Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 28

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There were no more loops. Lumina was lying on the bed, staring at her hand.

When she closes her eyelids, the event at the end of the loop comes back to her.

It was hard.

It was sad.

It was painful.

She cried and wondered why she wasn’t Stephen’s destiny.

It was frustrating.

She wondered why he did not love her back when she loved him so much.

However, Sharon whispered her love and felt loved, and in spending time with him, she realized the distortion of her love.

——I think I was obsessed.

She finally realized that by developing feelings for Sharon.

Stephan and Sophie both expressed their pain that the love they felt for each other had come through a game.

Lumina, on the other hand, learned from Sharon that love is something that develops over time and passed this onto the two of them.

There is a chance that if these feelings last, they’ll grow into a love between the two confident people, no matter what the game is like.

A giggle and a self-mocking smile break out.

She never thought she would ever have to talk about love with someone who had betrayed her dozens of times.

She thought that was unforgivable.

She didn’t want to forgive.

Her heart was finally clear when she felt her fate with Sharon, and she didn’t want to hold on to the hatred she had for Stephan and Sophie.

She didn’t want to keep it.

She forgives them.

She can justifiably say that.

Sharon says he will accept her past efforts and give her happiness from now on.

That’s why she could forgive them.

The love she had for Stephan was muddy,

but the love she had for Sharon was sparkling.

The love you hold in your heart should be beautiful.

“Milady, Sharon-Sama sent this to you~.”

The lively voice of a maid

There was a bouquet of lovely pink flowers in her hand.

[To my beloved Lumina, have a good dream]

A handwritten message with a few words.

Sharon’s gentle reminder to Lumina not to have scary dreams.

She thinks with a laugh that Stephan should learn this kind of casualness from Sharon.

She receives the  bouquet of flowers from the maid and slowly inhales the sweet scent into her chest.”

Thanks to your presence, I’m sure I could be nice in this world.”

Lumina felt happy that she could have a happy dream.

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