Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: An absurd reason for marriage

“I inherited the title, so I can’t spend my whole life as a single person. The ministers are clamoring to marry off their daughters to me. I don’t want to be involved in such political things. Also, some of my relatives are a bit scheming. When I was away on a campaign before, they took advantage of my territory. As a military person, if a war starts, I’ll head to the battlefront. That’s why I want to entrust my territory to you while I’m away.” 

(Entrust my territory to you while I’m away?)

Shocked, she blinked in surprise at the unexpected words.

“Is that because you trust me?”

“No, I had a background check done, but I don’t know your inner self. However, based on your status, I don’t think you would commit such a heinous crime. Of course, if you commit a crime in my territory, I will give you the appropriate punishment. In my territory, I have the right to hold a trial. By the way, the maximum punishment in my own territory is death by hanging if you commit a crime.”

He glared at her as if to intimidate her.

She shuddered. This person was a military person who had run through many battlefields. She instinctively understood that he was truly a killer.

“Also, if I have a noble wife, my relatives won’t be able to take advantage of my territory as they please. Instead, I will shoulder the debt from your parents’ home and give you an allowance to be free with. It’s enough money to buy jewelry and dresses. I won’t make you live in poverty. During the social season, you accompany me. Afterwards, you can do as you please with shopping or tea parties. As long as you properly do your work in the territory, I don’t care if you play around in the capital. This is a contract and a deal.”

In other words, he chose a daughter of a low-ranking noble family rather than a daughter of a high-ranking noble family. Without thinking, she tightly grasped the fan in her hand.

“So, in other words, I was convenient as a marriage partner?”

Although she thought it was rude, she couldn’t stay silent.

“That’s right.”

He didn’t move a single eyebrow. His voice was flat. Had he lost his heart somewhere?

“By the way, I don’t have experience in managing a territory, so what should I do?”

Liddellina somehow suppressed her emotions and immediately switched to a business-like conversation.

“Is that so? I heard that you were a very hardworking person who ran this territory. Well, it’s okay. You’ll learn from now on, and we have a trustworthy steward at our house, so it’s fine.”

“Then, shouldn’t I leave it to the trustworthy steward?”

“They are commoners. They can’t stop the tyranny of my noble relatives. During the previous war, when I was away, my relatives beheaded the servants on their own and embezzled a large amount of money. However, if I have a noble wife, it’s a different story.”

Liddellina was surprised. What an outrageous relative.

“You want me to stop them?”

Could she stop such greedy relatives? Would she be belittled as a daughter of a low-ranking noble family? There was only anxiety about the future.

“If you become my wife, I won’t let my relatives into the territory. In the first place, they like the capital. If they don’t want money, they won’t come to this cold and remote territory. Think of the allowance I give you as a salary, and if you properly fulfill your duties, I’ll give you a proper reward and bonus.”

In other words, this is an employment contract under the name of marriage. He is the employer under the name of husband.

Maybe it would be better to accept his conditions and make the best of it, rather than being single and bothered by this family and eventually being sent to a convent. If she thinks of it as not a marriage but a job, it’s a pretty good deal.

“What if I were taken in by your relatives?”

Then he smiled thinly at the corner of his mouth. Ah, this person can also smile, she thought. That expression was quite eerie and added to his strangeness…

“My relatives won’t do such sneaky things. They are more likely to try to exclude you rather than take you in. Whether you accept this marriage or not, I don’t want any other words about this matter. It’s a shame within the family.”

She felt pressure from the Marquis in front of her. The temperature around her seems to have dropped by about 5 degrees. She understands well enough without being told. She doesn’t speak because she values her life.

Gilbert is quite different in type. Gilbert is a gentle man, but the Marquis is a large and handsome man. Despite his beautiful appearance, the coldness and fear are ahead of the beauty. Even if he’s silent or smiling, he’s frightening.

“I will absolutely not talk about it. Even if I do, who will believe me? I may be seen as unfairly lowering the Marquis family.”

He is rumored to be a combat maniac and has no charm with women, so he is called the Ice Marquis, but on the other hand, he is highly valued for his achievements in battle and has gained trust from the royalty and nobility. It is self-evident who trusts what others say. Daughters of barons and earls are no different from sticks.

“It’s helpful to understand quickly.”

Saying that, he closed his mouth. His face was sharp, but he seemed to have little emotion.

The Marquis family owns vast territories. To be honest, she wants to refuse because the burden is too great, but it is impossible for her uncle, the current owner, not to be interested.

If her older cousin is here, he might have become an ally. But now there was no one to rely on.

After the Marquis finished talking, he left the gift for Liddellina’s marriage and quickly returned, like a blizzard that suddenly attacked.


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