Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The proposal was sudden

One month after the engagement breakup commotion, she was called by the servant while she was cleaning up after dinner.

“Ojo-sama, the master is calling for you.”


It has not been long since she was called by her uncle. It has been since she was rejected by her childhood friend Gilbert. She doesn’t want to see his face if she can help it. Liddellina seems confused.

“Come on, don’t be sulky, go quickly!”

The housekeeper of this house said this with a raised eye. The kind housekeeper who had been with us since childhood was replaced when her uncle and aunt came to the house, and was replaced by the servants who treated Liddellina rudely, despite calling her “Ojo-sama”.

However, Yvonne, who liked flashy things, never came to the countryside domain, and occasionally boasted when she met, but she was not as demanding and bullying as her aunt, so she managed to get along well. She never expected to lose her fiance…

As soon as she entered her uncle’s office, she was told at once.

“Actually, I have received a proposal of marriage from you.”

She was shocked. She had resigned herself to the possibility that she might be single for the rest of her life because her engagement had been broken off.

“Is that really true? From whom?”

If she could get out of this suffocating house, she would like to leave immediately, but the only person she can think of is an old man’s second wife.

“From Friedrich-sama of the Weller Marquis’s family.”

“What? The Weller Marquis’s family?”

Normally, she would be happy to be the bridal carriage. But even Liddellina, who is not well-known in the social world, has heard of the rumors about the Weller Marquis.

He is a young general of our country and is called the military god, and is a memorable figure in the royal family, but on the other hand, he is rumored to be a battle maniac in the shadows. He rarely appears in the social world, and although he is said to be beautiful in appearance, Liddellina has never seen him.

It is said that this is a family that has risen thanks to the war, and it is always surrounded by black rumors. However, the Drimore family is a peerage family. Is it not a difference in status?

“Why me, for such a high noble?”

“There is no reason, it is what the other party wishes. You will be happy if you marry into the Marquis’s family.”


The wounds from the broken engagement have not yet healed. In addition, the lord is the rumored icy Marquis, who is known for his cruelty and lack of compassion. Despite being wealthy, the 24-year-old Marquis has never even had a fiancee, she hears.

“We have debts. If the Marquis takes you as a wife, he will pay off our debts in your place. This matter is settled. The Marquis will visit our house tomorrow. Be sure not to be rude.”

She was shocked to hear about the debts.

“Such… Uncle, what do you mean by debts?”

However, her uncle just waved his hand as if to chase Liddellina away, without answering her.

“The Drimore family owes the Marquis a favor. So you should do your best with all your heart.”

“I can’t understand.”

“Shut up! You are being offered to someone who broke off your engagement. Moreover, you will not be a concubine or an old man’s second wife. This is an opportunity for you.”

Her uncle’s argument is unreasonable. She can’t understand. But before she could ask for details, she was almost chased out of the office.

And at the entrance, Yvonne appeared out of nowhere.

She came into the office with such force that she pushed Liddellina away.

“Father! Is it true that Liddellina is going to marry the Marquis’s family! That means, she will be a higher rank than me, who will marry the viscount’s family?”

“Hey, Yvonne, what are you saying!”

My uncle said in surprise.

“That’s ridiculous! Can’t I replace her?”

Yvonne said she loved Gilbert and was about to get married. She wonders what she is talking about. Liddellina was surprised.

“Sister is carrying Gilbert-sama’s child, isn’t she?”

Then her uncle raised his eyes and scolded Liddellina.

“Liddellina, how long are you going to stay there? Go back to work quickly.”

“But, Uncle, Sister…”

Yvonne suddenly grabbed Liddellina’s hand tightly.

“Liddellina, stay here. Father, I will give Gil back to Liddellina. And I will marry into the Marquis’s family. That way, Liddellina will be happy, won’t she?”

She was stunned by her older sister’s words.

“Sister, what does that mean? What about the child in your stomach?”

“Yvonne, be quiet! Can’t you behave properly! Hey, is anyone there! Take Liddellina out of this room.”

Liddellina was forcibly ejected from the office where her uncle was by the servants.

(What is going on? What does it mean to give Gilbert-sama back to me? I’ll ask her sister in the morning)

She was anxious and her heart was pounding, and she couldn’t sleep that night.

However, Liddellina was unable to meet Yvonne the next day. Servants stood in front of Yvonne’s room and she couldn’t even approach. It seemed that she was also locked in her room. A hint of anxiety ran through Liddellina’s heart.

In the end, Liddellina was forced to wear a dress by the maids brought from the townhouse by her aunt, and she waited for the Marquis’s visit. She had no picture of him in her mind and was not prepared at all.

In the afternoon, when the tight corset had also lost her appetite, a splendid carriage of the Marquis’s family with the General arrived.

Liddellina greeted the Marquis with her uncle and aunt at the entrance.

Soon a tall man wearing a cloak got off the four-horse carriage. He had sandy hair like a northern person, and was tall and still young. His deep-featured face was well-proportioned and beautiful.

However, Liddellina’s legs shook with fear at the cold, icy blue eyes that glared around, the faint scar on his forehead, the military uniform peeking out from under the turning cloak, and the sword worn at his waist. It was the first time she had seen a military man.

The Marquis took off his sword and handed it to his servant. Seeing this, Liddellina sighed with relief.

“This is, this is, Marquis-sama, you have come a long way…”

Ignoring her uncle’s greeting with folded hands, the Marquis walked straight to Liddellina with regular, rhythmic footsteps, expressionless. Liddellina stepped back on one side due to the overwhelming impact.

(I won’t be killed just because I was rude, right?)

There was a sharpness in his cold gaze that made her spine shiver.

“Are you Lady Liddellina Drimore?”

“Y-Yes, I am.”

Fearing the cold gaze that seemed to repel the warm sunlight, she tried to bow and greet him while retreating, but he knelt down before she could do so.

“Miss Liddellina Drimore, I have come to propose marriage to you. Please give your consent.”

Without any greeting, she was suddenly asked to marry after confirming the person’s identity. And Liddellina had no choice but to accept.


She gave her consent in a strained voice with a disappearing voice.

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