella claims I’m strong, it’s not persuasive.

Then I’ll have to show them.

I let go of Stella’s hand and step in front of the knights.

The knights look skeptical, the old knight gazes sharply, and Stella looks at me with eyes full of trust.

As I absorb these gazes, I speak.

“If you doubt that I can be a companion to the hero, why don’t you test me directly?

━━Come at me. I’ll prove my strength.”

“You arrogant…! A mere brat without divine protection dares to—”

“Restrain yourself, Doug!”

Triggered by my provocative words, one of the knights stood up with great momentum.

It’s the same muscular knight with a name Doug who accused me of being disrespectful earlier.

It seems he really doesn’t like me.

“Don’t stop me, Captain! This arrogant brat needs to be taught a lesson!”

Saying so, the knight Doug swings his fist at me.

Perhaps he has some sense of decency, as his fist moves much slower than the scythe of the previous demon.

A direct hit wouldn’t kill me.

So, there’s no need to draw my sword.

I catch knight Doug’s fist with my left hand.

Of course, there’s no way I can stop the superhuman strength of someone with divine protection. My body rotates to the left to deflect the momentum of the fist.

By applying the principles of Flowing Blade, the damage has been completely minimized, and the power of the fist has been transformed into rotational force.

Riding on the momentum of the rotation, I counter by kicking him square in the groin.


In an instant, he crumples, clutching his groin and turning pale.

Thankfully, the blow was restrained, so nothing is crushed.

However, the expressions of the male knights and village men who witnessed it are grim.

The only one among the men who isn’t shaken is the old knight.

“How about that. Do you acknowledge me a bit now?”

“. . . . . . Hmm.”

The old knight rises to his feet, nodding in what appears to be admiration.

In his eyes, a faint glimmer of fighting spirit.

. . . . . . It seems that the real battle starts now.

I brace myself for what’s to come.

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