Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Hot Springs Village and the Legendary Castle 13

Status bonuses can reach four digits, with no upper limit.

The ability to discard all previous items.

The multiplier for all abilities is also the most powerful.

and, of course, the ability to summon Holy Sword Wave.

Last but not least, the “castle lord” skill.

The Castle Knight stated that he needed the “Castle Lord” skill to command him.

This old man recognized the skill’s name.

Yes, after defeating Dormina the Dragonmancer and reclaiming Tina.

I wanted to know what would happen if I stored the “Holy Sword Tear” that had changed back to its original form.

I saw the same information I see now at the time.

I tried to store it, but I couldn’t.

This is due to the item box’s limited capacity.

That’s when I realized what was going on.

The Holy Sword takes up an overwhelming amount of space in the item box.

Even 100% is insufficient in comparison to other items.

I guess that this old man is not a being that can be recognized by the holy sword, and forcing him to accept it would be a huge burden.

But now, thanks to the dwarves, I’ve managed to make the Holy Sword Tear work…!

“Go ahead, Ash, do it!”


In high spirits, this old man holds up the holy sword and proclaims.

“Holy Sword, enter this old man!”


The sword vanishes.

“Huh…?! What happened to the sword?!”

The Castle Knight asks a perplexed question.

This old man’s item box is…

Usage Rate: 199/215%

Thanks to the dwarves’ help. I was successful in storing it.

However, the usage rate of “Holy Sword Tear”, which I took in by force, is 111% more than I expected.

It’s a heavy cost, indeed. Well, it’s absolutely required for the “Castle Lord” skill to work, and the other effects are also amazing.

Anyway, this old man decides to try out the “Castle Lord” skill he just acquired.

“Hey…! Castle Knight! Do you think it’s past time for you to stop taking long baths? Why don’t you get up and leave…?

“Aaaaah! Who are you talking to, you little sh*t?!”

Regardless of what it says…


The Castle Knight rises and exits the hot water pond.

I hope this will restore the flow of the hot spring.

“WTF…?! How…?! What’s going on? W-What the hell happened?! Could it be…?!”

“That’s right! From today onwards, this old man is your “Castle Lord”! I’ll take good care of you, okay?”

“Noooooooooooooo…! Why do I have to obey this little brat?! I can’t stand it! I’ve just been freed!”

“Ash. It’s defiant. Anyway, let’s make it run around in circles three times and bark three times to show it the ropes.”

“No, no, don’t go that far…”

This old man said to Tina.


Thud… thud… thud…

With a loud thud, the Castle Knight spins in place.

Once, twice, and three times more.

“Woof! Aaaaaaaaahhhh?”

“…! Does that mean it’ll obey Tina’s commands as well?”

“What did you do, you f*cking b*tch?”

“Another time!”

“… Woof! Aaahhhh!”

“OK, keep going until I say so!”


The Castle Knight begins to spin around.

“See, Ash, it appears that I, too, have the right to be “Castle Lord.”

“I-I see… must be one of the effects of One Life.”

But the “Dragonmancer” skill doesn’t seem to be shared with Tina.

“Hmm, does the “Castle Lord” skill mean I can order The Castle Knight to do things because we shared “One Life?”

“Let’s not get bogged down in the details! That means the house is the couple’s joint property, doesn’t it? You understand what I mean!”

Tina satisfiedly nodded her head.

“Well, if Tina is cool with it, then this old man is cool with it.”

“You’re a jerk! You’re a “woof”! You desecrated the Hero’s Castle “woof”! You “woof” will die for this!”

They are pitiful, yelling and woofing.

“A castle on the move is ideal for our new mobile home! The only issue is that he has a bad mouth, but we’ll tell him to shut up for good, won’t we?”


It couldn’t bark any longer, so it just circled in silence.

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