Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Hot Springs Village and the Legendary Castle 10

“Hahaha…! Tina’s got the boss’s statue.”

“We’re now clear… Grandpa and the others should be inside!””

“All right, let’s open the door!””

This old man uses all of his strength to push the large door open. But―

“Damn…! This thing is heavy…!”

“I’ll help you…Ah, it’s useless!”

“Alright, I didn’t want to break too many things, but I’m going to break this open! Donna, back off!”

Donna is forced to step back as this old man raises the Greatsword of Black Dragon Scales to the sky.

“Weapon Transformation!”


The blade has become huge. matched in length and thickness to the door, which faces upwards.

“Wow…! It’s enormous…!”

“Here we go… Daybreak!”

A massive sword blade with a golden aura slams into the door!


The massive door crumbles and explodes, revealing a massive gap.

Some sort of gleaming golden light is leaking from behind it.

This old man and the others went inside right away.


“And the door has been blown off…?! That’s a lot of strength…!”

“We couldn’t even get through that door with a bunch of us!”

There were several dwarves inside who were working on something.

The dwarfs were apparently painting a bathhouse in the castle with gold.

They came to a halt and stared at us in awe.

“Grandpa! Everyone! Is everything okay with you?”

As she walks forward, Donna yells.

This old man follows her.

“Well… It’s not a pretty sight.”

The Castle Knight is the one who imprisons the dwarves and forces them to do its bidding. It’s a terrible show that ruins the quiet castle atmosphere that this old man likes.

As I speak, Donna appears to have found her grandfather.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, are you all right?!”

The dwarves are small and muscular, but Donna’s grandfather has the most magnificent beard and body, and although he is an old dwarf with a white beard, he still looks full of life.

He has the appearance of a hard-headed craftsman or a master.

“Donna! That’s my line! I was worried when you didn’t come back after The Castle Knight punished you for screwing up!”

“I’m perfectly fine! I was having some difficulties, and Ash-kun over here came to my aid!”

“Oh! You’ve taken care of my granddaughter, boy. I’m Warr, Donna’s grandpa. Thank you!”

And he gives this old man a pat on the back.

“No, it’s your grandchild who has come all the way to the surface to tell us about the Castle Knight. Now this old man and the others know about this place.”

“What?! You went above ground, Donna?! I’m glad you were safe…”

“Yes! Everything works out in the end”

“No. There’s nothing you can do about The Castle Knight…! Boy.Thank you for rescuing Donna, but you’d better get out of here! We’re responsible for digging up this thing, so we’ll have to keep The Castle Knight happy and out of trouble. I’m sorry I didn’t bring you anything. No. if you don’t mind dwarf money? It’s real, okay?”

“No, no, I’m not here for the money. But why are you doing this?”

“I want to ask too! It’s threatening us with gilding the bath with gold from the treasury! It claims it will not let us leave until the renovation is completed! Who would want to do a job like that?!”

It appears to be a difficult task for the Dwarven craftsmen’s pride.

“I see. I knew it was a pastime of his. Then let’s put an end to this and let this old man take care of it.”

“What?! What can you do about it?! The force that shattered that door is impressive, but isn’t it just the tip of The Castle Knight’s little finger?”

“This old man can’t do much on his own, but we will subdue and tame The Castle Knight with the help of the dwarves here!”

“Huh…?! You mean tame it rather than destroy it?!”

“Yes, despite its personal issues, it is a hero’s relic. The allure of history. It is valuable. There is no reason to destroy it if we can properly take the reins.”

“You. You’re young and speak like an old man, but you have some linguistic sense. I wouldn’t nod if all you wanted to do was tear it down, but if that’s what you want, we’ll help you! What can we do for you?”

“”Master Warr! We’ll help too!””

“”Alright! Hey, boy! What are we going to do?!””

The other dwarves and Master Warr nodded.

Donna and I looked at each other and nodded.

“Everyone! I’d like you to lend Ash-kun your tool bags!”

“Huh?! tool bags?! That’s our souls. You know, our parents gave them to us along with our lives? When your parents pass away, this acts as a parental figurehead. You want me to lend it to you?!”

Dwarves are a race of master craftsmen who specialize in blacksmithing and crafting.

When a new child is born, the parents create a tool bag in which they store all of the work tools that will benefit the child in the future.

They are created through a secret process that is unique to them, and their storage capacity is said to be so large that dwarves who work with a wide range of tools and materials will not have to worry about storage for the rest of their lives.

The magical bags circulating among humans, including this old man, are simple, mass-produced products that replicate only a small portion of the manufacturing process.

Let’s say it’s the origin of humans’ tool bags.

Of course, this old man has to ‘store’ them, but for your information, the effect of Donna’s tool bag, which has already been [stored], is as follows.

[Dwarf’s Tool Bag]

Storage Status Bonus:

+5% Item Box Usage Limit

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