Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Hot Springs Village and the Legendary Castle 12

“Wonderful technique…!”

Is this Tina’s skill, the holy sword’s power, or both?

In any case, it’s a strong and impressive move.

This old man would like to use this technique too…!

A fiancée, a partner who makes you feel like this. Isn’t that fantastic?

“Kukuku… All right, now it’s your turn…!”

It’s a little unsettling to see her smile and wobble towards The Castle Knight, but―.

“H-Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! We’re going to go all-out war against the Demon King’s Army! Are you certain about this? Stop now, before it’s too late! This place and the human town above will pay for it! I’ll give you a pass if you just back off!”

“I couldn’t care less! The crime of defiling me, who only belongs to Ash, is too heavy! It is not up to you to decide whether or not to forgive me! Now make your decision! You can either continue to resist and be turned into junk, or you can surrender and be turned into junk peacefully!”

“No, they’re both going to crap, aren’t they?!” There’s nothing to forgive, is there?!”

“Certainly not! You’ll never be forgiven!”

“Tina! Stop, stop, I’m ready! “

This old man calls out as he runs to Tina.

“No! I’m not going to let this junk get away with it! I’m going to annihilate it!”

Tina pleads with this old man with teary eyes, as if she were a spoiled child.

When she tries to swing the holy sword again, the old man puts Donna down and confronts Tina.

“Tina, relax…! Just put down the sword!”

“Don’t stop me, Ash; I won’t be able to kill him!”

The height difference makes finding a good sprocket difficult.

It’s like receiving a hug from behind the waist.

And as we struggle, I lose my footing.

“Whoa?!” “

I fell down, Tina’s face was right in front of me.

Tina is lying on her back with this old man on top of her.

“Ash… um…”

Tina’s cheeks flush slightly, and she softly closes her eyes.

She’s in perfect posture waiting for a kiss.


Furthermore, she takes this old man’s hand in hers and guides him to touch her breast.


Her expression is endearing, and her hands are soft to the touch. I’m drawn to her, but… But now is not the time…

“Please give me the sword. You don’t require that for a kiss, do you?”

Tina’s cheek is gently caressed by me.

“Yes, Ash is right…”

This old man stands up after receiving the holy sword from Tina.

“Castle Knight! This old man will peacefully settle this mess!”

“Huh…?! A shrimp like you will?!”

The Castle Knight fixes his gaze on me.

His tone is a bit of a scornful one.

Tina quickly rises behind me.

“Ash! Why did you not kiss me?! You only took away my sword!”

“W-Wait a minute, it’s a public place… I’ll give it to you before we go to bed.”

“Hmm… I thought I got one!”

“Wasn’t this old man borrowing the Holy Sword part of the plan?”

“Yeah, but… I was going to change the plans and smash that guy. Isn’t Ash also angry that that thing has defiled me?”

“No, Tina was making a big deal out of it. Let’s give it some thought, shall we? This old man will now be the owner of The Castle Knight. What’s mine is what I’ve done! I won’t let it happen again, so please forgive me…!”

“Oh, I see..I don’t think I’ll smash Ash’s stuff.”

The Castle Knight sees this and gives me a glare.

“Who will be the kid’s?! I don’t think you’ll be able to do it! That’s a lot less likely than Oneechan annihilating me!”


“Look, the holy sword isn’t even shining! You are not permitted to use the sword! What are you going to do with it, you moron?!”

The “Holy Sword Tear” in this old man’s hand does not shine as brightly as it did when Tina held it.

This is due to the fact that this old man lacks the [Holy Warrior] ability to wield the Holy Sword.

Even so, the Holy Sword Tear is a fantastic sword for this old man.

In some ways, this old man may be able to use the holy sword better than Tina.

“You’re the one who’s a moron! Look, Ash will force you to kneel a thousand times in a row! No matter how much you scream and cry, no one will come to your aid!”

Tina’s statement aside, the holy sword for this old man appears to be this.

[Holy Sword Tear]

Storage Status Bonus:

Arm Strength+1000(Upper Limit: ∞)

Physical Strength +1000(Upper Limit: ∞)

Agility+1000(Upper Limit: ∞)

Magic+1000(Upper Limit: ∞)

Spirit+1000(Upper Limit: ∞)

All Abilities Increased x1.5

When stored, the weapon gains the power of the holy sword.

When stored, the skill “Castle Lord” is acquired.

It’s a little insane to look at.

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