My Presumed Fiancé, Who I Thought Was Around 120 Years Old and Whose Face I Didn’t Know, Turned Out To Be a Transcendent Beauty – Chapter 70

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟎

A few days later, Mabel and Eugene arrived at the harbor. Among the crew members who were unloading provisions and cargo, Mabel spotted Amane and waved her hands while calling his name.



Amane, with a delighted expression, excused himself from the crew member next to him and rushed over to Mabel. He had a flashy turban wrapped around his silver hair, and his originally tan skin was now even more radiant from the sun.

“You came.”

“Yes. I believe today is the day of departure, right?”

Amane, who had suffered a serious injury that night, had recovered at an astonishing speed thanks to Row’s treatment. Once he was able to move normally again, Amane had secretly become an apprentice to the men of the Eakes sea, concealing his true identity.

“Ah, being used by others can be quite interesting. Sometimes I get scolded right away, and even those smaller than me raise their chins as seniors.”

Fortunately, it seemed that no one recognized his face clearly, allowing Amane to work as an ordinary young man. Remembering Amane’s former arrogant attitude, Mabel couldn’t help but complain, but she couldn’t help but smile at his cheerful appearance.

Perhaps once Amane’s subordinates returned to Kytha, news of their master’s demise would reach them. Based on that, his ties to Kytha would be severed, and he would truly be free.

“Are you really okay? Um, maybe we can find a way for you to return to Kytha even now.”

“It’s fine. I no longer want to be bound by that country or the royal family.”

Amane looked straight into Mabel’s slightly anxious eyes.

The color of the magnificent sunset sinking into the sea. His eyes seemed to exude a calmness as if he had been freed from heavy shackles.

Seeing that, Mabel smiled, lifting the corners of her mouth.

“…Alright. I’ll support you.”


Saying that, Amane also turned his gaze to Eugene, who was standing behind Mabel.

“I caused you trouble too.”


“You know, you should say something like, “It’s not a problem,” even if it’s a lie.”

Amane burst into laughter. Eugene frowned beneath his mask, but Mabel, who was by his side, sensed that it wasn’t just disgust like before.

“Well, it’s fine. ―It seems like you’ve finally let go.”


After briefly looking at Eugene, Amane turned his gentle gaze toward Mabel.

“Mabel, I have one favor to ask.”


“I’m no longer a prince of Kytha. So, could you call me Amane?”

Caught off guard, Mabel stumbled over her words, and Amane challengingly smiled at her. His face had a gentle expression, free from the constraints of royalty and heavy responsibilities. Mabel could only smile wryly and softly put her words into sound.

“Take care―Amane.”

“… Ah, I’ll be right back.”

As if savoring the name he was called, Amane narrowed his eyes.

At the same time, he pulled Mabel close and quickly planted a kiss on her cheek.



Before a startled Mabel could even utter a sound, Amane released her embrace and swiftly crouched down in that spot. Then, a sharp, white blade of wind flew towards the place where Amane’s face had been just moments ago.

When Mabel turned around, Eugene was extending his arm straight ahead with a menacing glare. Amane, who had stood up, raised one corner of his mouth in a smirk.

“Heh, too naive.”

“I missed on purpose. I didn’t want Mabel to witness that scene.”

“Is that so?”

Once again, a swift wave of white passed through the air, and Amane deftly dodged it. Feeling as if she could hear Eugene clicking his tongue from behind, Mabel made a gesture to calm the situation, as it would be undesirable for the damage to spread any further.

Amane, who had started running, returned to the ship as the senior crew members called out to him. From the top of the elevated deck, he waved his hand vigorously toward Mabel and the others.

“Mabel! I’ll come back as a man who’s a size bigger! When I return, I’ll propose to you again!”

Be prepared! Amane laughed boldly, and Mabel, still blushing, shouted back, 

“That’s impossible!”

“He’s gone…”

“He still likes to mess around, even now…”

As they bid farewell to the ship Amane had boarded, the two of them reminisced about the storm that had passed, each wearing a complex expression.

“Shall we go back too, Eugene-san?”

“. . .”

Mabel urged him to turn back and head home, but strangely, Eugene remained motionless, not making any attempt to move. Instead, he stared intently at Mabel.

“W-What’s wrong?”

‘Is he annoyed that I addressed him formally?’

Ah, Mabel stammered.

Indeed, she still used the honorific “san” when addressing Eugene. But it felt embarrassing to change it now, so Mabel glanced at Eugene, trying to gauge his reaction.

However, Eugene continued to wait patiently behind his mask, silently anticipating Mabel to call him by his name. It seemed there was no option but to do so, and Mabel resigned herself to it.



No response. It seemed he still wanted to be called more.




Mabel, now blushing, half-desperately shouted.

In response, Eugene placed a hand over his mouth and began to secretly laugh, as if holding back. Realizing that she was being teased, Mabel turned on her heels, leaving Eugene behind, and started walking briskly.

“I won’t call you anymore!”

“Just kidding. I’m sorry.”

Finally, when Eugene’s laughter subsided, he followed after Mabel.

A gentle ripple spread softly as if blessing the future of the two, as they walked together.

(The End)

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