Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: I cannot love you

Then, the two sat across from each other in the salon, taking a distance. For some reason, the Marquis refused the presence of his uncle and aunt and cousin.

As the maid went to brew tea, he opened his mouth as if on cue.

“There is something I want to say to you before we get engaged.”

“What is it?”

She gets nervous when she faces this person. The Marquis has been expressionless and emotionless since earlier, making her wonder if he has no feelings or if there is something that he dislikes.

“I cannot love you. So please don’t try to love me either.”

The first impression is the worst.

Although she was surprised by his words, she was not shocked that much. He has assets but has no female presence or even an engagement partner until the age of 24…

In addition, Liddellina herself has not recovered from Gilbert’s betrayal, so she thought she could not love anyone.

However, she wonders if it is really okay to say such things honestly on a first meeting. It is extremely rude. Could it not be wrapped in a little more of a veil?

“Why do you say such things?”

With a mixture of fear and unshakeable pride and curiosity, she asks with a trembling voice. She is not comfortable with this person’s sense of intimidation.

“I heard that you have just broken off your engagement and your heart still remains with your engagement partner.”

An impolite person who is rude and blunt.


Perhaps because of that, she readily affirms it for some reason.

“It doesn’t matter if you continue to harbor those feelings of love.”


“It is desirable for us to have a marriage where we do not interfere with each other. This is essentially a contract. If you will listen to the conditions I will now state and exchange certificates, I will assume your family’s debts.”

The face he speaks with is totally emotionless and as cold as ice. It is truly chilling. The future is uncertain, but because there are debts, this engagement cannot be broken off.

“I understand.”

When Liddellina agrees, the Marquis nods.

“I cannot sleep when there is someone else in the bedroom. I can cope with work, but I do not want to include others in my private life. Therefore, I will give you a separate mansion within the property. I do not want you to come in without any need when I am in the main mansion.”

In other words, he does not want Liddellina in the main mansion.

“Then it’s like I’m a mistress in a prison cell.”

The fear she initially felt is now overshadowed by anger and doubt. What kind of marriage is this? However, the Marquis’s expression does not change at all.

“I will treat you with care as my wife. The staff in the mansion understands me. I do not want anyone else close. Therefore, I would like to have separate rooms.”

Although she did not expect it at all, it was shocking.

“Does this mean that you will not have a successor with me?”

“I will do my best to protect your honor in this matter. I am also a knight of this country, so I am willing to suffer the wounds of battle and be unable to have children if necessary. And at an appropriate time, I will choose an adoptive child from among my relatives. So if you don’t like this marriage, I don’t mind breaking it off. You have the right to choose. In return, I will not let you lead a life of inconvenience. You can make a new lover if you like. Of course, I would prefer not to have it done openly, and I will not recognize any children born between you and that man as members of the Weller family.”

She was completely denied as a woman. Even being dumped by Gilbert showed her that she has no charm. Her heart froze knowing that she’s not really wanted. However, what would it be like to not leave his blood as a noble?

“Why would you go to such trouble to…”

Why you want to marry me so much

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