My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 58.3

The soldiers and weapons deployed from the armies were attacked without a moment to assess their surroundings.

The Xenotera covering the ground seized their boots, while various Chimeraz structures and organic tissues transformed their aggressive organs.

Simultaneously, from all the surrounding structures, existing Chimeraz, mutated Chimeraz, transformed Chimeraz, and feral Chimeraz poured forth like a tidal wave.

“Secure the frontline! We must seize control of the planet before the main force is overwhelmed!”

“Commence engagement!”

A ten-meter-tall polyhedral tank with a rotating turret resembling a head and multiple gauss cannon barrels spewed fire.


The rotating tungsten shells burst the knee joints of the Kabana charging at the forefront. Subsequently, infantrymen disembarking nearby quickly rallied around the polyhedral tank, employing various firearms attached to their combat suits.


The primary weapons of the disembarking infantry were directed-energy weapons. Among them, it was an optical weapon with the advantage of low recoil and hitting at the same time as it was fired. Their optical weapons fired high-powered invisible lasers in rapid succession.

The Kabana and Hounz waves, surging forward like a wave, were struck by invisible projectiles and exploded along with the surrounding air.

However, despite the continuous and accurate volleys fired by the infantry, the number of Hounz and Kabana did not seem to diminish amid the explosions.


Although they were wounded and fell after being struck by the high-powered lasers, they continued to charge, refusing to die. This was due to the light-reflecting dermal layer beneath their exoskeletons.

“The infantry’s primary weapons are ineffective!”

“Requesting additional fire support units and armies to the current coordinates!”

“You’re requesting too much? What the. . .”

The next message from the fleet dampened the infantry’s morale.

“Dammit! Emergency announcement! Personal optical firearms are ineffective against the Chimeraz!”

The Chimeraz had evolved to develop resistance against optical weapons. It was not limited to specific individuals; all Chimeraz possessed this trait.

Apparently, it did not matter whether they were on the ground or flying in space, the Chimeraz were no longer easily killed by optical weapons.

Even as the news spread across the battlefield, the Chimeraz legions on the ground were slaughtering the disembarked UNF troops.

“Our only gauss weapons are here! There are no particle weapons!”

Perhaps due to numerous requests from disembarking troops elsewhere, noisy bombers and drones were currently flying overhead, unleashing carpet bombings on local areas.

. . . Screech!


Mutated Crepitus flying at low altitudes were exploding in succession, taking down airborne troops one after another. Meanwhile, the armies were breaking through the aerial battle and descending towards the ground.

The ground forces were unaware at the time that these armies were not intended to support them on the ground but were in fact carrying troops who had escaped from ships shot down in space.

At some point, even the support of orbital bombardment had ceased.

The Chimeraz of all kinds covered the sky and the earth in darkness.

“What kind of creatures are these?!”

The colony planet was truly the Chimeraz’s world.

The dead Chimeraz, covered in Xenotera in the rear, were reviving once again.

On the ground, which they had defined as the frontline, the crocodile-like snouts of Skeletunnels burst forth from beneath their feet.

Now, it was not drones, bombers, or attack helicopters that were unilaterally launching bombardments, but Cresecters and Crepitus.

“. . . This is hell.”

The countless descending armies were not a source of hope but of despair, and the explosions beyond the sky were not battles but remnants of a massacre.

Amid the battlefield, the voices of humans were screams, and the roars of these foreign creatures, which drowned out the screams, were louder than the rumbling of the descending armies.

Eventually, the cornered troops chose to detonate nuclear bombs they had brought with them rather than be killed by the Chimeraz.

Those desperate nuclear explosions occurred in various regions at similar times, and the vanguard fleets met their end far sooner than the main force.

➖Kill them all!

➖Protect the master’s resting place! We must protect the territory of our race!

➖How dare they launch a nuclear attack on my colony. . .! Tear that fleet apart!

➖We’ve cleaned up here. We’ll start producing spacecraft using the enemy corpses and ground entities as resources.

➖Avenge Nazar-nim! Don’t let a single one survive!

➖The UNF, humanity’s pride, shall fall today!

➖It’s not time to revel in victory yet. . . The leaders who succeeded in defending will assist the master. . . The UNF’s true strength lies here. . .

The leaders hated them as much as they hated the Chimeraz. As their beloved soldiers and children perished, the chasm of hatred deepened.

➖And to the leaders who need assistance. . . Survive on your own until support arrives. . .

➖I will join you, Ludwig-nim.

➖I’ll send my children to your side.

➖I will join the fight!

➖Dealing with those who came to me is a bit troublesome, but I’ll fight till the end.

All the leaders had gathered, but where had the Chimeraz individuals who could not fight in space gone?

The answer was simple.

They were all hiding in the colony areas of the planets and satellites.

And the most crucial battle in the Hecartra star system continued to unfold.

The UNF fleet, led by the mothership Eirene, consisting of 200 fleets.

The Chimeraz’s 370 fleets, which had revealed new types of spacecraft, the Euryale, Fleetcupper, and Shockphonia.

The large-scale fleets of the two forces clashing in space resulted in immeasurable destruction and death, and the spectacle was so intense that both sides felt an indescribable sense of despair.

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