Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 24

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Lumina was then squeezed tightly by her father, Edwin, who came running into the lake-side villa with a pale face.

“If you don’t like it, we can call off the engagement right now.”

Her father’s words made her teary eyes break down again, and Lumina returned home with her father and Sharon.

Edwin thanked Sharon for going after Lumina, and as they drove home together, he said to Lumina, who had left the carriage.

“You’ve done a great job so far. I will go and talk to His Majesty the King.”

Lumina nodded, and Sharon said to Edwin.

“May I come with you?”

“Yes, of course.”

Edwin and Sharon got into the carriage and headed for the royal castle.

Lumina saw them off and went back to her room, breathing heavily.

She wondered if this was the right decision.

And then it occurred to her.

——If the engagement is broken off at this point, will I be in a loop again?

That’s when it happened.

Suddenly, the door was opened and Sophie came into the room without saying a word.

Although they are sisters, courtesy is important, and opening the door without saying anything raises the question of whether a lady is truly educated.

Lumina flashes a troubled smile and says.

“Sophie? You have to knock properly, don’t you?”

Lumina wondered why her sister, who usually apologized in a cheerful voice, was so quiet.

“Listen, Oneesama, I’ve come to talk to you.”

“Yes? What is it?”

Lumina is uncomfortable with Sophie’s slightly different mood, but she accepts it as usual.

However, as Sophie gets closer, a shiver runs down her spine.


The moment she saw those eyes, Lumina rose to her feet in a sense of alarm.

Sophie’s eyes are red, as if she has been crying.

Then she comes closer, step by step.

“No matter how hard you try, it’s no use… Oneesama. Why don’t you follow the story properly?”


“This world is just a story that repeats itself. It’s a game. If we don’t follow the storyline, the game won’t progress.

A chill runs up and down her spine at the sound of her mumbling.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“It’s going to be released soon… Why isn’t Oneesama the only one who can’t move properly… Because you’re not moving properly…”

“Hey, Sophie. What’s wrong with you? You’re acting weird.”

“It’s Oneesama… who’s acting weird. Because… you’re the bug in this game.”


Sophie shouted, distorting her face sadly, as if she had been cornered.

“The characters have to follow the story! In the case of your route, only Oneesama doesn’t move properly. That’s why everyone has to repeat His Highness’s route dozens of dozens of times…”

Sophie said when Lumina wrinkled her brows without knowing what it meant.

“We are pieces. The game characters—Oneesama is a villainess. I am the heroine of the main character.”

Lumina thinks about the words being said in her head and then suddenly comes to a realization.

“…Game characters…Repeats itself?”

There are many things she doesn’t understand in the words, but when she connects the parts then…


Lumina nods and looks Sophie in the eye.

“Yes. I see… That’s why I’ll never be loved—you’re the one his highness is destined for.”

“Yes… it’s terrible… Oneesama is very nice…And I’m the worst sister. I know how hard you work, and yet I take away the one you love…”

Sophie’s tears dripped down her cheeks. Her eyes are red and her lips are pale.

In contrast to Sophie, Lumina’s eyes brighten and she smiles as if she finally understands.

“It wasn’t my fault, was it? It was a story. That’s the way it works. That’s why he doesn’t love me! Ufufu! Oh, my God. It wasn’t that I wasn’t attractive enough or anything. It makes sense now!”

Sophie was surprised by Lumina’s slightly different reaction and tilted her head back with tears in her eyes.

Lumina then said to Sophie.

“His Highness’ destiny is yours… We had no choice but to continue following the story… Ara? … For a long time, I’ve felt betrayed by His Highness, but he couldn’t help himself… Sophie had to be in pain as well.”

——If you think of it that way, it makes perfect sense.

Lumina smiled.

“Thank you for telling me. But why did you tell me this time?”

Sophie answered quietly.

“…If things go on like this, the game won’t be released, so we have to make sure Oneesama works.”

“By the way, why did you come to tell me that this time? Or rather, how did you know about it?”

“To keep things going according to the scenario, I… I’ve been rewritten for one last chance. Until just now… I didn’t know that… I was happy…”

——So Sophie has just been following the scenario all along.

Lumina thinks so, but then she sees something shiny that Sophie pulls out, and makes her hair stand up.

Sophie held a silver knife in her shaking hands.

“I have to make it right… Otherwise, the story will end…”

“Sophie? Please calm down.”

“I have to… I have to make it right!!!”

Sophie clutched the silver knife tightly.

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