Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Secret talks in the Office

“Liddellina, Liddellina, are you okay?!”

Liddellina opened her eyes with a start at her husband’s desperate call. It was the familiar bedroom of Liddellina.


Remembering what had happened before, Liddellina got up stubbornly.

“No way, are my aunt and uncle already gone?”

“No, they will be executed a week later.”

“Please, Husband. Please stop! This is not a battlefield. Please don’t kill anyone. I apologize for the disrespect towards my uncle’s family, please.”

Liddellina desperately bows her head.

“Stop, Liddellina is innocent. I am angry that you have unfairly demeaned and subjected to their one-sided violence. And they even touched the winter preserved food that the servants were preparing, opened up a lot of alcohol, and wasted leftover food.”

In this cold place, winter alcohol is a necessity. It is natural for a lord to be angry.

“No, it’s because I failed to keep them out of the castle. Insulting the lord is not allowed, and I made the servants feel uncomfortable. Please, let me make amends.”

Tears flowed down Liddellina’s cheeks. Friedrich gently wiped them away.

“There’s no way that’s true? You”ve done well. Liddellina, why do you protect them so much? Aren’t they just scumbags?”

“Even so, just the thought of being hanged…”

Of course, she hates them. They probably intended to use and hurt Liddellina, but they shouldn’t have intended to harm her.

“I am satisfied as long as I can’t see the faces of people I hate. It’s fine as long as they never appear in front of me again. And since I caused everyone trouble, I’ll help make preserved food.”

“No, it was minimal because Liddellina stopped it. There’s no problem.”

Nobles have their pride. Liddellina is well aware that this cannot be allowed to continue as it is.

“Husband, please…”

Liddellina sobbed and hugged Friedrich as if to confirm his body temperature. Friedrich hugged Liddellina’s slender waist and gently stroked her back soothingly.

“Wait a bit, I won’t dispose of them while you don’t know, so rest for now.”

Saying that, Friedrich gently stroked Liddellina’s hair and laid her down on the bed.

“Husband, stay here a little longer.”

She was worried. It seemed like Friedrich was changing while she didn’t know and might return to his original cold self.

“It’s okay. I’ll stay here until you fall asleep.”

At Friedrich’s request, Dorothy brought warm herbal liquor.

By the time she finished drinking it, Liddellina was taken to sleep with her hand held as if wrapped in Friedrich.


Friedrich looked at Liddellina, who had fallen asleep, with love for a while, then tightened his face and returned to the office.

In addition to Howard and Dorothy, the main soldiers were waiting in the office. They all had stern expressions.

“How is Okusama doing?” Dorothy asked worriedly about Liddellina.

“Oh, she’s sleeping now.”

Hearing this, everyone seemed to be relieved and lowered their chests. Liddellina is liked by the servants. They were angry that their important Okusama had been badly treated and that the lord had been insulted.

“Lord, we have received an advance notice from Lord Drimore. He will arrive soon by fast horse.”

“I see, the current lord, Kurt.”

“What are your plans for the execution of the sentence?” Howard asked with a hard expression.

“I want to hang them immediately, but if I do that, Liddellina might fear me and not listen to me.”

He, who usually makes quick decisions, puts his hand on his forehead in distress.

“That’s troublesome. I also think it’s a fair punishment.”

Howard nods next to Dorothy’s words. Liddellina knows the simplicity and depth of emotion of the people of the north, but she doesn’t realize their severity towards enemies.

“I really got along with Okusama. It’s a shame if it comes to this.”

Everyone sighs at Dorothy’s words at the same time.

“Yes, we can’t dispose of them in this domain. We’ll see how Kurt reacts first. Did he send that family to this domain because they were troublesome, or did he neglect to manage them and let him run wild?”

Friedrich’s ice blue eyes shone sharply.

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