Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 27

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Does the story end with the breakup of the engagement?

Does the game repeat itself?

But you see, in both stories and games, when people have feelings, there is always a sequel.

In the beautifully decorated venue.

——A scene I’ve gazed upon dozens of times.

The light from the chandelier gleams on this beautiful stage, and the villainess will be told that her engagement has been broken off.

The villainess in the bright red dress who has been interrupting the couple’s talk of true love.

Tonight, she will be sentenced.

Lumina’s heart aches at the sight she’s experienced so many times.

Even though this world is a fabrication, she knows she is here.

She has been hurt a lot.

She has suffered a lot.

The thought that this eternal world will repeat makes her sad.


She looks up in front of her and sees Stephan, a handsome man with dark circles under his puffy, weeping eyes.

Lumina laughs, thinking that it would be nice to see him look like that at least once.

——It’s refreshing to hear his voice trembling.

“Lumina Larache. My engagement to you… As of today… I will cancel it!”

She has heard these words dozens of times, but never before has she heard such a dull voice.

Somehow, she feels sorry that His Highness has to bear all the pain of the past, but her heart feels relieved.

The hall became silent.

Normally, she was alone, listening to the words of Stephan and Sophie, who cuddled up to him.

But today, His Highness is alone, looking like he is about to cry, facing Lumina.

And beside Lumina stood Sharon and Sophie, whose eyes were as red as rabbits.

Finally, the last words are about to be spoken and the loop will start.

——Once I leave, the story ends.

Lumina looked up at Sharon, and Sharon looked up at Lumina.

“I love you…Sharon-sama.”

Lumina closed her eyes.

Sharon then pressed a soft kiss onto Lumina’s lips.

Lumina received it and waited for the end to come.

She was not embarrassed to be kissed in front of everyone, knowing that the loop would start again.

Once she opens her eyes, she’ll find herself ten years old.

She’ll see her little hands again.


She heard a rustle.

The feeling of lying in bed will never come.


She opens her eyes, and it’s still a glittering venue.

Lumina looks at Stephan, looks up at Sharon, looks around, and thinks.

She wonders if she should say her exit line, and hastens to give a beautiful curtsy.

“Your Highness, I humbly accept the termination of our engagement.”

In the past, this line would also start the loop.

She squeezes her eyes shut.

This time it ends.

This time she’ll come back.

She’ll see her little hand.

But she’s too scared to open her eyes.

And for some reason, the warmth of Sharon’s hand squeezing her won’t go away.

——It won’t go away.

Lumina slowly opens her eyes.

Stephan rolls his eyes, and the next moment, Sophie’s voice sounds like a yell.


Sophie hugged Lumina vigorously.

The force almost knocked Lumina down, but Sharon supported her back.


Lumina was stunned.

In front of her was Sophie, her face soaking wet and crying.

The hall becomes noisy.

She looks at Stephan, who has regained his energy and a big smile on his face, and says,

“I have broken off the engagement with Lumina Larache! The reason is that my best friend and Lumina are really in love! I could have called it off, but I wanted to show everyone! I hope you all agree with the engagement breakup and also with Sharon and Lumina’s engagement!”

The hall rose in an instant, and cheers and applause broke out.

After Lumina was stunned, she felt the heat gradually gathering in her face.

Not the least of which is Sophie, who comes to her crying.

Dying of embarrassment, Lumina turns red and covers her face with her hands to hide the blunder she has made.

Various words fly around the hall.

“I was surprised! But congratulations on your engagement!”

“Haha! His Highness, do something stylish!”

“Breaking off an engagement to celebrate two people you love is a strange thing to do!”

“Oh, my goodness… Kissing in front of everyone like that?! How lovely!”

“Wow, I envy you.”

“Come on, Loop!”

She can’t do it.

Lumina wished for the first time.

But the loop never came for Lumina again.


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